Week 1 Box Scores (Fall 2018)


Team Sexy vs The Varsity Warriors

1st Period:
VAR (1-0) – Probie (1) (assisted by Matt Russo)
SEX (1-1) – AFrey (1) (assisted by Scott Metz)
SEX (2-1) – Avery (1) (assisted by Mike Marian)
2nd Period:
SEX (3-1) – Becca (1) (assisted by Avery)
SEX (4-1) – Stephen Smith (1) (assisted by AFrey)
SEX (5-1) – Mike Marian (1) (assisted by Avery)
3rd Period:
SEX (6-1) – Avery (2) (assisted by Mike Marian)
SEX (7-1) – Becca (2) (SH) (assisted by AFrey)

GAME NOTES: Team Sexy got some measure of revenge from last year’s championship game, although Warriors definitely remain ahead on the ledger…Probie opened the scoring on a truly horrific giveaway by an unnamed player (ok, it was me)…Avery picked up two goals and two assists and now has 20 points in 7 career D5 games (including playoffs)…Mike Marian picked up a goal and two assists in his full-time debut, having played one game as a sub last season and scoring two goals against his current team…Becca scored two goals and has already exceeded her entire point total from last season…the Warriors will try to rebound next week as Ben does battle against his former teammates Julie & Rich in a pivotal showdown against the Browns.  Sexy, meanwhile, will play their old rivals, the Hippos, in the annual Fireball Bowl.  Hicks is already down one bottle and going double or nothing on this game because he has issues.

3rd – Becca (2G)
2nd – Barch (1 GA)
1st – Avery (2G, 2A)

Purple Parrots vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Roberts (1) (assisted by Hicks)
HIP (2-0) – Sweet Baby James McQuade (1) (assisted by Kelsey)
PAR (1-2) – The Provider (1) (assisted by Rob)
2nd Period: 
PAR (2-2) – Mike Tarnow (1) (unassisted)
PAR (3-2) – Luke (1) (unassisted)
HIP (3-3) – Hicks (1) (assisted by Roberts)
3rd Period:
HIP (4-3) – Lee (1) (assisted by Adam Herman)
HIP (5-3) – Ariel (1) (EN) (unassisted)

GAME NOTES: An instant classic of a game saw both teams trading chances, breakaways and swing goals before the Hippos 3rd line came up huge for the game winner…the Roberts/Hicks connection is always big at the gym, but it came up big on the ice last night as each of them put up one goal and one assist.  Roberts had never played a D5 game before and is gunning for the rookie scoring title…the Hippos scored two early goals and looked to be running away with it before The Provider picked up the Parrots’ first goal in franchise history to get them back in the game…Tarnow stole a ball and ran 3/4 the length of the court for a breakaway goal that tied the game.  Shortly after, Luke (subbing in for the Parrots) put them ahead 3-2 in the middle of the 2nd period…Hicks tied the game on a great feed from Roberts before Lee put the Hippos ahead on a shocking short-side snip over Campbell’s shoulder.  Ariel added an empty netter for insurance and with that, the Hippos are halfway towards matching last season’s win total.

3rd – Roberts (1G, 1A)
2nd – Hicks (1G, 1A)
1st – Lee (GWG)

Ball That vs The Charging Cheetahs

1st Period:
CHA (1-0) – Akhil (1) (assisted by Olivier)
CHA (2-0) – Akhil (2) (assisted by Gabe)
2nd Period:  
BAL (1-2) – Alex DeMarco (1) (unassisted)
CHA (3-1) – Mikey (1) (assisted by Seth)
BAL (2-3) – Jeff (PP) (unassisted)
BAL (3-3) – Andrea (1) (assisted by Jeff)
3rd Period: 
CHA (4-3) – Mikey (2) (assisted by Gabe)
CHA (5-3) – Seth (1) (unassisted)
BAL (4-5) – Miles (1) (assisted by Jeff)

GAME NOTES: A game between the projected top two teams in the league did not disappoint as both teams traded chances in another tight contest…Jeff picked up a goal and two assists, much to the delight of Rich who bet on him to win the scoring title…Akhil opened the scoring with two goals on rebounds off Olivier and Gabe…Mikey picked up an Eric Lindros hat trick: two goals and a possible concussion…Seth picked up the game winning goal and a slick assist from behind the net for the Cheetahs…the Miles/Jeff connection looked good in this game, but will be even more deadly with some time to adjust to the game style and playing surface on 96th street…with the win, the Cheetahs remain the only team to have never lost a regular season game.

3rd – Mikey (Lindros hat trick)
2nd – Jeff (1G, 2A)
1st – Seth (GWG, A)

My Cup Size Is Stanley vs Cleveland Browns

1st Period:
CLE (1-0) – Luke (1) (unassisted)
CLE (2-0) – Luke (2) (assisted by Campbell)
3rd Period:
CLE (3-0) – Julie (1) (assisted by Luke)
CLE (4-0) – Campbell (1) (assisted by Luke)

GAME NOTES: The primetime game featured some physical play and a surprising amount of trash talk coming from both sides…Luke picked up two first period goals and two third period assists in a monster effort befitting such a talented musician…Campbell, subbing in as a forward, picked up a goal and an assist, leading the Browns to consider drafting him as a forward next season…Cherie and Tim K had a lovely time exchanging pleasantries and making plans to hang out…Joey Bats suffered an early game injury and had to leave midway through the 2nd period…the Browns picked up their first win since December of 2016 and celebrated with a team photo.

3rd – Campbell The Forward Sub (1G, 1A)
2nd – Tim K (shutout in D5 debut)
1st – Luke Sellick (2G, 2A)


The Cleveland Browns win their first game since December of 2016.  Also Luke looks slightly confused as to why he’s taking a photo after a week 1 win.

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