Week 9 Betting Lines (Spring 2019)

Chosen 1s (-110)
Rainy Day Kids Club (-130)
Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

The Pick: In what looks to be our second to last week of action due to bullshit rain makeups, there are implications abound for many of these games. The Kids Club can guarantee they are out of the basement with a victory in this game as that will end the Chosen 1s season and prevent them from getting any further points while the Kids Club would pass them and still have two games left to play during the rain makeups. Incredibly, despite a very shaky start to the season due to attendance issues, they can still climb as high as 4th place and get themselves a play-in bye. The Chosen 1s picked up some impressive wins early in the year but have faltered as of late and will be in a world of hurt if team captain and defending league scoring champion Jeff is still hurting from his recent hernia. Joe P is also injured, potentially for the rest of the season, while Rich is loathe to leave his Ronkonkoma condo for any reason. Bet on the Kids Club to keep on rolling.

The Charging Cheetahs (-105)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (-135)
Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

The Pick: Two teams with an outside chance at 2nd place face off in the second game of the night. The winner of this game will need to win their remaining games and get some help from the Hippos and Kids Club in beating Winter Is Coming. Cup Size has a great chance of picking up a ton of points tonight as, in addition to this game, they will complete their matchup against the first place Goonies where they hold a 3-1 lead. Two regulation wins would give them 14 points which, coupled with a Winter victory over the Parrots, would put them just one point back of 2nd. The Cheetahs, if they win out, could finish with up to 16 points. They’ll both need a lot of help to pass the purple and blue teams and move up to 2nd, but the winner of this game definitely has the inside track on getting 4th place and with it, a play-in bye. With SBJ looking like he’s good to go, this game is approaching toss-up status as Cup Size will look to control the game with experience while the Cheetahs will try to win with speed. Over looks juicy.

My Cup Size Is Stanley (-250)
Goonies (+190)
Over 6.0 (-130)
Under 6.0 (-110)

The Pick: The Goonies haven’t lost a game all season but will have that severely tested in this contest as we wrap up the end of the week 7 showdown that was paused halfway through with Cup Size up 3-1 on two goals from Gene and 6:03 left in the 2nd period. It was truly a blessing as the Goonies were for once being outplayed. With a few weeks to recover and lick their wounds, they should be good to go for tonight. Cup Size will have to stand tall in the face of what will probably be an immediate onslaught by the white team. It’s a tempting line but like most in-games, with only half the game left to play and one team up two goals, this is for the real sickos only.

Goonies (-160)
Hungry Hippos (+120)
Over 5.5 (-125)
Under 5.5 (-115)

The Pick: The Goonies will look to end the season strong with a victory to clinch the #1 overall seed against the Hippos. Cherie’s squad had held the top spot wire-to-wire this season but she’ll have her hands full with fellow Reeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaabsssss Sena and Hicks along with the surging scoring totals of Cobra Jack and the always reliable defense of Ariel. Sebastian’s hamstring is going to be a major question mark for this team heading into the playoffs and with the Goonies mostly at full strength (missing league leading scorer Derek but with Mike T subbing in for him), odds are the Goonies finish up their season with a victory and a well-deserved top seed.

Winter Is Coming (-120)
Purple Parrots (-120)
Over 5.5 (-110)
Under 5.5 (-130)

The Pick: The final game of the evening (assuming we make it that far) sees a showdown for 2nd place as the Parrots take on Winter Is Coming, who are three points back but hold two games in hand over purple. A regulation win for blue would eliminate the Parrots from #2 seed contention as Winter would hold the 2nd tiebreaker of total wins, but they would still need to win another game to hold off Cup Size and/or the Cheetahs. Campbell is in but Henry and Karp are missing while Luke is a GTD, Nico is out and Josh/Jeremy remain out with various maladies. Zisser will be playing his third game of the day so it’s also a toss-up whether he’ll be utterly exhausted or fully warmed up and in the zone. With so much on the line and so much up in the air, this game is a true toss-up. Even the over/under could go either way as the Parrots, aside from two Hippos game, have been super stingy while Team Coming has been the highest scoring team in the league this season. For the real degenerates only.


Who Will Score More Points? (Must Play For Action)
Jeff (-110)
Probie (-130)

Who Will Score More Points? (Must Play For Action)
Gabe (-120)
Sweet Baby James (-120)

Who Will Score More Points? (Must Play For Action)
Cherie (-115)
Hicks (-125)

Who Will Score More Points? (Must Play For Action)
Ariel (-130)
Sean Fleming (-110)

Who Will Score More Points? (Must Play For Action)
AFrey (+110)
Stu (-150)

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