Green Street Hooligans

Schedule notes: all games MUST begin on time given the length of the games. If your team is not there you will begin to play short players (yes, this even includes a goalie!). If both teams are running short, the clock will start on time and you will lose playing time.

March 21Hungry Hippos 2.0 at Green Street Hooligans (2-1 W)

March 28BYE WEEK

March 31 (Friday)BYE WEEK

April 4Chili Peppers at Green Street Hooligans (9:15 PM)

April 11
Green Street Hooligans at Julie’s Football Club (6:45 PM)
Green Street Hooligans at I Just Blue Myself (7:35 PM)

April 14 (Friday)
Shooting Blancs at Green Street Hooligans (6:00 PM)
The Narwhals at Green Street Hooligans (7:35 PM)

April 18Green Street Hooligans at Shooting Blancs (9:15 PM)

April 21 (Friday) – (Midseason Rain Date)

April 25BYE WEEK

April 28 (Friday)Medium Rare at Green Street Hooligans (7:35 PM)


May 5 (Friday)Green Street Hooligans at MelRose Place (7:35 PM)

May 9Green Street Hooligans at Medium Rare (6:45 PM)

May 12 (Friday) – (Rain Date)

May 16 – (Playoff Week One)

May 23 – (Championship Week)

May 30 – (Playoff Rain Date)