Box Score Grab Bag (Spring 2019)

Chosen 1s vs The Charging Cheetahs

1st Period:
CHA (1-0) – Mike Pags (1) (assisted by Chris) (5:02)
CHA (2-0) – Sweet Baby James (3) (unassisted) (6:20)
CHA (3-0) – Alex Rockoff (1) (assisted by Sully) (6:28)
2nd Period:
CHO (1-3) – Ryann (2) (unassisted) (2:18)
CHA (4-1) – Alev (1) (assisted by Sweet Baby James) (7:42)
3rd Period:
CHA (5-1) – Alex Rockoff (2) (assisted by Jo-Ann) (2:20)
CHO (2-5) – Joe P (1) (assisted by Ryann) (2:53)
CHO (3-5) – Matt Riegler (1) (assisted by Jake K) (3:48)
CHA (6-3) – Jo-Ann (1) (assisted by Alex Rockoff) (4:17)
CHA (7-3) – Roberts (1) (assisted by Alev) (8:34)

GAME NOTES: The first game of week six saw two teams in need of a win as the then 6th place Cheetahs faced the then 7th place Chosen 1s who were coming off an impressive 3-2 win over Cup Size…after a somewhat pensive start, the Cheetahs put up three goals in less than 90 seconds to shock the Jews and go up a quick 3-0…Poutine subs Alev and Pags each put in a goal to put the game out of reach. The Chosen 1s had a brief comeback in the third as they climbed to within two goals, but Jo-Ann scored less than 20 seconds later and the Cheetahs added a late Roberts goal to put up an impressive 7-3 victory…deLacy showed up to this one wearing his Fuzz shirt which clearly had the desired effect on his opponents…Rockoff told me after the game that his badass effort better earn him the #1 star of the game. For giving the people what they want, we give Mr. Rockoff what he wants.

3rd – Ryann (1G, 1A)
2nd – Jo-Ann (1G, 1A)
1st – Alex Rockoff (2G, 1A)

My Cup Size Is Stanley vs Winter Is Coming

1st Period:
WIN (1-0) – Caitlin (1) (assisted by Mike Mincieli) (7:02)
WIN (2-0) – Courtney Ryan (1) (assisted by Olivier) (9:35)
2nd Period:
CUP (1-2) – Mike T (4) (assisted by Justin) (0:19)
CUP (2-2) – Mike T (5) (assisted by Jenn) (6:13)
WIN (3-2) – Courtney Ryan (2) (assisted by Cheeky) (9:27)
3rd Period:
CUP (3-3) – Gene (2) (assisted by Mike T) (2:26)
CUP (4-3) – Andrea (1) (assisted by Gene) (5:30)
CUP (5-3) – Mike T (6) (EN) (assisted by Neil) (12:08)
CUP (6-3) – Mike T (7) (EN) (unassisted) (12:11)
WIN (4-6) – Tyler (1) (assisted by AFrey) (12:21)
CUP (7-3) – Hogg (2) (EN) (unassisted) (12:57)

GAME NOTES: What should have been another great chapter in the Gabe/Luke history sadly saw both players miss the game. Mike T subbed for Gabe while Olivier subbed for Luke…Caitlin got the scoring started with her first career D5 goal on a rebound in front of the net…Courtney put in two goals, but sadly neither will count for her season total. She is clearly a member of the Carlin school of subbing where you score more as a free agent than for your actual rostered team…in a very shady move, Jenn used Neil as a sub for Gene, then had Gene actually show up and play the game. Word is the next time these teams meet Avery is going to sub for Luke, then Luke may just happen to show up last minute…Mike T put up an impressive four goals, albeit two in an empty net. The fourth goal is perhaps the strangest goal in D5 history. After potting one in the empty net, Olivier won the ensuing faceoff for the blue team so forcefully that it went between the two defenders straight back into the yawning cage. Since Mike was the last person to touch the ball, he technically gets credit for that goal as well. Hogg wrapped up the game with a stat-padding empty net breakaway as time expired…with the win, Cup Size temporarily moved to .500 on the season. Winter remained in 2nd place until being passed by the Parrots on Friday night.

3rd – Courtney Ryan (2G)
2nd – Gene (1G, 1A)
1st – Mike T (4G, 1A)

Chosen 1s vs Goonies

2nd Period:
GOO (1-0) – Sean Fleming (1) (assisted by Cherie) (11:00)
GOO (2-0) – Derek (8) (unassisted) (12:32)
3rd Period:
CHO (1-2) – Jake K (1) (assisted by Jeff) (12:01)

GAME NOTES: Playing in their second game of the evening, the Chosen 1s had a team pow-wow between matches and came out noticeably stronger against the first place Goonies. After a scoreless first period which saw Greenwald make a number of big saves, orange began carrying play towards the end of the 2nd period, with numerous shifts spent in the Goonies’ zone. Unfortunately, hockey is a cruel game and the last two minutes of the 2nd saw the Goonies put in back to back goals by Fleming and Derek…in the third, the play was pretty even but white bent, but would not break. The Chosen 1s would break the shutout with a little less than a minute remaining, but it was not enough to give the white team their first loss of the season. In what looked like it might turn into the upset of the season, the Goonies nonetheless hung on and took the game by a 2-1 score.

3rd – Dave Greenwald (2 GA)
2nd – Eitan (1 GA)
1st – Derek (GWG)

Rainy Day Kids Club vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Hicks (5) (assisted by Claire) (1:43)
HIP (2-0) – Spencer (2) (assisted by Hicks) (11:09)
2nd Period:
KID (1-2) – Steve Friedman (1) (assisted by Creamy) (4:01)
KID (2-2) – Scott Metz (1) (assisted by Creamy) (5:20)
HIP (3-2) – Spencer (1) (assisted by Jack) (3:41)

GAME NOTES: In what at the time seemed like it was going to be the first game of the Kids Club’s post-Probie era, the team banded together for a gutsy effort and picked up their first points of the season. Ewing Theory anyone?…Hicks got the scoring started less than two minutes into the game while Spencer bookended the first with a goal assisted by Hicks to give the Hippos a 2-0 lead…nonetheless, the Kids Club pressed on and were rewarded with two quick goals in the middle of the 2nd as Steve Friedman and Scott Metz were able to slip two past Dave GDR, both assisted by Creamy…in the third, the Hippos were all over green but the defense held firm and, when all else failed, Tim was spectacular in net. It got to the point where multiple fans in the scorers box were actively rooting for the green team due to the insane performance being put on by their netminder…in OT both teams had chances but Spencer as able to bury one from the right faceoff dot and send his team home with a hard earned two points…at the time, Probie was thought to be out with a season ending foot injury. Thankfully for his team and for ball hockey fans everywhere, those fears proved to be premature as he was able to escape with a simple bone bruise…the victory moves the Hippos into 6th and within a win of the first round bye that comes with a 4th place finish. The Kids Club would have to wait another week for their first victory of the season but showed a ton of heart in picking up their first point of the year sans D5’s all time leading scorer.

3rd – Hicks (1G, 1A)
2nd – Spencer Rabin (2G)
1st – Tim Burke (3 GA)

Purple Parrots vs Chosen 1s

3rd Period:
PAR (1-0) – Mike Tarnow (1) (assisted by LJ) (10:25)
CHO (1-1) – Jeff (7) (assisted by Becca) (10:51)
PAR (2-1) – Mike Goose (2) (assisted by Nate) (11:41)

GAME NOTES: In what was supposed to be the first game of the evening, but ended up being the only game of the evening, the Parrots took the team charter to Tel Aviv to face the Chosen 1s who found out before the game that they would likely be without the services of Joe P for the remainder of the season…the first two periods were scoreless as both goalies were spectacular and both teams were content to play a more conservative game. Ultimately, the floodgates opened late in the 3rd period. With 2:35 remaining in the game Mike Tarnow broke through for his first goal of the season assisted by LJ. Just 26 seconds after that, Jeff made the people who bet on him to score this game very happy as he tied the game at 1. It looked like we were going to head to overtime but Mike Goose, who had previously gotten pissed when someone on the other team had called for a pass when he had the ball, got the last laugh as he buried it with 1:19 remaining. I’m pretty sure his son and father were in attendance; either that or he was shooting around with a random neighborhood older dude and kid before his game…unfortunately, the rest of the evening’s game were not to be as halfway through the next match it started to rain with Cup Size holding a 3-1 lead over the Goonies and 6:03 to play in the 2nd period. Jenn was denied the possibility of scoring the upset, but was at least able to make it to the bar and see her Bruins defeat the Maple Leafs in game 7 yet again. At least they gave them a quick death this time around.

3rd – Jeff (1G)
2nd – Mike Goose (GWG)
1st – Campbell (1 GA)

Rainy Day Kids Club vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

2nd Period:
KID (1-0) – Christian (1) (assisted by Probie) (3:14)
KID (2-0) – Scott Metz (2) (assisted by Matt Russo) (4:00)
3rd Period:
KID (3-0) – Probie (4) (assisted by Christian) (1:07)
KID (4-0) – Scott Metz (3) (assisted by Probie) (8:31)
CUP (1-4) – Rachel Longley (2) (assisted by Justin) (12:55)

GAME NOTES: With Probie back in action, the Kids Club looked energized throughout this match as they would upset the preseason title favorite with a rousing 4-1 victory…Christian got the scoring started early in the 1st and was a force throughout, showing green how much they missed him and Russo early in the season…Scott Metz put in the 2nd goal on a partial breakaway and salted the game away late in the 3rd as he picked up a ball that Casca was about to cover and slid it into the net. Cup Size scored with seconds remaining to deny Zisser the shutout, but he was excellent in a relief appearance…Jenn was gallivanting around Portugal, leading Cup Size to use Becca for this game…with the victory, the Kids Club is only two points back of the 7th place Chosen 1s with two games in hand and could even finish as high as 4th if they win their three remaining games. Their next game is against the 7th place Chosen 1s.

3rd – Scott Metz (2G)
2nd – Zisser (1 GA)
1st – Probie (1G, 2A)

Chosen 1s vs Winter Is Coming

1st Period:
WIN (1-0) – Adam Herman (2) (assisted by Morgen) (4:30)
CHO (1-1) – Brad (3) (assisted by Becca) (7:20)
WIN (2-1) – Tyler (2) (assisted by Mike Mincieli) (8:20)
2nd Period:
WIN (3-1) – Jacob (1) (assisted by Tyler) (6:20)
WIN (4-1) – Tyler (2) (assisted by Nico) (9:00)
WIN (5-1) – Jacob (2) (assisted by AFrey) (11:40)
3rd Period:
WIN (6-1) – Jacob (3) (assisted by Adam Herman) (10:00)

GAME NOTES: With both lineups utterly decimated, it was an endurance contest out there. Winter started the game with 4 guys and two showed up during the game, while the Chosen 1s had 5 and went down to 4 when their sub mysteriously left after the 2nd period. Luke, Josh Rosen, Jeremy and Eli were among the missing for the blue team while orange was without the services of Jeff, Joe P, Riegler and Glanzer…Adam Herman got the scoring started midway through the 1st with Morgen getting the assist in a rare relief appearance while Nico was stuck on the train. Considering she only played one period, her points/60 were through the roof…Brad evened the score for his team when he charged in for a breakaway and buried a shot low past Zisser…Winter was able to respond with a tic-tac-toe passing play as Alex broke it out and passed to Mike, who threw it across to Tyler for a one time touch goal past the outstretched Dave GDR. Dave was fantastic in one period of relief play for Dave Greenwald, who showed up shortly before the start of the 2nd…free agent Jacob, who I met at a club a few weeks ago, finally scored in his third game as a free agent, then buried two more for good measure. It was, not coincidentally, his first game playing with a new stick…with the victory, Winter temporarily moved into 2nd place although the Parrots victory on Friday would drop them back to 3rd. The two teams are locked in a battle for the 2nd seed, with Tuesdays showdown looking like it could determine who gets to sit out the first week of the playoffs.

3rd – Kelsey (elite defensive play)
2nd – Tyler Becker (2G, 1A)
1st – Jacob (3G)

Purple Parrots vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Hicks (6) (assisted by Jack) (0:30)
PAR (1-1) – Dave Holland (1) (assisted by Nate) (10:40)
2nd Period:
HIP (2-1) – Jack (2) (unassisted) (5:10)
HIP (3-1) – Spencer (4) (assisted by Jack) (9:15)
3rd Period:
PAR (2-3) – Dave Holland (2) (assisted by Mike Goose) (0:43)
PAR (3-3) – Mike Goose (3) (assisted by Dave Holland) (3:30)
PAR (4-3) – Stu (4) (assisted by Mike Tarnow) (4:34)
HIP (4-4) – Courtney (1) (assisted by Sarah) (10:46)
HIP (5-4) – Jack (3) (assisted by Ariel) (3:12)

GAME NOTES: The Parrots came into this game having allowed only five goals all season, but what was expected to be a low scoring game turned into a shootout…Hicks scored early in the 1st before Dave Holland evened the score for the Parrots…the Hippos built a 3-1 lead off goals from Jack (in a sterling four point effort) and Spencer, but the Parrots shocked the Meatbox and his minions with three straight goals in the 3rd to take a 4-3 lead. Undeterred, Sarah set up Courtney in front with a little over two minutes remaining to tie the game at 4 and send it to OT…in the overtime, the Parrots struggled to gain possession as the Hippos passed it around to perfection. After Campbell stoned Jack alone in front, it was Jack and Ariel breaking in on a 2 on 1 down low. Jack buried the feed just under the top of the netting and with that, the Hippos got their biggest win of the season and moved into a tie with Cup Size.

3rd – Ariel (1A)
2nd – Dave Holland (2G, 1A)
1st – Jack (2G, 2A)

Goonies vs The Charging Cheetahs

2nd Period:
GOO (1-0) – Kevin (4) (assisted by Michelle) (8:02)
3rd Period:
GOO (2-0) – Zach Fein (2) (assisted by Kevin) (2:18)
GOO (3-0) – Sean Fleming (3) (unassisted) (10:59)

GAME NOTES: Thus far this season the Goonies have been a force but the speed of the Cheetahs gave them problems in this one. Thankfully everyone on this team wears a bandana during gameplay and it seems to be energizing them in some strange way…a scoreless first period saw the Cheetahs surprisingly carrying large portions of the play, but the Goonies employing a strong bend-don’t-break defense in front of Eitan. The Cheetahs were true to their name and ran all over the court, even with Sully wandering around Portugal…late in the 2nd period, Kevin got the scoring started as he converted a feed from Michelle for a toe-drag goal in front. He would get an assist early in the 3rd on a goal by Zach Fein and though the Cheetahs continued to press for the tying goal, they were unable to break through. Fleming iced the game late for the Goonies as he scored an unassisted goal with just over two minutes left…the win all but clinched at least a #4 seed for the Goonies and with it a bye through the play-in round. They still have three games left and are likely to add to their already considerable point total.

3rd – Sean Fleming (1G)
2nd – Kevin (1G, 1A)
1st – Eitan (W, SO)

The Charging Cheetahs vs Purple Parrots

1st Period:
CHA (1-0) – Roberts (4) (assisted by Sweet Baby James) (4:13)
PAR (1-1) – Stu (5) (assisted by Tarnow) (11:20)
2nd Period:
CHA (2-1) – Danny Swersky (2) (assisted by Liz) (7:00)
PAR (2-2) – Tarnow (2) (assisted by Julie) (8:02)
3rd Period:
CHA (3-2) – Matt Kolakowski (2) (assisted by Liz) (11:58)

GAME NOTES: With both teams playing in their second game of the evening, one could expect the action to be a bit slower than usual. Instead, both teams were warmed up and played a fast-paced, physical but clean game that came down to the final minutes…Roberts got the scoring started on a beautifully executed 2 on 1 with SBJ…Stu tied the game when he ran past the defense to pick up a Tarnow pass and one-handed the ball past an outstretched deLacy into the far corner…Liz took a ball to the face and was worried about a presentation she had to give the next day, but proceeded to pick up two assists on the Cheetahs last two goals. Maybe she should get injured more often…the Parrots dropped a heartbreaker here and fell to 3rd place after the game. The Cheetahs passed Cup Size to take possession of 4th, although they’ve played one more game than the black team.

3rd – Tarnow (1G, 1A)
2nd – Matt K (GWG)
1st – Liz (2A)

Hungry Hippos vs Purple Parrots

1st Period:
PAR (1-0) – Lee (1) (assisted by Julie) (9:00)
2nd Period:
PAR (2-0) – Mike Tarnow (3) (assisted by Nate) (7:00)
HIP (1-2) – Spencer (5) (assisted by Cheeky) (8:02)
PAR (3-1) – Julie (1) (assisted by Henry) (12:01)
PAR (4-1) – Stu (6) (assisted by Tarnow) (12:28)
3rd Period:
HIP (2-4) – Quincy (1) (assisted by Ariel) (2:32)
PAR (5-2) – Julie (2) (assisted by Lee) (7:58)
HIP (3-5) – Cheeky (1) (unassisted) (10:33)
PAR (6-3) – Dave Holland (3) (EN) (unassisted) (11:42)
HIP (4-6) – Hicks (7) (assisted by Ariel) (12:39)

GAME NOTES: Makeup night began half an hour late due to Dave GDR being caught in traffic. Despite that, fans who stuck around through the delay were treated to an exciting, high scoring matchup…in six games against non-Hippo teams, the Parrots have given up 11 total goals. In two games against the Hippos they’ve given up nine goals. Matchups are an incredible thing…this game was extremely tight until the Parrots buried two goals in the final minute of the 2nd period to take the game from 2-1 to 4-1 right before the break. Although the Hippos continued to claw back and lower the deficit to two goals, they were never able to make it any closer than that…Stu is a good player, but it appears as of late that he only scores when Tarnow passes to him. If the two of them made a buddy comedy, I’d pay to see it…with the loss, the Hippos remain in 6th place, although they are tied in points with the 5th place Cup Size. The Parrots move into 2nd with the victory.

3rd – Ariel (2A)
2nd – Tarnow (1G, 1A)
1st – Julie (2G, 1A)

Goonies vs Purple Parrots

3rd Period:
GOO (1-0) – Cherie (2) (assisted by Rob Meehan) (8:02)
PAR (1-1) – Tarnow (4) (assisted by Erica) (11:13)
Shootout Winner by Shirtless Rob Meehan

GAME NOTES: A tightly contested defensive struggle with some late game controversy wrapped up our Friday evening slate…after two periods where the Goonies had the edge in play but the Parrots held firm in front of Campbell and created some opportunities through strong transition play, Cherie finally broke through for her team with a little less than five minutes left in the game…with the Parrots under two minutes left and the goalie pulled, Erica pulled up for a shot from the red line that Tarnow buried a rebound of. Cries rang out from the white bench for a high windup on the shot but neither referee could definitively say that there was an egregious windup. With no video present, the call on the ice stood and the Parrots got the tying goal to force OT…as he was in regulation, Campbell was outstanding in overtime as he robbed several Goonies shooters of the potential game winner. On the other end, Eitan stood firm as well and thus we moved on to a shootout…in the shootout, the only scorer was Rob Meehan who took a shot that bounced up in the air and fell back down into the net. This time it was the purple team who complained that he ran into the net after the attempt but the refs ruled that the ball was already in and any contact he made with the net did not affect the ball’s trajectory or the goaltenders ability to play the ball. Campbell stopped Cherie and Mike but Eitan stopped all three Parrots shooters and with that, the Goonies remained undefeated on the season…the Goonies can clinch first with a regulation win in either of their two remaining games, or by taking both games to OT and winning at least one of them (they need 3 points). The Parrots are currently in 2nd but are only three points up on Winter Is Coming with two more games played. Their final game of the season is against that very team tomorrow night (weather permitting, as always).

3rd – Eitan (1 GA)
2nd – Rob Meehan (1A, SO Winner)
1st – Campbell (1 GA)

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