Week 1 Box Scores (Fall 2019)

My Cup Size Is Stanley vs Goonies

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Amitai (1) (assisted by Chris Fullam) (8:30)
2nd Period:
CUP (2-0) – Zach W (1) (assisted by ChooChoo) (8:30)
CUP (3-0) – Matt Stabel (1) (unassisted) (6:30)
GOO (1-3) – Cherie (1) (assisted by Adam) (10:31)
3rd Period:
GOO (2-3) – Shirtless Rob (1) (assisted by Mike Tarnow) (6:21)
GOO (3-3) – Mike T (1) (unassisted) (6:46)
CUP (4-3) – ChooChoo (1) (assisted by Sara) (7:30)
GOO (4-4) – Mike T (2) (unassisted) (10:30)
CUP (5-4) – Matt Stabel (2) (assisted by Christina) (11:13)
GOO (5-5) – Shirtless Rob (2) (assisted by Mike Tarnow) (12:34)
Shootout winner by LJ

GAME NOTES: The opening game of the fall season was a wild one. With multiple league goalies out of action, elite forward and mid-range referee Meg Fortier was pegged to make her goaltending debut, and boy was it a doozy…the first period was surprisingly low scoring. The over/under was set for 5.5 with worse odds on the over, yet a ton of late money came in on the over, mostly from misogynists looking to undermine the first female goalie start in league history (aka Rich). Sad stuff…Meg proved the haters wrong in this one with a number of fantastic saves. After one period, it was 1-0. After two, it was 3-1 and it looked like she might hold on for a win. Midway through the 3rd, something clicked for the Goonies as they started lighting it up. Two goals in 25 seconds (possibly a league record; I’ll have to check) evened the score at 3. Just 44 seconds later, however, ChooChoo scored to put his team back up 4-3…Mike T tied the score with 2:30 left, but just 43 seconds after that Matt Stabel scored his 2nd of the game to put his team ahead 5-4. With deLacy pulled for the extra attacker the Goonies pressed the attack and were rewarded with a late goal by Shirtless Rob Meehan (at the time still wearing a shirt) to send the game to OT…after a scoreless overtime the game went to a shootout. Gabe scored for Cup Size and Mike T scored for the Goonies. After that, both goalies turned away shooter after shooter until round 6, where LJ scored on a sweet triple deke and Meg stopped white’s final shooter to set off a raucous celebration and give her team the victory…Meg made me promise not to give her a star, but she’s getting one anyways. It’s probably the only time a goalie allowing five goals will receive a star of the game in these writeups, but it was well-earned. No word yet on if she’s registering as a forward or goalie for Spring 2020.

3rd – Shirtless Rob Meehan (2G)
2nd – Matt Stabel (2G)
1st – Meg (W)

Backdoor Bandits vs Green Street Hooligans

1st Period:
GSH (1-0) – Scott Metz (1) (unassisted)
BDB (1-1) – Mike Marron (1) (unassisted)
2nd Period:
BDB (2-1) – Austin (1) (unassisted)
GSH (2-2) – Mike T (3) (assisted by Scott Metz)
3rd Period:
BDB (3-2) – Guido (1) (assisted by Austin)
GSH (3-3) – Mike Sanchick (1) (assisted by Frank Jackson)
GSH (4-3) – Scott Metz (2) (assisted by Mike T)

GAME NOTES: Green was without the services of Probie and Charlotte in this one, with Mike T filling in for Ben. The game got off to a bizarre start as a Scott Metz shot was deflected off a stick up in the air, over Zisser and into the net…Mikey got blue back to even late in the 1st period with a slapshot that seemed to fool Barch and find the far corner of the net…with the Hooligans trailing late in the 3rd period, Frank Jackson threw the puck across the crease where it went off his teammate’s chest; had it gone it, it likely would not have counted. Instead, it landed right in the crease where Mike S buried it to tie the game…just a minute later, Metz would bury the game winner on a slick feed from Mike T. Although blue probably had the better of possession in the game, the final score is what counts and green, without their captain, started the season off with a hard fought victory.

3rd – Mike T (1G, 1A)
2nd – Austin (1G, 1A)
1st – Scott Metz (2G, 1A)

Purple People Eaters vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Hicks (1) (assisted by Hogg)
2nd Period:
HIP (2-0) – Sarah (1) (unassisted)
3rd Period:
HIP (3-0) – Cheeky (1) (assisted by Rockoff)
PPE (1-3) – Steve Rys (1) (assisted by Matt J)
HIP (4-1) – Hicks (2) (assisted by DRo)

GAME NOTES: Before the season, there was a good deal of worry among captains that having SBJ, Jack and Braun on the same team would create a juggernaut, disrupting the parity of the league. Hicks was all too happy to take the first shot at them in week 1, both figuratively and literally, as he scored on his first shot of the season to give the Hippos the 1-0 lead…after both Herr sisters scored to give the Hippos a 3-0 lead, purple looked to be in huge trouble. A goal by Steve Rys midway through the 3rd put the People Eaters within two but Hicks would come on back to put the game out of reach with a late goal to give the new Happy Little Hippos revival their first victory of the season…Jack was heard telling everyone in the stands that this loss was part of his master plan to throw the first game, lull the league into a false sense of security, then reel off 8 straight victories in the regular season and win the championship. V excited to see how that one works out for him…Purple would go on to face the defending champion Goonies in week 2, while the Hippos matched up against the defending President’s Trophy winning Green Street Hooligans.

3rd –Zak Casca (1 GA)
2nd – Sarah (GWG)
1st – Hicks (2G)

Stud Puffins vs The Charging Cheetahs

1st Period:
PUF (1-0) – Creed (1) (assisted by Meg) (4:20)
PUF (2-0) – Mike Goose (1) (assisted by Meg) (6:02)
2nd Period:
CHA (1-2) – Ariel (1) (assisted by Adam) (5:40)
PUF (3-1) – Mike Goose (2) (assisted by Derek) (9:39)

GAME NOTES: The final game of the evening featured two of the preseason favorites, the Puffins and the Cheetahs…Creed got the scoring started early in the 1st on a give-and-go with Meg who executed a sweet spinning pass back to him for the assist. Just 1:42 later she got the assist on Goose’s eventual game winner. Come on lady – save some stars for the rest of us…Ariel scored midway through the 2nd on a great individual effort down-low to halve the orange lead but Goose buried his 2nd of the game to put his team up 3-1 late in the period. He also thinks he can smoke Rob Meehan in a 100 yard dash but we only have two months to complete this season…with the win, the Puffins claim 1st for the first time in franchise history going into their week 2 date with Cup Size. The Cheetahs would look to rebound against the Backdoor Bandits who, as their name indicates, are a very sneaky and dangerous bunch.

3rd – Tim K (1 GA)
2nd – Meg (2A)
1st – Mike Goose (2G)

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