Week 4 Box Scores (Fall 2018)

Purple Parrots vs Ball That

2nd Period:
BAL (1-0) – Miles (2) (assisted by Alexa)
PAR (1-1) – Rob (2) (assisted by Tyler)
3rd Period:
PAR (2-1) – Hogg (1) (assisted by Henry)
BAL (2-2)  Miles (3) (assisted by Will Green)
BAL (3-2) – Jeff (4) (unassisted)
PAR (3-3) – Tyler Becker (2) (assisted by Mike Tarnow)
BAL (4-3)  Miles (4) (assisted by Will Green)

GAME NOTES: After losing Pete to a season-ending knee injury last week, Ball That came back from an early 2nd period deficit to go back to .500…Miles opened the scoring after Alexa sprung him, Caitlin and Will on a shocking half-court 3 on 0…Hogg buried his first of the season from the high slot to give the Parrots the lead…Will hit the crossbar on a wicked snipe from the high slot.  15 seconds later, he got the ball back and took a not-quite-as-great shot which nonetheless generated a rebound for Miles to bury.  Hockey is weird like that sometimes…Jeff played a good portion of the game on defense but still found time for a neutral zone steal and Messier-like off wing low wrister…Miles would eventually complete the hat trick late in the third and almost bury a 4th into an empty net…with the win, Ball That moves up to 5th and is in striking distance of 4th place and a 1st round bye.  The full playoff schedule is now posted.

3rd – Will Green (2A)
2nd – Jeff (1G)
1st – Miles (Hat Trick)

The Charging Cheetahs vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Joey C (1) (assisted by Klion)
CUP (2-0) – Mike Tarnow (1) (assisted by Danny)
2nd Period: 
CHA (1-2) – David Holland (2) (assisted by Creeden)
CUP (3-1) – Gene (1) (unassisted)
3rd Period:
CUP (4-1) – Joey C (2) (assisted by Klion)
CHA (2-4) – Matt Stabel (2) (unassisted)
CHA (3-4) – Matt Stabel (3) (unassisted)
CUP (5-3) – Mike Tarnow (2) (unassisted)

GAME NOTES: What appeared to be a mismatch on paper, with the winless Cup Size facing the undefeated Cheetahs, turned into the upset of the night…with Gabe, Jo and Courtney out of town, the Cheetahs struggled containing Cup Size’s offense and it showed as the red team gave up the most goals they have ever given up in a game…Joey C picked up his first two goals of the season…Gene had a beauty of an end-to-end rush capped off with a goal and a screaming Provider from the stands…Matt Stabel almost singlehandedly tied this game in the third, but sub Tarnow gave Cup Size a late insurance marker on a sweet spin-o-rama…with the win, Cup Size pulls into a tie for 6th with the Parrots while the Cheetahs lose their first ever regular season game and are tied for 2nd.

3rd – Mike Tarnow (2G)
2nd – Matt Stabel (2G)
1st – Joey C (2G including GWG)

Team Sexy vs The Varsity Warriors

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – David Karp (2) (assisted by Becca)
VAR (1-1) – Derek (2) (unassisted)
2nd Period: 
SEX (2-1) – Evan DeMarco (1) (assisted by AFrey)
SEX (3-1) – Karsten (1) (assisted by Evan DeMarco)
SEX (4-1) – David Karp (3) (unassisted)
3rd Period:
SEX (5-1) – Evan DeMarco (2) (assisted by Karsten)
VAR (2-5) – Derek (3) (assisted by Probie)

GAME NOTES: A rematch of last season’s championship (and this season’s opener) was a hard fought, back and forth affair…Karp continued his torrid start to the season with two more goals, giving him three and an assist in only two contests played…DeMarco finally got on the board this season in a big way with a three point performance, including two “wicked” snipes, as that Masshole would probably call them…Karsten subbed in for Avery and put up a goal and an assist in his D5 debut…Derek scored both goals for the Warriors, a nice prelude to a truly beastly performance in the BTSH playoffs yesterday afternoon…with the win, Team Sexy moves up to 1st in the standings.  They’ll face LJ, Campbell and the Parrots on Tuesday night, while the Warriors will head to Cup Size Stadium to face Jenn’s team.  From what I’ve heard, it’s a pretty big stadium.

3rd – Karsten (GWG, 1A)
2nd – David Karp (2G)
1st – Evan DeMarco (2G, 1A)

Cleveland Browns vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
CLE (1-0) – Karsten (2) (unassisted)
2nd Period:
HIP (1-1) – Sweet Baby James (3) (assisted by Roberts)
3rd Period:
CLE (2-1) – Karsten (3) (assisted by Mike Yetter)
HIP (2-2) – Christian (2) (assisted by Roberts)
CLE (3-2) – Matt Riegler (2) (assisted by Karsten)

GAME NOTES: The nationally televised evening game featured the Browns traveling to the awkwardly named Hippound…unfortunately both Hicks and Glanzer missed this game which robbed us of a truly fun grudge match after Glanzer panned like half the picks Brian made in the draft…Karsten opened the scoring on a classic low snipe early in the 1st period…Sweet Baby James tied it up in the 2nd but Karsten put the Browns back in the lead late in the 3rd…undeterred, the Hippos pulled their goalie with a minute and a half left and were rewarded with a tying goal in front by Christian (video below)…OT was fast and furious with the teams trading chances but in the end it was Karsten passing it in front to Riegler who buried it for the game winner…Roberts picked up two more assists and maintained his hold on the scoring race…Carlin was held off the scoresheet but rather notably became the first player in D5 history to play four games in a night.  She was last sighted hooked up to an oxygen tank while playing 13 straight games of flipcup…with the win, the Browns are within striking distance of 1st place.  The Hippos are tied for 2nd and face Jeff, Miles and Ball That on Tuesday night.

3rd – Carlin (iron woman)
2nd –Roberts (2A)
1st – Karsten (2G, 1A)


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