Weeks 8-10 Box Scores (Fall 2022)

The Muskies vs Shooting Blancs

1st Period:
BLNC (1-0) – Adam Herman (2) (assisted by Neil) (5:35)
MSK (1-1) – Jack (12) (unassisted) (9:11)
2nd Period:
BLNC (2-1) – Russo (4) (assisted by Andreas) (9:11)
3rd Period:
BLNC (3-1) – Adam Herman (3) (assisted by Cara) (5:28)
BLNC (4-1) – Simon (3) (unassisted) (8:52)
BLNC (5-1) – David (1) (assisted by Cara) (9:35)
BLNC (6-1) – Nicki Dell (1) (assisted by Neil) (12:01)

GAME NOTES: Purple begins really feeling the pain without Miles as Simon & Co laid down a surprising 5-1 beating on the strength of four 3rd period goals. Herman and Russo continue to mend fences from seasons past with career seasons from both as white solidified their hold on 3rd place in the standings.

3rd – Russo (GWG)
2nd – Cara (2A)
1st – Adam Herman (2G)

Julie’s Football Club vs Red Rockets

1st Period:
RKT (1-0) – Jordan Torti (1) (assisted by ScottyK) (5:07)
2nd Period:
RKT (2-0) – Zach Liebovich (2) (assisted by Jack Cooley) (3:50)
3rd Period:

RKT (3-0) – Brita (3) (assisted by ScottyK) (1:08)
JFC (3-1) – Rys (2) (assisted by Danilo) (6:40)
RKT (4-1) – ScottyK (3) (assisted by Brita) (8:44)

GAME NOTES: Red picks up a much needed win against the rare squad who is as shorthanded as they are with a convincing 4-1 victory over the defending champion Football Club. Three points for ScottyK and two for Brita lead the way and Corey only allows one goal in a sexy net appearance. Good stuff.

3rd – Corey (W, 1 GA)
2nd – Brita (1G, 1A)
1st – ScottyK (1G, 2A)

MelRose Place vs The Muskies

1st Period:
MRP (1-0) – Totis (2) (assisted by Tyler) (7:51)
MRP (1-1) – Brita (1) (assisted by Wagner) (8:44)
2nd Period:
MSK (2-1) – Jack (13) (assisted by Jacob) (5:19)
MRP (3-1) – Jason Campbell (6) (assisted by Alex) (9:28)
3rd Period:
MRP (4-1) – Jason Campbell (7) (assisted by Reape) (6:42)

GAME NOTES: In a bit of last minute dealing McQuade subs in for the Muskies while Alex (aka me) gets the call for MelRose. Neon threw down a surprisingly dominant performance en route to a 4-1 win and a jump into the top 6 in the standings.

3rd – Jack (1G)
2nd – Brita (GWG)
1st – Jason Campbell (2G)

YeHooligan’s Heroes vs Red Rockets

1st Period:
RKT (1-0) – Brita (4) (assisted by Jordan Torti) (1:08)
RKT (2-0) – Robyn (1) (unassisted) (2:25)
YHH (1-2) – Jeff Oberg (4) (unassisted) (4:20)
2nd Period:
YHH (2-2) – Amanda (1) (assisted by Josh Wagner) (5:19)
YHH (3-2) – Josh Wagner (1) (assisted by Jeff Oberg) (9:51)
3rd Period:
YHH (4-2) – Jeff Oberg (5) (unassisted) (3:06)
RKT (3-4) – ScottyK (4) (assisted by Jack Cooley) (3:56)
YHH (5-3) – Avery (2) (assisted by Yehuda) (6:49)

GAME NOTES: Green came out strong in this one with a roster full of their top picks plus a few subs. After going down 2-0 just two and a half minutes into the game, the YeHooligans stormed back with four straight goals and held on for a 5-3 win, their second of the season.

3rd – Robyn (1G)
2nd – Avery (1G)
1st – Jeff Oberg (2G, 1A)

EJ Entertainment vs YeHooligan’s Heroes

2nd Period:
SEX (1-0) – Sam Gelman (5) (assisted by Andrea) (2:48)
SEX (2-0) – Will Gill (2) (assisted by Sam) (8:57)
SEX (3-0) – Sam Gelman (6) (assisted by Krishan) (10:57)

GAME NOTES: Green could not quite recapture the magic of the previous game as they held the top scoring team in the league to only three goals but failed to bury any of their own. The result was a 3-0 win for EJ Entertainment which bumped blue up to 1st in the standings.

3rd – Sam (1A)
2nd – Phelps (W, SO)
1st – Sam Gelman (2G)

Julie’s Football Club vs EJ Entertainment

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Ben Gelman (2) (assisted by Alex) (7:41)
SEX (2-0) – Dave Liang (3) (assisted by Krishan) (11:15)
3rd Period:
SEX (3-0) – Krishan (8) (assisted by Ben Gelman) (5:22)

GAME NOTES: First game of wet court night was another shutout for blue, this time with Simon making a relief appearance in net, and Ben Gelman netting the game winner. Strong effort from orange but another win for EJ and a clinched spot in the final four. For some reason footage of the games on this night came out weird through Facebook and considering the considerably slowed pace of play, probably not the worst thing in the world.

3rd – Krishan (1G, 1A)
2nd – Simon (W, SO)
1st – Ben Gelman (GWG)

Shooting Blancs vs Red Rockets

1st Period:
RKT (1-0) – ScottyK (5) (assisted by Andrea) (5:08)
BLNC (1-1) – Neil (2) (assisted by Scott Metz) (6:39)
2nd Period:
BLNC (2-1) – Brett (2) (assisted by Russo) (6:47)
BLNC (3-1) – Neil (3) (assisted by Cara) (11:43)
2nd Period:
BLNC (4-1) – David (2) (assisted by McCauley) (9:11)
RKT (2-4) – Mikey (2) (unassisted) (10:49)
BLNC (5-2) – Andreas (3) (unassisted) (11:28)

GAME NOTES: The Blancs continue their winning ways and despite giving up the first goal of the game (and playing the game with Simon in net rather than on D or F), white scores 5 of the final 6 goals and hands red their 4th loss in 5 games.

3rd – Simon (W, 2 GA)
2nd – Cara (1G, 1A)
1st – Neil (2G)

YeHooligan’s Heroes vs Pinky Swear $#*!

1st Period:
PNK (1-0) – Mike Stern (9) (assisted by Wes) (1:08)
PNK (2-0) – Sean (2) (assisted by Rockoff) (1:57)
YHH (1-2) – Mike Milstein (1) (assisted by Rich) (10:15)
2nd Period:
PNK (3-1) – Wes (6) (unassisted) (3:47)
YHH (2-3) – Paula (1) (assisted by Yehuda) (8:58)
3rd Period:
PNK (4-2) – Mike Sanchick (3) (unassisted) (0:28)
PNK (5-2) – Wes (7) (assisted by Mike Stern) (2:56)
PNK (6-2) – Rockoff (4) (assisted by Jess) (6:18)
PNK (7-2) – Wes (8) (assisted by Alex Rickard) (10:29)

GAME NOTES: A total beatdown by pink as green continues to have attendance woes while pink continues to look like one of the top teams in the league. Wes picks up his first hat trick of the season while Stern continues to have a career year now that he’s off the weed and puking less in-game than ever before. 7-2 Pinky.

3rd – Paula (1G)
2nd – Rockoff (1G, 1A)
1st – Wes (3G)

Red Rockets vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Eric (6) (assisted by Matt Stabel) (4:54)
CUP (2-0) – Ramy (2) (unassisted) (7:15)
2nd Period:
CUP (3-0) – Eric (7) (assisted by Meatbox) (3:45)
CUP (4-0) – Ramy (3) (unassisted) (6:20)
CUP (5-0) – Matt Stabel (2) (assisted by Meatbox) (10:00)
3rd Period:
CUP (6-0) – Meatbox (7) (assisted by Matt Stabel) (3:00)
CUP (7-0) – Meatbox (8) (assisted by Matt Stabel) (7:29)

GAME NOTES: A classic Cup Size offensive explosion as the most up-and-down team in the league puts up 7 and blows out red. Meatbox continues to score in bunches with 4 points in this game, the 3rd time this season he’s hit that mark.

3rd – AJ (W, SO)
2nd – Matt Stabel (1G, 3A)
1st – Meatbox (2G, 2A)

Shooting Blancs vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Meatbox (9) (assisted by Matt Stabel) (2:23)
CUP (2-0) – Matt Stabel (3) (assisted by Danny Swersky) (3:27)
CUP (3-0) – Meatbox (10) (assisted by Eric Higger) (12:49)
2nd Period:
BLNC (1-3) – Cara (1) (assisted by Adam Herman) (2:48)
2nd Period:
BLNC (2-3) – Adam Herman (2) (assisted by Russo) (8:57)
BLNC (3-3) – Neil (6) (assisted by Mike McCauley) (9:51)
Shootout Winner By Mike McCauley

GAME NOTES: In their season finale, the Blancs went down 3-0 in the 1st before storming back and picking up a shootout victory. A win here would’ve given Cup Size control of 4th place but instead it clinches 3rd for the Blancs…Adam Herman wraps up his career season with four goals and four assists while Hicks puts himself in pole position for the scoring title.

3rd – Meatbox (2G)
2nd – Mike McCauley (A, SOW)
1st – Adam Herman (1G, 1A)

YeHooligan’s Heroes vs The Muskies

1st Period:
YHH (1-0) – Izzy (2) (assisted by Jeff Oberg) (1:03)
3rd Period:
YHH (2-0) – Izzy (3) (assisted by Muhammed Ali) (2:35)
MSK (1-2) – Campbell (2) (assisted by Kevin Mahoney) (11:39)

GAME NOTES: In a minor shocker, the YeHooligans beat the Muskies off the strength of a big game by their goalie Eli who missed the first half of the season. Campbell picked up the only goal for purple as they spent most of the season in the top two but would have to settle for a 4 seed heading into the playoffs.

3rd – Jeff Oberg (1A)
2nd – Eli Karp (W, 1 GA)
1st – Izzy (2G)

My Cup Size Is Stanley vs EJ Entertainment

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Justin McNeil (5) (assisted by Nestor) (7:50)
CUP (1-1) – Campbell (5) (assisted by Joe Moskowitz) (9:06)
2nd Period:
SEX (2-1) – Justin McNeil (2) (assisted by Sam) (6:45)
SEX (3-1) – Sam Gelman (6) (assisted by Dave Liang) (8:20)
SEX (4-1) – Will Gill (5) (assisted by Andrea) (9:00)
SEX (5-1) – Nestor (5) (assisted by Sam Gelman) (10:00)
SEX (6-1) – Dave Liang (5) (assisted by Sam) (11:20)

GAME NOTES: A tight 1-1 game broke open midway through the 2nd as blue exploded for five goals in five minutes sandwiched around a Cup Size timeout…Nestor made his return in this game and picked up a goal and an assist. It was part of a balanced scoring effort for EJ as five different players picked up two points.

3rd – Nestor (1G, 1A)
2nd – Sam Gelman (1G, 1A)
1st – Justin McNeil (2G)

MelRose Place vs Pinky Swear $#*!

1st Period:
MRP (1-0) – Totis (5) (unassisted) (6:24)
2nd Period:
PNK (1-1) – Sean (5) (assisted by Wes) (9:39)
PNK (2-1) – Rockoff (2) (assisted by Jess) (11:16)
3rd Period:
PNK (3-1) – Wes (9) (assisted by Sean) (2:15)
MRP (2-3) – Jason Campbell (8) (assisted by Totis) (4:31)
PNK (4-2) – Wes (10) (unassisted) (4:50)
MRP (3-4) – Jason Campbell (9) (assisted by Tyler) (11:39)
PNK (5-3) – Wes (1) (EN) (unassisted) (12:32)

GAME NOTES: Pink wrapped up a huge bounceback season as, just a couple months after finishing 9th of 10 teams, they would finish in 2nd place. 2nd was technically clinched before this game even started but they picked up another regulation win just for good measure. The result: a 5-3 win for Pinky Swear and a bye directly into the final four next week…Wes picked up his 2nd straight hat trick in this one and finishes the season with 11 goals in 6 games.

3rd – Sean (1G, 1A)
2nd – Jason Campbell (2G)
1st – Wes (3G, 1A)

Red Rockets vs EJ Entertainment

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Sam (6) (assisted by Alex) (2:48)
2nd Period:
SEX (2-0) – Dave Liang (5) (assisted by Sam Gelman) (8:57)
SEX (3-0) – Sam (7) (unassisted) (10:57)
3rd Period:
SEX (4-0) – Sam (8) (assisted by Alex) (8:57)
SEX (5-0) – Will Gill (4) (assisted by Alex) (10:57)

GAME NOTES: In the Fall 2022 regular season finale, EJ picked up their 5th shutout of the season and broke what I had felt was the league’s most unbreakable record, 1.22 goals allowed per game by the Fall 2018 Cleveland Browns (11 goals in 9 games). Blue would finish the season allowing just 8 goals in 10 games en route to a 9-1 record and a +35 goal differential…with one more goal, red would’ve been tied with green in points, regulation wins, overtime wins, goals for and goals against. This unprecedented situation would have necessitated going to the 6th tiebreaker, a 21 cup game, for standings position. We did this once before with the famous purple/yellow 21 cup game but technically purple had the head-to-head tiebreak, Jack just chose to forego it in favor of the game in true horsemanlike fashion. Sadly the refs blew the whistle prematurely in this one on a goal that ended up trickling in and thus prevented us from having a truly historic end-of-season tiebreaker situation. Red will face MelRose in round 1 of the playoffs while EJ will go to the final four and await news of their opponent after Playoff Week 1…sick scorpion save by Corey. That is all.

3rd – Will Gill (1G)
2nd – Alex (3A)
1st – Sam (3G)

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