Congratulations to the Fall ’19 Champions, the Green Street Hooligans! They pulled the double upset, beating the #1 seed and then the #3 seed to take it all without their Captain even caring enough to show up! Sorry Probie, you’re still the best GM ever…enjoy your (hopefully more PG than the last time Green won) time with the Cup, since D5 is on sabbatical until winter passes, and we can see the grass, flowers, and non-frozen butt cheeks back out there in late March!

Don’t forget that Dorrian’s is our official league sponsor and bar and will honor our D5 hockey specials all year long – so swing by, tell them you play in the league and enjoy food and drink specials while lamenting how much you miss chasing a ball around!

We’ve also got stats and standings, updated weekly, as well as our historical records page. Don’t forget to join our D5 Facebook page to trash talk your opponents, complain about betting lines and keep up with the latest league updates.

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