Minigame Madness Box Scores (Spring 2021)

Green Street Hooligans vs Crimson Wave

2nd Period:
WAV (1-0) – Goose (1) (assisted by Stabel) (2:15)
WAV (2-0) – Adam Herman (2) (assisted by Mike Wright) (5:00)
3rd Period:
GSH (1-2) – Mikey (1) (assisted by Cherie) (0:59)
WAV (3-1) – SBJ (5) (assisted by Meg) (2:03)
GSH (2-3) – Probie (11) (assisted by Cherie) (5:22)
WAV (4-2) – Meg (8) (EN) (assisted by Reape) (6:58)

GAME NOTES: Minigame madness (7 minute periods) kicked off with a crucial Wave-Hooligans showdown. Despite Jack in the scorer’s box heckling every single person on red everytime they touched the ball, Wave held the lead for the bulk of the game and held off a late surge by the Hooligans to seal the game with a Meg empty netter in the waning seconds and secure a 4-2 win…should also be noted anytime anyone on green touched the ball they were urged by Mr McGinty to give red some type of special. IE – Probert gets the ball, “give them the Probie special!” Cherie gets the ball, “oh yeah, give them the Cherie special.” Mikey gets the ball – “give them the Mikey special!” Mikey obliged by running by everyone and then flubbing his shot 10 feet wide of the net…Mikey actually did score his first goal of the season in this game so he doesn’t deserved to get mocked like this but sometimes life isn’t fair so get mocked he will…with the victory the Wave clinched 4th place at the minimum going into their next game against the Goaldiggers.

3rd – Cherie (2A)
2nd – SBJ (GWG)
1st – Meg (1G, 1A)

The Goaldiggers vs Crimson Wave

1st Period:
DIG (1-0) – Brett (2) (assisted by Patty) (3:04)
2nd Period:
WAV (1-1) – SBJ (6) (assisted by Meg) (2:18)
WAV (2-1) – SBJ (7) (assisted by Meg) (3:13)
3rd Period:
DIG (2-2) – Guido (10) (assisted by Tarnow) (4:49)
DIG (3-2) – Tarnow (3) (PP) (assisted by Danilo) (1:06)

GAME NOTES: The Goaldiggers took a 1-0 lead into the 2nd period but McQuade, continuing his late season revival, scored two goals in less than a minute, both assisted by Meg, to give Wave the lead. No word on whether that’s the McQuade special…Guido continued his impeccable season which he will surely regret when it’s time for next season’s draft as he scored his 10th of the year to tie the game with just 2:11 left…with time running out in regulation and the score tied, Tarnow was taken down while he was about to get loose for a breakaway. White thought there should be a penalty shot while red felt there should be matching penalties for embellishment. After some consultation between the refs, no penalty shot was awarded because he did not have clear possession of the ball (was more of a chip/chase deal) but a penalty was called, giving the Goaldiggers an OT PP. On the ensuing OT powerplay Tarnow scored on a one-timer feed from Danilo to give the Diggers an OT victory and keep their hopes alive for the 5th seed.

3rd – Meg (2A)
2nd – SBJ (2G)
1st – Tarnow (GWG, A)

The Goaldiggers vs Green Street Hooligans

1st Period:
GSH (1-0) – Cherie (2) (assisted by Joe P) (1:01)
GSH (2-0) – Probie (12) (assisted by Joe P) (6:25)
2nd Period:
DIG (1-2) – Danilo (4) (assisted by Paul Chester) (6:03)
3rd Period:
GSH (3-1) – Cherie (3) (assisted by Pags) (3:50)

GAME NOTES: This game, the final of the regular season for both teams, had major playoff implications. A regular season win for the Hooligans would clinch the 4th or 5th seed and thus a bye past the 6/7 play-in while a win in either regulation or overtime by the Goaldiggers would secure the 5th seed at worst for them…Cherie and Probie both scored in the 1st to give the Hooligans a 2-0 lead heading into the intermission. I’m not quite sure why but these minigames, half the length of regular sized games, were incredibly high scoring on this night averaging the same # of goals as regular length games. Off night for defenses/goalies or just the effects of playoff fueled adrenaline?…Danilo pulled the Diggers to within one with under a minute left in the 2nd. After Cherie took a disputed penalty in the 3rd, she rewarded her team for their penalty kill efforts with a goal just a minute after coming out of the box to put the Hooligans up 3-1, a lead which they would hold for the victory. After her goal someone from the stands, in what I can only assume is an homage to Mama Lucia’s pizza, yelled out “Mama Cheria” in a truly awful Italian accent. Shit like that is the only reason why I continue to get high and cut clips from these livestreams…with the win the Hooligans clinch the 5th seed and thus avoid the play-in game, a remarkable feat for a team that looked dead in the water the first month of the season. The Goaldiggers would be left to hope for all sorts of help from other teams in the standings which they (spoiler alert) unfortunately would not receive.

3rd – Joe P (2A)
2nd – deLacy (1 GA)
1st – Cherie (2G)

Hungry Hippos vs Spicy Tuna Rolls

2nd Period:
HIP (1-0) – Skinny Braun (8) (assisted by Sarah) (2:50)
TUN (1-1) – Steve Rys (2) (assisted by Mike T) (6:29)
3rd Period:
HIP (2-1) – Skinny Braun (9) (unassisted) (5:05)
TUN (2-2) – McCauley (5) (assisted by Kev) (6:24)
Shootout Winner by Steve Friedman

GAME NOTES: Skinny Braun continued his assault on the league’s scoring chart and on those who said he was washed up after a lame Fall 2019 campaign…McCauley sent the game to OT with a late tying goal but after a long shootout, Steve Friedman proved that goalies always know best with a great deke to give the Hippos a hard fought victory…by getting one point in this game the Tuna Rolls clinched 1st place on the season. Quite a feat for the team picked by many (most) (ok, everyone) to finish last, although to be fair those predictions came in 144 BC (before Corey).

3rd – Steve Rys (1G)
2nd – Skinny Braun (2G)
1st – Steve Friedman (Shootout Winner)

Spicy Tuna Rolls vs Sex Panthers

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Rockoff (5) (unassisted) (0:05)
TUN (1-1) – Kev (2) (assisted by Sena) (4:47)
2nd Period:
TUN (2-1) – Mike T (7) (assisted by Kev) (1:19)
TUN (3-1) – Mike T (8) (assisted by Kev) (5:57)
3rd Period:
SEX (2-3) – Rockoff (6) (assisted by Jeff) (4:27)
TUN (4-2) – Meg (1) (assisted by Mike T) (6:22)
TUN (5-2) – Mike T (9) (unassisted) (6:51)

GAME NOTES: Rockoff opened the scoring with one of the quickest goals in league history off the opening faceoff. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there for the undermanned Panthers as the losses of Waldman, Austin, Jon and basically the entire team were too much against a mostly fully staffed Tuna squad, plus super high free agent Meg. In her haste to lay an ass-beating on blue, however, she laid an ass-beating on her own chances at the scoring title by helping Mike T get 2 points in the final minute and thus pass her in the scoring race…with the loss the Sex Panthers would require a regulation victory against Cup Size to clinch the #2 seed which (spoiler alert!) they would not do. God damn it Max.

3rd – Rockoff (2G)
2nd – Kev (1G, 2A)
1st – Mike T (3G, 1A)

Sex Panthers vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

Shootout winner by Ariel

GAME NOTES: After no shutouts the entire season we got three in the final evening, two of which took place in this game (yes, if you give up 0 goals in regulation and OT but lose in shootout the goalie is still credited with a shutout). However these shutouts are in dispute because the games only lasted 21 minutes. After much consideration they certainly count in the GAA race but I will not be crediting these as complete shutouts for all-time stats purposes…not much to say about this game except that when you draft a goalie #1 overall, this is the reason you do it. After an even 1st period and a somewhat even 2nd, the 3rd and OT were just a Sex Panther rampage but no one could get anything by Max. Black takes it in a shootout and blue clinches 4th place.

3rd – Ariel (Shootout Winner)
2nd – Waldman (Minigame Shutout)
1st – Max (Minigame Shutout)

My Cup Size Is Stanley vs Hungry Hippos

The last two games were Hippos/Cup Size but the scoresheets are mysteriously missing. The stats were updated with the requisite points from everyone immediately after the game but have gone missing since then which is actually great because it saves me from having to type up those box scores. TL; DR – first game was close but Cup Size held on for a 5-3 victory. 2nd game the Hippos had nothing left to play for and lost 6-0 in a game that was only interesting because black called a timeout with 9 seconds left and a 6 goal lead in a misguided attempt to get Neil one more goal. Unsurprisingly, all hell broke loose. Russo was on the warpath and I actually thought we might have a full scale brawl on our hands and was thankful that we had experienced Irish brawler Sully reffing. Thankfully cooler heads prevailed and we ran the clock out on the game. Cup Size clinched 2nd and a bye to the final four while the Hippos would play in the play-in game against the Goaldiggers the following evening.

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