Registration is now open for the Summer 2022 season. Sign up now for a chance to play/gamble/booze your way through another exciting season.

Meanwhile, there’s only one week left in the Spring ’22 regular season before playoffs begin next week. Scoring Race is super tight and there’s still plenty of room for teams to move up in the standings. Who will get the bye and who will miss the playoffs? Only one way to find out…stop fucking raining and let us play these games out for the love of all that is holy.

Theology aside, join our D5 Facebook page to chirp your opponents, bitch about betting lines and keep up with the latest league updates. You can also follow our news page for the latest league articles and check out Instagram and YouTube for the latest highlights.

Don’t forget that Dorrian’s is our official league bar – if you’re in the area, swing by, tell them you’re in the league, and grab some food and drinks!