Schedule Notes:
– Given that there are 7 teams, Hooligans will have one night with 2 games in addition to a BYE week.
– All games will begin exactly at start times. If teams are not ready, clocks will begin to run regardless, so please get to the rink on time.
– Rain makeups will default to being played that Friday night.

– Until Parks rules change, we will not be able to congregate and drink at the rink. Please respect this so that we don’t lose our permits.

May 11Sex Panthers at Green Street Hooligans (2-3 L)
May 18Green Street Hooligans at The Goaldiggers (1-3 L)
May 25 (2 games)Green Street Hooligans at The Goaldiggers (3-4 L)
AND Green Street Hooligans at Crimson Wave (5-3 W)
June 1Spicy Tuna Rolls at Green Street Hooligans (2-3 OTL)
June 4My Cup Size Is Stanley at Green Street Hooligans POSTPONED
June 8Green Street Hooligans at Crimson Wave (6:30PM)
June 15Hungry Hippos at Green Street Hooligans (9:15PM)
June 22The Goaldiggers at Green Street Hooligans (8:30PM)
June 25My Cup Size Is Stanley at Green Street Hooligans (9:20PM)
June 29Green Street Hooligans at Sex Panthers (9:15PM)

July 6 (projected) – Playoff Week One
7 v 6 (6:45 PM)
5 v 4 (8:00 PM)
7/6 v 3 (9:15 PM)

July 13 (projected) – Championship Week
5/4 v 1 (6:45 PM)
7/6/3 v 2 (8:00 PM)
District Five Championship (9:15 PM)