Week 3 Box Scores (Fall 2019)

Green Street Hooligans vs The Charging Cheetahs

1st Period:
GSH (1-0) – Matt Riegler (1) (assisted by Scott Metz) (5:47)
2nd Period:
CHA (1-1) – Nasty Nate (4) (assisted by Sully) (0:31)
GSH (2-1) – Annie (1) (assisted by Mike Sanchick) (4:54)
3rd Period:
GSH (3-1) – Frank Jackson (1) (assisted by Probie) (5:49)
CHA (2-3) – Ariel (1) (assisted by Sully) (11:56)

GAME NOTES: Riegler scored his first of the season to open the scoring, with the assist going to his men’s tournament teammate and current top five scorer Scott Metz…Nasty Nate now has four goals in three games and has a commanding lead on the rookie scoring race. The next highest rookie has two points…Frank Jackson ended up with the game winner in this one and, like Metz, already has more points this season than he had all of last season. I don’t know what sorts of drugs the Hooligans are passing out before games but whatever it is, it’s working…Ariel got his team within a goal with a late tally but with the goalie pulled for the final minute, they couldn’t add another. It was his first goal of the season which I would say is not that great, except it’s still more goals than I have. Hope no one bet on me in that ill-fated prop bet…it’s a battle of undefeated teams next week as the Hooligans will host Cup Size. The Cheetahs will look to rebound in a tough matchup against the defending champion Goonies.

3rd – Annie (1G)
2nd – Nasty Nate (1G)
1st – Frank (GWG)

Hungry Hippos vs Purple People Eaters

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Hicks (3) (assisted by Hogg) (5:53)
2nd Period:
HIP (2-0) – Hogg (1) (assisted by Cheeky) (0:24)
HIP (3-0) – Cheeky (2) (assisted by Hogg) (12:33)
3rd Period:
HIP (4-0) – Hicks (4) (assisted by Cheeky) (3:30)
HIP (5-0) – Hicks (5) (assisted by Hogg) (4:20)
HIP (6-0) – Hogg (2) (unassisted) (8:14)
HIP (7-0) – Cheeky (3) (assisted by Tony) (9:00)
PPE (1-7) – Tadpole Jack (1) (assisted by Steve Rys) (11:53)
HIP (8-1) – Tyler (1) (unassisted) (12:22)

GAME NOTES: If you thought the Hooligans were passing out quality team drugs, wait till you see what kinds of steroids Hicks is handing out to his teammates before each game. The Hippos were one off the all-time record for goals in a game in this one; mercifully, they did not reach nine…the first period was actually played pretty tight, with Hicks scoring the only goal. Hogg and Cheeky added markers in the 2nd period. The 3rd got a little out of hand…Steve Rys picked up an assist on purple’s only goal of the game and has now gotten a point on all three of the teams goals this season…Hicks netted a hat trick while Cheeky got four points. Somehow that wasn’t enough to get either of them #1 star as Hogg tied a D5 record with three assists in a single game. Four goals has been done by Probie, Luke and Hogg himself. No one has ever gotten four assists…speaking of all-time records, Hicks has now surpassed Probie in all-time goals and points (albeit in five more games) and has become the first player to record 30 regular season goals…the Elves will host the suddenly reeling Stud Puffins in the early game next week, while purple will face the only other winless team in the league and try to get on the board with their first victory of the season.

3rd – Cheeky (2G, 2A)
2nd – Hicks (Hat Trick)
1st – Hogg (2G, 3A)

Backdoor Bandits vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
BDB (1-0) – Austin (3) (assisted by Caitlin) (1:28)
2nd Period:
CUP (1-1) – Emily Moore (1) (assisted by Gabe) (5:17)
Shootout Winner by Gabe

GAME NOTES: Commissioner Bowl VI was a fast-paced strategic affair featuring big performances by both goalies, a number of near-misses and a controversial shootout ending…Austin got the scoring started at the end of an eventful first shift. First he missed a one timer early, then black narrowly missed an open net chance set up by Gabe. Going the other way, Caitlin hit the crossbar on a one-timer but Austin was there to bury the rebound and give blue the lead…Emily Moore, subbing for black, launched a wicked bar-down one-timer past Zisser midway through the 2nd period to tie the game up for black…both teams had a ton of chances but Jeff and Zisser were equal to the task. One chance for Cup Size saw the ball squirt through Zissers legs (god that sounds terrible) before resting on the goal line and eventually being covered…after neither team could score in OT, shootout saw Gabe score a beauty off the post while Mike McCauley’s attempt was ruled a goal, even though video replay appeared to show that it hit the crossbar and went out. No matter as it was ruled a goal and black was declared the victor…Jeff Green, believe it or not, is now undefeated in regular season games playing for his own team (he’s lost a couple as a sub).

3rd – Emily (1G)
2nd – Jeff Green (W, 1 GA)
1st – Gabe (1A, Shootout Goal)

Shot hits crossbar…
…and goes straight down
Zisser nearly having a heart attack as the ball just sits on the goal line

Goonies vs Stud Puffins

1st Period:
PUF (1-0) – Mike Goose (3) (assisted by ScottyK) (3:24)
3rd Period:
GOO (1-1) – Tash (1) (SH) (assisted by Yetter) (11:22)
GOO (2-1) – Olivier (1) (assisted by Yetter) (0:52)

GAME NOTES: The final game of the evening saw the preseason favorite Stud Puffins facing the defending champs…Mike Goose, having a career year playing in the Puffins offensive system, scored the first goal off a shot by ScottyK…orange held a one goal lead with just over two minutes left and after a penalty was called for roughing on Goonies goalie Shaun deLacy many thought the game was over. Those fools clearly never saw the part of the movie where the Goonies never say die. This time it was Tash scoring a shorthanded goal to tie the game up and send white to OT, where Olivier would bury a great cross-ice feed from Yetter for the game winner…Goose and Meehan decided to celebrate the end of the game with a race from one end of the rink to the other. The preliminary line on the race was Meehan -160, Goose +120, with the over/under at like 20 minutes. After much crowd deliberation, Goose was declared the winner. Rumor has it next week he will race an actual goose…the comeback win tightens up the standings considerably, with the Goonies moving up to 4th place with the victory while the Puffins drop to 5th after a season opening victory over the Cheetahs. The Puffins will travel to the Hippos home arena (name TBD) while the Goonies will host the Cheetahs in the primetime game.

3rd – Olivier (GWG)
2nd – Yetter (2A)
1st – Tash (GTG)

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