Summer 2018 Prop Bets (Late Registration Edition)

Registration is now officially closed for the Summer 2018 season.  In total, there were 15 players who were officially added to rosters, or 16.67% of the league size.  Thanks to everyone who registered, we were able to fill out rosters and also improve the level of parity in the league.  That being said, this influx of talent certainly changes the lines on a few key prop bets.

District Five Championship
Team Sexy (+230)
Changes: The greatest weakness of the Warriors was that they only had five guys on the entire roster and most of their top players were forwards.  Now not only do they get much needed legs on the bench, they also pick up a quality defenseman.  While there is some downside to no longer being able to run Probie out for over half the game, this team is as deep as it gets with few meaningful flaws…The Cheetahs were #1 in the league and already quite strong defensively (having given up just one goal in each of their first two contests).  Somewhat surprisingly, however, they requested male defensemen.  They are unquestionably a defensive machine, and are now free to move Mikey up to forward, but lack the high-end offensive talent of someone like Ben…Team Cup Size and Team Sexy did well to add two solid players to boost their already considerable depth.  Cup Size is a far more defensive squad while Team Sexy has been playing run-and-gun all season.  Both have the horses to win the ship, but have some key weaknesses holding them back…Don’t sleep on Bombay’s A Sham who lost a very tight opening matchup to Team Sexy 7-5 and got beat down by the Cheetahs in the next contest where they were using three subs on the wrong end of a back-to-back.  The addition of Josh gives them two formidable units…The Hippos encountered some early struggle this season but now boast the services of Gene, Courtney, #akhilnation and Russ “The Provider” Hamilton.  This quartet will help offset the loss of Sarah and make the Hippos a much, much more difficult team to play against.
Team To Score Most Goals (Regular Season Only)
Team Sexy (+180)

Field (+330)

Changes: The Warriors see their odds improve with the additions of Tarnow & Lancman…Team Sexy stays constant while the Cheetahs drop slightly by virtue of upgrading their defense, not their offense…Then again, the move might free up Mikey to go back to his natural forward position…The field remains at best eight goals back with only four to go.  This is pretty much a three horse race at this point.


Scoring Title Odds
Changes: None.  It’s very unlikely someone comes back from what is currently a 10 point deficit to Probie and a 6 point deficit to Avery to win it unless one of the adds who I didn’t know was actually a Chris Kreider alias…Only one girl was added so female scoring title odds remain the same as well.  Assist lines are very difficult to predict anyways so those remain too.

Lowest GAA (Regular Season Only; Must Start At Least 3 Games)
Campbell (-150)
$h0wt!m3 (+180)
Ramirez (+300)

Field (+900)

Changes: Campbell’s odds rise slightly due to his already defensive-minded team picking up two defensive players…$h0wt!m3 is the starting goaltender for the Warriors who finally have male subs so they can run and picked up a legit defenseman in the supplementary add period…Ramirez’s odds shrink slightly through no fault of his own, but rather due to the defensive improvement in front of the two goalies in front of him…the field is fast approaching “no chance in hell” territory.

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