Schedule (Fall ’19)


Week 1 (September 3)
My Cup Size Is Stanley at Goonies (6-5 CUP)
Backdoor Bandits at Green Street Hooligans (4-3 GSH)
Purple People Eaters at Hungry Hippos (4-1 HIP)
Stud Puffins at The Charging Cheetahs (3-1 PUF)

Week 2 (September 10)
Hungry Hippos at Green Street Hooligans (3-2 GSH)
The Charging Cheetahs at Backdoor Bandits (4-3 CHA)
Goonies at Purple People Eaters (4-1 GOO)
My Cup Size Is Stanley at Stud Puffins (4-2 CUP)

Week 3 (September 17)
Green Street Hooligans at The Charging Cheetahs (3-2 GSH)
Hungry Hippos at Purple People Eaters (8-1 HIP)
Backdoor Bandits at My Cup Size Is Stanley (2-1 CUP)
Goonies at Stud Puffins (2-1 GOO)

Week 4 (September 24)
Stud Puffins at Hungry Hippos (2-0 HIP)
Purple People Eaters at Backdoor Bandits (2-1 BDB)
My Cup Size Is Stanley at Green Street Hooligans (3-0 CUP)
The Charging Cheetahs at Goonies (4-0 CHA)

Week 5 (October 1)
The Charging Cheetahs at Purple People Eaters (4-1 PPE)
My Cup Size Is Stanley at Hungry Hippos (3-0 CUP)
Stud Puffins at Green Street Hooligans (5-1 PUF)
Goonies at Backdoor Bandits (5-2 BDB)

Week 6 (October 11)
Hungry Hippos
 at Goonies (5-3 HIP)
Purple People Eaters at My Cup Size Is Stanley (3-0 PPE)
The Charging Cheetahs at Stud Puffins (4-1 CHA)
Backdoor Bandits at Green Street Hooligans (4-3 GSH)

Week 7 (October 15)
Stud Puffins at Backdoor Bandits (4-1 BDB)
Green Street Hooligans at Purple People Eaters (2-1 GSH)
Goonies at Hungry Hippos (3-0 GOO)
My Cup Size Is Stanley at The Charging Cheetahs (5-1 CUP)

Week 8 (October 25)
Purple People Eaters at Stud Puffins (9-2 PUF)
Green Street Hooligans at Goonies (4-3 GOO)
Hungry Hippos at Backdoor Bandits (4-3 BDB)
The Charging Cheetahs at My Cup Size Is Stanley (3-2 CUP)

Week 9 (November 1)
Green Street Hooligans at My Cup Size Is Stanley (4-3 CUP)
Hungry Hippos at The Charging Cheetahs (3-0 HIP)
Goonies at Stud Puffins (6-4 PUF)
Backdoor Bandits at Purple People Eaters (5-2 BDB)

Playoff Week 1 (November 5)

Purple People Eaters at Stud Puffins (4-3 PPE)
The Charging Cheetahs at Goonies (2-1 GOO)
Purple People Eaters at Green Street Hooligans (1-0 GSH)
Goonies at Hungry Hippos (4-1 HIP)

Championship Week (November 19)
Green Street Hooligans at My Cup Size Is Stanley (4-2 GSH)
Hungry Hippos at Backdoor Bandits (3-1 HIP)
Green Street Hooligans at Hungry Hippos (4-2 GSH)
End of season party to follow Championship Game