Week 9 Box Scores (Spring 2023)

Hungry Hippos 2.0 vs Chili Peppers

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Tom White (1) (assisted by Lucas) (11:30)
3rd Period:
CHI (1-1) – Campbell (2) (assisted by Sam) (5:31)
HIP (2-1) – Adam Satok (7) (assisted by Tom White) (1:18)

GAME NOTES: Two of the top teams in the league facing off in what could easily be a semi-final preview, quite predictably, went into OT where black picked up their 5th OT win of the season and red picked up their 4th OT loss of the season, both all-time league records. And the season isn’t even over yet. Will we ever end on time?

3rd – Campbell (1G)
2nd – Adam Satok (GWG)
1st – Tom White (1G, 1A)

Hungry Hippos 2.0 vs MelRose Place

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Meatbox (6) (assisted by Adam Satok) (11:44)
3rd Period:
HIP (2-0) – Evan Larkin (1) (unassisted) (3:01)
MRP (1-2) – Wes (2) (assisted by Mike Wright) (3:30)
HIP (3-1) – Meatbox (7) (assisted by Adam Satok) (4:56)
MRP (2-3) – Sean Kittridge (5) (assisted by Wes) (9:48)

GAME NOTES: Wes made his 2nd appearance of the season here and it paid immediate dividends for MelRose as they hung with one of the top teams in the league all game. Unfortunately they came up just short as the Hippos were able to kill the last minute without even allowing yellow to pull the goalie and pick up what is incredibly just their second regulation win of the season.

3rd – Adam Satok (2A)
2nd – Wes (1G, 1A)
1st – Meatbox (2G)

MelRose Place vs Chili Peppers

1st Period:
CHI (1-0) – Tarnow (5) (assisted by Sam) (5:39)
CHI (2-0) – Campbell (3) (assisted by Nate) (8:00)
CHI (3-0) – Tarnow (6) (PP) (assisted by Sam) (12:11)
2nd Period:

CHI (4-0) – Sam (3) (assisted by Austin Marshalek) (3:26)
MRP (1-4) – Mike Wright (2) (assisted by Matt Reape) (5:10)
MRP (2-4) – Sean Kittridge (6) (unassisted) (9:57)
3rd Period:
CHI (5-2) – Sam (4) (assisted by Tarnow) (4:50)
MRP (3-5) – Matt Reape (3) (assisted by Wes) (8:52)
MRP (4-5) – Mike Schwartz (1) (unassisted) (10:29)
MRP (5-5) – Pags (2) (assisted by Sean Kittridge) (11:36)

CHI (6-5) – Nate Lerner (2) (PP) (assisted by Ryann) (0:52)

GAME NOTES: This game exploded goal-wise as two early unders gave way to the 2nd highest scoring game of the season. Red jumped out to a 4-0 lead but yellow stormed back repeatedly and scored three goals in the final 4:08 to force OT. However an end of regulation scrum that probably should have seen penalties for both teams gave red an OT PP which Nate would convert on to give MelRose yet another in a long season of close losses and send red up the standings and out of play-in contention.

3rd – Sean Kittridge (1G, 1A)
2nd – Nate (GWG, A)
1st – Sam (2G, 2A)

Medium Rare vs The Narwhals

1st Period:
RARE (1-0) – Zach Liebovich (1) (unassisted) (9:40)
2nd Period:
RARE (2-0) – Brita (3) (assisted by Zach Liebovich) (4:20)
NAR (2-1) – Tom McGuire (7) (assisted by Jack) (3:41)
3rd Period:
NAR (2-2) – Jack (7) (assisted by Scott Metz) (5:30)
RARE (3-2) – Paul Chester (3) (assisted by Vanessa) (6:14)
NAR (3-3) – Tom McGuire (7) (assisted by Jack) (7:46)
RARE (4-3) – Kevin Mahoney (2) (assisted by Brita) (2:18)

GAME NOTES: The pink revival was in full swing, even without source, as they led for most of the game and generally got the better of play. Tom did his best to steal this game scoring two goals including the probable goal of the season. However before the game Kolenberg, in perhaps one of the finest captain moves of his career, asked Mahoney to try playing a game sober. Mahoney responded with zero penalties and the OT game winner. Odds are he’ll never be sober again.

3rd – Brita (1G, 1A)
2nd – Kevin Mahoney (GWG)
1st – Tom McGuire (2G)

Shooting Blancs vs The Narwhals

2nd Period:
NAR (1-0) – Rusty (1) (assisted by Kev) (9:56)
3rd Period:
BLNC (1-1) – Cara (4) (unassisted) (0:15)
NAR (2-1) – Rusty (2) (assisted by Adam Herman) (1:58)
BLNC (2-2) – Joel (4) (assisted by Cara) (7:15)
NAR (3-2) – Tom McGuire (6) (assisted by Kev) (10:47)

GAME NOTES: Russ (of the Big Russ Conglomorate) had the ball early in the 1st and Jack screamed “atta boy Rusty” and with that, a nickname that sounds like a Civil War era ship was born. This was, in fact, the Rusty show as he put up his first two goals of the season to lead purple to a 3-2 win…Kev also put up his first two points of the season, making the Kev/Source prop bet race finally interesting. Entering the final week Source has 3 points (all goals) while Kev has 2 points (all assists). Source has the edge in the bet but Kev is clearly the far more unselfish lover…at one point purple was icing a line of Rob/QTrain/Jack Cooley. At a combined age of 148, this was easily the oldest line in D5 history. As someone who is turning 36 tomorrow, much respect to these grizzled Gen Xers…late in the game Adam Herman had an empty net with Simon on the ground defending and somehow Simon made the save. He wanted me to note that his D5 save percentage is 1000. Also sorry Herman but this clip will live in D5 lore forever.

3rd – Cara (1G, 1A)
2nd – Kev (2A)
1st – Rusty (2G)

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