Week 4 Betting Lines (Fall 2018)

Making these lines from a bus uptown so no long-winded writeups, let’s get to it…

Purple Parrots (-120)

Ball That (-120)

Notes: Pete is out for Ball That. The Parrots appear to be the only team to have a full roster showing up. Kirk Fogg would be proud.

The Charging Cheetahs (-180)

My Cup Size Is Stanley (+140)

Notes: Gabe, Jo, Courtney and a few others are out for Cheetahs, while Cup Size is missing a host of players as well including Cherie, Jen A, both Adams and JRo. They will be using Carlin and Becca as subs along with one of Gene’s ice hockey bros, while Cheetahs will be calling in the Poutine reserves and using Nico and Hill.

Team Sexy (-110)

The Varsity Warriors (-130)

Notes: The Warriors will be without Charlotte and are using Ball Hogg as a goalie in place of Ed/Tim. Team Sexy will be without two of the top five scorers in the league (Avery and Mike) along with Ryann who is representing Team USA at the ball hockey masters in Bermuda. They’ll be using Carlin and Riegler as subs with a possible late game cameo from BTSH legend and all around angry old man Karsten.

Cleveland Browns (+115)

Hungry Hippos (-155)

Notes: Zisser is out in Italy trying to convince European women that assplay is considered first base in the States so Hogg gets the call in relief in net. The Browns, meanwhile, are missing most of their team and will be using a bunch of subs including aforementioned old man Karsten, Riegler and a possible dude out of the stands. Where else can a fan be pulled out of the stands and play in a league game at a moment notice?

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