Week 5 Box Scores (Summer 2018)

Scores 5

Bombay’s A Sham vs Hungry Hippos

2nd Period:
HIP (1-0) – Gene (1) (assisted by Hicks)
3rd Period:
BOM (1-1) – Paul Brown (2) (unassisted)
HIP (2-1) – Gene (2) (assisted by The Provider)
HIP (3-1) – Justin (1) (assisted by Cheeky)
HIP (4-1) – Hicks (2) (assisted by Cheeky)

GAME NOTES: The Hippos notched their first victory of the season by scoring three goals in the final five minutes of the game…Gene picked up two goals while The Provider lived up to his name by providing one of the helpers…Bombay’s only goal came early in the third when Paul Brown picked the pocket of a Hippos defender and unleashed a howitzer from the high slot…this game was far closer than the box score indicates and could have ended differently if not for the flashy heroics of the Sizzler…Michelle almost scored her first career goal in the first period but hit the crossbar…Cheeky picked up her first two points of the season.

The Varsity Warriors vs The Charging Cheetahs

1st Period:
VAR (1-0) – Julie (1) (assisted by Derek)
VAR (2-0) – Derek (3) (assisted by Guido)
2nd Period:  
CHA (1-2) – Olivier (3) (assisted by Shelly)
CHA (2-2) – Olivier (4) (assisted by Mia)
CHA (3-2) – Drew (4) (assisted by Shelly)
3rd Period: 
VAR (3-3) – Probie (11) (assisted by Mike Tarnow)
CHA (4-3) – Shelly (3) (assisted by Mikey)
VAR (4-4) – Mike Tarnow (1) (assisted by Probie)
CHA (5-4) – Rob Blandi (4) (assisted by Mikey)

GAME NOTES: A showdown between the top two goaltenders in GAA ended up being the highest scoring affair of the evening…Warriors looked to be cruising until Olivier picked up two goals on a single shift to completely change the course of the game…Shelly picked up a goal and two assists, then topped it off by drinking til 3 AM and passing out on my couch.  Now that’s how teachers should be partying in the summer…Mikey picked up two assists while Derek and Tarnow each had a goal and an assist…Probie only picked up two points in this game, disappointing his many fans slash financial backers.

My Cup Size Is Stanley vs Team Sexy

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Zak Casca (1) (assisted by Will Green)
SEX (1-1) – Ajay (3) (assisted by Boatsex Brad)
2nd Period:  
CUP (2-1) – Tommy (3) (assisted by Michelle Ulrich)
CUP (3-1) – Klion (2) (assisted by Zak Casca)
SEX (2-3) – Zach Fein (5) (assisted by Boatsex Brad)
3rd Period: 
SEX (3-3) – Luke (1) (PPG) (assisted by Cherie)
Shootout winner by Tommy

GAME NOTES: The nationally televised game delivered with the first shootout in league history…Tommy picked up a goal in regulation and the only goal in the shootout, leading his team to their second straight OT/SO win…Klion picked up her second goal of the season, much to the delight of her parents who were in attendance…Boatsex Brad picked up two assists and now has four points in his last two games…not to be outdone by his Demons teammate, Zach Fein (aka yellow helmet) now has four goals in his past two games…Lukey picked up a powerplay goal to tie the game on a 4 on 3 in the third.  He also had one goal disallowed, one of two disallowed goals for Team Sexy in the contest…this game’s result opened up a three way tie for 2nd place in the standings between these two teams and the Warriors.  All teams make the playoffs, but the top two pick up a bye.

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