Week 3 Betting Lines (Fall 2019)

Green Street Hooligans (-130)
The Charging Cheetahs (-110)
Over 5.5 (-105)
Under 5.5 (-135)

Notes: Rachel Solgon is in for the Cheetahs in place of Carlin while Max, originally set to be scratched, is back in the lineup. The Max/Barch matchup will be a fun one to watch but Probie and Danilo facing off against a loaded Cheetah’s backline of Ariel Fleming & Sully is what will ultimately decide the game. Green is tied for first while red is coming off a rousing come from behind victory against the Bandits (it’s not as dirty as it sounds). Losing Carlin, who is entering her 3rd straight season on the Cheetahs, is a tough blow but Rachel’s got some skillz and Probie is a bit shy of 100%. Bet on red to pull the minor upset and possibly claim their share of 1st place by the end of the night.

Hungry Hippos (-175)
Purple People Eaters (+135)
Hungry Hippos (-2.0) (-120)
Purple People Eaters (+2.0) (-120)
Over 6.0 (-115)
Under 6.0 (-125)

Notes: The 2nd meeting of these teams comes with purple badly needing a victory to get back in the hunt for a bye after dropping their first two matches. Unfortunately they’ve got Braun and Pags listed as GTDs. ScottyK is on standby but word on the street is that Braun might be out for the season which would be a potentially devastating blow for purple. Dave is going to have to stand on his head ala Thin Mints vs Drunk Machine for the People Eaters to win this one. Either that or they could blow those annoying vuvuzelas every time yellow touches the ball. On second thought, please don’t do that.

Backdoor Bandits (-105)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (-135)
Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

Notes: Commissioner Bowl VI commences at 8:20 PM with multiple shots of straight vodka on the line (it’s actually a reward, not a punishment). Alex is 3-2 all-time but obviously since the rosters change every season, this means JACK SQUAT. Hildawg is out for the Bandits while Sara and Ines are out for Cup Size. Jenn is also not playing although she will be manning the bench and no doubt yelling at the refs (people, please do not do this). Subbing in for black will be Emily Moore and Rachel Klion and they are ready for a full-on Thin Mints civil war against Morgen and Jamal of the butt stuff team. We already mentioned how good the Cheetahs defense is but Gabe and Brad are quite formidable in their own right, and they’ve got defending Brian Leetch Award winner Mike McCauley playing forward this season. The Bandits will counter with Alex, Seb, Kelsey and Morgen protecting the net in front of Zisser. I’m going to avoid picking a winner in this one, but with so many sexy defensemen in this one I’d probably take the under.

Goonies (-130)
Stud Puffins (-110)
Over 5.5 (-115)
Under 5.5 (-125)

Notes: The Goonies have had an up-and-down start to the season and will face a tough challenge in the Puffins. Derek was a last minute scratch and his replacement is still TBD. His absence definitively shifts the line towards the Goonies as the favorites. Sena vs Cherie is always a fun battle to watch as the Reeeeeeeeehabs captains battle for ball hockey supremacy, but with Olivier, Yetter and Tarnow all slated to play this evening, and Creed also missing for orange, it may be too much firepower for Tim K to deal with. Cherie loves it when I make her team the underdog in these previews, but it ain’t happening this week. Take the Goonies.

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