MelRose Place

Schedule notes: all games MUST begin on time given the length of the games. If your team is not there you will begin to play short players (yes, this even includes a goalie!). If both teams are running short, the clock will start on time and you will lose playing time.

March 21BYE WEEK

March 28BYE WEEK

March 31 (Friday)MelRose Place at The Narwhals (6:45 PM)

April 4MelRose Place at Shooting Blancs (8:25 PM)

April 11MelRose Place at Hungry Hippos 2.0 (9:15 PM)

April 14 (Friday)I Just Blue Myself at MelRose Place (6:45 PM)

April 18
Julie’s Football Club at MelRose Place (6:00 PM)
The Narwhals at MelRose Place (6:45 PM)

April 21 (Friday) – (Midseason Rain Date)

April 25BYE WEEK

April 28 (Friday)MelRose Place at Medium Rare (6:00 PM)

May 2
Hungry Hippos 2.0 at MelRose Place (6:45 PM)
MelRose Place at Chili Peppers (7:35 PM)

May 5 (Friday) – Green Street Hooligans at MelRose Place (7:35 PM)


May 12 (Friday) – (Rain Date)

May 16 – (Playoff Week One)

May 23 – (Championship Week)

May 30 – (Playoff Rain Date)