The Varsity Warriors


Team Color: Green

6/19 – vs My Cup Size Is Stanley (7-0 W)
6/26 – vs Team Sexy (7-4 W)
7/10 – @ My Cup Size Is Stanley (4-5 OTL)
7/24 – @ The Charging Cheetahs (4-5 L)
7/31 – @ Bombay’s A Sham (9-3 W)
8/2 – vs Hungry Hippos (3-5 L)
8/28 – vs My Cup Size Is Stanley (4-1 W)
8/28 – vs Team Sexy (4-1 W)

Ben Probert (C)
Derek Zaentz
Scott Kaston
Andrew Minafo
Brennen Leong
Guido Lancman
Michael Tarnow
Rich Glanzer
Charlotte McAuley
Diana Marko
Julie Katz
Sara Klein
Nicolette Hill
Carlin Zia
$h0wt!m3 (G)
Tim Burke (G)

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