D5 Prediction Contest Results (Spring 2023)

Vote breakdowns and results of the first of what will be an annual D5 midseason prop bet contest:

The two horniest guys on the horniest team seemed the easy choice, especially with Jason’s questionable attendance. Despite spending a game on defense and like 20 minutes in the penalty box, Oberg comes through on the final day of the regular season. Nicely done.

After winning the Brian Leetch award his rookie season and teasing some games at forward, Simon seemed the obvious choice here. Instead Cara proved deserving of the 1st round pedigree as she put up 10 points in just 8 games while Simon spent most of the season pondering whether to come back as captain and paying a PI to track down McCauley.

Dave was drafted earlier and produced on orange but Sam had a career year en route to his first top 10 finish in the scoring race.

A career year for Satok as he finished top 10 in points and goals, but Stern took his game to a new level winning maybe the most surprising scoring title in league history and securing this one.

Yehuda picked up a few points on the final night of the season to make it close, but Adam Herman takes this one as a single digit round pick for the first time in his D5 career.

Meehan had the lead for much of the season but a move to D and a two goal game from Goose cooked Rob’s goose, so to speak. They actually finished with the same number of points but Goose takes it with more goals and less games played.

Andreas picked up a few highlight reel goals this season and held off linemate and gambling buddy Rys.

A tight battle between two defensive-minded ladies but with a career high four assists, Hilary takes it down.

Tough to score a lot from defense and in general without your first round pick. Vanessa easily takes it, 3-0.

In their rookie seasons they had 9 and 8 points respectively as the top two female rookies in D5. This season they were teammates and Amanda won this one easily, finishing 4th in Ladies’ Scoring and winning this contest 6-0. D5 fans searching for further coverage on Ellie’s 0 point season need look no further.

Historically they are usually around the same statline and draft position but this was a banner year in the Zisser household as the domesticity of marriage seemingly shut down his more brutal drug habits and propelled him to his first ever #1 Goalie Award for lowest GAA.

A close one but Ridzik holds on with a 2.84 to Corey’s 3.05.

Hicks got more votes, partially because he’s a better player (not really relevant), partially because he’s several years further away from dementia (certainly relevant), but even if black wins the title it’s not enough for him to catch Glanzer here. Neither are close to winning this contest overall, but Rich will take the head-to-head.

The meta end of this one sees that most people assumed that most people would pick Hicks, and they were indeed correct.

A 7-5 week six pink/purple showdown was as good as it got this season as goal scoring was overall down a bit on the year. Big season for goalies and defense.

PIggybacking off the last one, an impressive six shutouts for league goalies, well above the historic average.

A very tight one as the final total was 255 goals, just cashing the over. Had just one of the games on the final night of the season went differently, this could have easily gone the other way.

Most of the action was rightfully on rainouts but as of now the May 23 line looks like it’s on track. I literally had this piece written last week but waited til today to post it just not to jinx this. Now watch me jinx it anyways. Ugh.

This was neck-and-neck throughout the season but a hat trick on the final night for black put Hogg top 5 in scoring and got him victory over his linemate. No word on whether he’s been getting in on the testicle supplements though.

Kittridge rightfully receives over half the vote and takes this down fairly comfortably with a two point lead over his next highest teammate, the surprising rookie Jeff Jacobson. Both are likely to see their draft position get bumped up next season.

This was a tight race throughout and the vote should’ve really been closer than 88.5% to 11.5% combined for the other two choices. But Tom missing the last few games for purple sealed it for Jack as he locked this up, even if he did lose the scoring title on the season’s final day.

Stern off the top rope cashes the field bet! Nicely done in what will likely be his final season as a 4th rounder.

This was released a few games into and was a classic case of head start vs draft position. Sadly Cherie and I combined for one non-empty net goal this season and in the end Gelman took it down easily with a 7th place finish in the scoring race.

Tarnow got most of the votes as everyone assumed Sammy would miss too many games to win this one. Instead, Sam finished 2nd in the scoring race despite only playing 7 games, making this the only question that not a single person answered correctly.

Even a rookie of the year runner up performance by Mitch wasn’t enough to overcome a career year by Tash who was already probably the top ranked female player on most draft boards. Tash in a walk.

I actually picked her for it last season assuming she’d be a forward all season; this season she played most games at D but it didn’t matter. Once again, Tash’s career year takes this down easily although Cara gave her a late season run for her money and probably should have been listed after being Simon’s first round pick. They’ll likely open next season as co-favorites.

With Sam spending most of his days in Montreal he wasn’t even listed here along with his fellow top 3 overall picks. Somehow he ended up playing more games than both and Stern came out of the 4th round to cash the field bet yet again. Nicely done.

Blue and black opened the season as the favorites in the power rankings and closed the season in the same way en route to a #1 and #3 overall seed, cashing this one for the majority.

Blue and black opened the season as the favorites in the power rankings and closed the season in the same way en route to a #1 and #3 overall seed, cashing this one for the majority.

Overall Winner

With just two questions left to decide, Annie holds the lead with 29 points. She is also the only person of the top 9 to actually believe we would finish the season on May 23. With those two extra points likely in hand, she’s in the drivers seat on this one. If green or orange win the championship, she loses to an untitled entry which means I will probably declare her the winner anyways. If blue or black win, she ties with me which also means I probably declare her the winner anyways. Thus, Annie is (almost definitely) your champion. You know what that means…

Live shot of Annie celebrating her win with her high school field hockey teammate and co-captain for next season.

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