Week 3 Box Scores (Summer 2018)

Scores 3.png

The Varsity Warriors vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
VAR (1-0) – Probie (7) (assisted by Carlin)
2nd Period:
VAR (2-0) – Probie (8) (assisted by Carlin)
CUP (1-2) – Tarzan (2) (assisted by Elena Price)
CUP (2-2) – Matt Zimmerman (1) (assisted by Tarzan)
3rd Period:
CUP (3-2) – Matt Zimmerman (2) (assisted by Tarzan)
VAR (3-3) – Probie (9) (SHG) (assisted by Mike Tarnow)
VAR (4-3) – Probie (10) (assisted by Mike Tarnow)
CUP (4-4) – Matt Zimmerman (3) (assisted by Tarzan)
CUP (5-4) – Tommy (2) (PPG) (assisted by Jenn)

GAME NOTES: The first overtime game in league history ends on the first powerplay goal in league history with just under a minute remaining in the extra session…Even in a losing effort, Probie scored all four of his teams goals, two of them on one impressive shift with his team down 3-2, the first of which was the first shorthanded goal in league history…Matt Zimmerman, formerly of Fresh Kills fame, came up with a hat trick in his first game with his new team…Mike Tarnow had two assists in his first contest…In a contest full of firsts, this was also the first comeback in league history.   Team Cup Size looked lethargic and was getting hemmed in for much of the first, but responded big-time in the second half of the game…Tarzan put up four points, becoming only the fourth player to do so in a single game after Probie, Avery & Cherie.  Probie has two four point games sandwiched around a six point game.  Guys a savage.

Hungry Hippos vs Team Sexy

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Avery (4) (assisted by AFrey)
SEX (2-0) – Boatsex Brad (1) (unassisted)
2nd Period: 
SEX (3-0) – Ajay (1) (unassisted)
SEX (4-0) – Zach Fein (2) (assisted by Cherie)
HIP (1-4) – Morgen (2) (assisted by Lee)
SEX (5-1) – Avery (5) (assisted by AFrey)
SEX (6-1) – Zach Fein (3) (assisted by Boatsex Brad)
HIP (2-6) – Gardie (1) (assisted by Justin)
SEX (7-2) – Ajay (2) (assisted by Avery)
3rd Period:
SEX (8-2) – Cherie (3) (assisted by Avery)
SEX (9-2) – Zach Fein (4) (assisted by Eli)
HIP (3-9) – Morgen (3) (unassisted)

GAME NOTES: Team Sexy rebounded in a big way, using a five goal second period to bury the Hippos…Avery picked up four points but was unable to make any headway in the scoring race.  Life is unfair…Boatsex Brad got on the scoresheet this week with a big shot from the point and an assist to his Demons teammate later in the game…Probie has accounted for 55.56% of his team goals.  The only person in the league who’s gotten a higher percentage of their team’s goals is…Ol’ Pal Morgie, who now has three of her team’s five for a 60% share.  At this rate, she’s going to start getting all her equipment secondhand from Cherie…Morgen also pulled ahead in a sex bet with Tarzan which was made mid-game without his knowledge or consent.  She has three goals to his two and apparently assists don’t count in this bet.  Either way, the two combined yesterday for three goals and three assists…Zach Fein picked up a hat-trick, all of them on seemingly identical blasts from around the circles.  If that second line with Stabel stays hot, watch out…Ajay picked up two goals but was absolutely robbed by Zisser on the goal line…Eli continues to be a goon.

Bombay’s A Sham vs The Charging Cheetahs

1st Period:
CHA (1-0) – Olivier (2) (unassisted)
2nd Period:  
BOM (1-1) – Paul Brown (1) (assisted by Josh Rosen)
3rd Period: 
CHA (2-1) – Drew Loken (3) (assisted by Sebastian)

GAME NOTES: Well what do you know – an actual honest to god hockey score in the night game…Campbell came uptown after playing Mofo at 6:30 and, for the third straight game, only allowed one goal…Olivier scored on the first shift of the game; after that, this was by far the lowest scoring game so far this season…Drew broke a 1-1 tie late in the third, propelling his team to their third straight win.  They are the only undefeated team left and will look to keep it going in a pivotal week four matchup vs Team Sexy…Josh not being out there for the final minute with the goalie pulled caused some second guessing amongst fans in the bleachers, as did a high windup call with 10 seconds left that moved the last faceoff to Bombay’s end and effectively ended the game.  Had this game actually been held in Montreal, there may have been a riot…Shelly remains the only player with multiple game winners, having done so in each of the first two weeks.

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