Schedule Notes:
– All games will begin exactly at start times. If teams are not ready, clocks will begin to run regardless, so please get to the rink on time.
– Rain makeups will default to being played that Friday night when possible.

May 11Sex Panthers at Green Street Hooligans (2-3 L)
May 18Green Street Hooligans at The Goaldiggers (1-3 L)
May 25 (2 games)Green Street Hooligans at The Goaldiggers (3-4 L)
AND Green Street Hooligans at Crimson Wave (5-3 W)
June 1Spicy Tuna Rolls at Green Street Hooligans (2-3 OTL)
June 15Hungry Hippos at Green Street Hooligans (4-3 W)
June 25My Cup Size Is Stanley at Green Street Hooligans (7-4 W)
June 29Green Street Hooligans at Sex Panthers (2-3 L)
July 9 (2 games)Green Street Hooligans at Crimson Wave (2-4 L)
AND The Goaldiggers at Green Street Hooligans (3-1 W)

July 13 – Playoff Week One
Green Street Hooligans at Sex Panthers (6-2 SEX)

July 20 – Championship Week
District Five Championship (9:00 PM)
End Of Season Party (10:30 PM)