Summer 2018 Prop Bets (Updated Week 2 Lines)

Week one of the summer season is in the books and man, was it high-scoring.  Every game hit the over with the night game (Bombay v Sexy, which just sounds like a really bizarre court case) delivering a 7-5 barnburner that featured six goals in the third period alone.  The gambling community has responded to these developments by demanding updated prop bets…so here you go.  Contact Hicks if you are a degenerate.  Misery loves company.

District Five Championship
The Charging Cheetahs (+220)
The Varsity Warriors (+220)
Team Sexy (+220)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (+340)
Bombay’s A Sham (+440)
Hungry Hippos (+550)


Team To Score Most Goals (Regular Season Only)
Team Sexy (+140)
The Varsity Warriors (+170)
The Charging Cheetahs (+230)
Field (+200)

District Five Scoring Title (Goals + Assists; Regular Season Only)
Probie (+150)
Avery (+200)
Cherie (+200)
Hogg (+270)
Joe P (+400)
Olivier (+500)
Will Green (+600)
Hicks (+800)
Shelly (+800)
Field (+300)


Female Scoring Title (Goals + Assists; Regular Season Only)
Cherie (-300)
Shelly (+150)
Nicolette (+330)
Sena (+375)
Julie (+750)
Field (+500)

Lowest GAA (Regular Season Only; Must Start At Least 3 Games)
Campbell (+110)
$h0wt!m3 (+200)
Ramirez (+350)
Field (+480)

Week 2 Grand Salami (Total Goals In All Games)
Over 21 goals (-140)
Under 21 goals (EVEN)

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