Championship Week Betting Lines (Spring 2019)

My Cup Size Is Stanley (-120)
Over 5.5 (-130)
Under 5.5 (-110)

The Pick: These teams first met on April 23, when they played out the first period and a half but had to halt due to rain. It wasn’t too bad; we got to go watch Leafs-Bruins Game 7, and in retrospect that Toronto game 7 loss doesn’t look quite as embarrassing does it? When the teams returned to finish out the game, Cup Size held on to win 5-3 and at one point in the 3rd led by as much as 5-1. There aren’t a lot of teams who can hang with the Goonies explosive mix of talent up front, as their league best 5-2-0-2 regular season record demonstrated, but Cup Size, with Gabe and Hogg manning the points and Andrea/DRo/Gene leading the charge up front, has the horses to match the Goonies all the way. Gene will unfortunately be out of action for the semis and championship, but it’s not all roses for the white team as they’ll be missing Fleming, hammered at his bachelor party in New Orleans, and Kevin, hammered probably somewhere in Midtown. The key matchup in this game will be the explosive firepower of Cherie and Derek up front for white against the twin towers of Gabe and Hogg in back. They’re two of the top defenders in the league but struggled mightily to contain Jeff and co in the opening game against the 8th seeded Chosen 1s. Gabe was missing for their first two goals, though, and has an impressive seven goals in three D5 playoff games. The Goonies’ lone other loss this season was to the Hippos to whom they gave up seven goals, even without Hicks, and could not handle the point pressure and perimeter passing of a disciplined Hippos squad. If the Cup Size D can similarly control the game, watch out. It’s tough to bet against the #1 seed, but I might just have to do it in this one. Bet on black.

Hungry Hippos (+105)
Purple Parrots
Over 5.5 (-105)
Under 5.5 (-135)

The Pick: These two teams met on May 3 as the normally defensive stout Parrots won a surprisingly high scoring shootout against the Hippos. This is a much tougher and battle hardened Hippos team, having now won six of their last seven games, but they’ll have to do battle on this night without their top draft pick and spiritual leader Ariel, out of town for his second straight D5 championship. He recently lamented to me over some fried chicken that he takes a business trip twice a year, and somehow it keeps falling during the playoffs. The Hippos have the talent up front to win without him, but it won’t be easy. They have the best three lady rotation in the playoffs with Sena Courtney and Sarah splitting time and Hicks/Jack/Spencer supplying the offensive firepower, but will it be enough to overcome a lightning quick Parrots squad with grit and defense to spare? The Parrots also have the benefit of being the only team without any key personnel out of town this week, save of course for team captain and first round pick Campbell. Tim Burke will fill in in this game; if they win, I’m told Friday’s goalie Tim K will be in for the finals. Getting by the Hippos won’t be an easy task, but if there’s one type of team that can exploit a shorthanded roster it’s a team with speed and numbers to run all game. If Ariel was in town it’d be closer to a pick-em; as it stands, the Parrots look to be the bet here to make it to their first finals in franchise history.

HIP/PAR Winner (-105)
CUP/GOO Winner
Over 5.0 (-120)
Under 5.0 (-120)

The Pick: Ah another line on a game in which we don’t know which teams will participate. The Hippos would be a major underdog sans Ariel against either team, while the Parrots would be a very slight underdog. Either the Goonies or Cup Size would be favored to win the matchup, but neither are a sure thing. That’s about all I can say about this line without knowing anything else. Enjoy, James. And even if your team is eliminated, meet us at Dorrian’s around 10:30-11:00 for the end of season party and awards! See you tonight.

BONUS PROP: Who Will Score The Most Points Tonight? (tiebreaker is goals)
Gabe (+130)
Derek (+150)
Cherie (+175)
Hicks (+230)

Tarnow (+260)
Stu (+280)
Jack (+300)
Hogg (+300)

Julie (+400)

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