Week 4 Betting Lines (Summer 2019)

The Bayside Tigers (-135)
Stud Puffins (-105)
Over 5.5 (-110)
Under 5.5 (-130)

Notes: Each team has just one of their regular ladies (Kelsey and Michelle) available on this holiday week, so subbing in place will be basically all the women from the 7:25 game: Carlin and Jo for the Tigers, Andrea and Annie for the Puffins. The Puffins have most of their lineup in action while the blue team is missing a bunch of guys but will have Gabe back from China and presumably ready to party. McQuade was ready to party last Sunday, however, with a stirring video that seemed destined for eternal internet fame before the goal was called off, much to the chagrin of hockey fans and beer bong aficiandos alike. Both teams are currently sitting on the wrong side of .500 and badly need a win, but with a lineup finally resembling their normal squad (minus the female-pocalypse), look for blue to overcome’s orange edge in speed and pick up their first victory of the season.

The Charging Cheetahs (-120)
Green Street Hooligans (-120)
Over 5.5 (-125)
Under 5.5 (-115)

Notes: Green is missing a ton of players as Probie, Pags, Joey, Rezzie, Jon, Rachel, Ines and Hill are all out of action. Jake and Jason of LBS fame will sub for green along with whatever subs I can scrape together last minute. On the bright side, Jeff Green is back from a minor vehicular injury; on the not-so-bright-side, they will face a young and hungry Cheetahs squad that currently sits in third place with two rookie of the year contenders and Derek/Neil yet to start scoring. The Hooligans have been the class of the league to start the season (sorry Hicks), but may have some issues in this one. A true toss-up for gambling addicts only (step right up SBJ).

My Cup Size Is Stanley (-115)
Goonies (-125)

Over 5.5 (-110)
Under 5.5 (-130)

Notes: Goonies are missing Rockoff, Amitai, Joe and Jeff. In their place will be Jason of the LBS and probably one other last minute sub, unknown at the time of this writing. Cup Size will be missing James, Justin, Tyler and Meg but this rematch of last season’s semifinal matchup will depend on if Ariel can control the game against a dangerous white team filled with shooters. I’m not going to spend too much time thinking about it because the weather report is currently 50/50 if this game is even being played tonight so let’s just say that he won’t and hope that doesn’t pump him up too much.

Cleveland Monsters (-105)

Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

Notes: The final game of the evening sees the preseason favorites from Cleveland face the current first place team hailing from Ronkonkoma. The Condo’s will be using Mikey “The Punisher” Marron along with another Ronkonkoma family connection, Gardie of Herr-nation. The Monsters will be missing Julie, Hogg and Russo. Russo in particular would have loved to play this game if for no other reason than the post-draft rosters were leaked to him and he was on the yellow team; once official rosters were released the next day, however, it was apparent that he had been traded for various family members of Condo owners. There will be no revenge game on this day but it will mark Jack’s first game against the franchise with whom he won rookie of the year, and that’s gotta make him backcheck more than his usual amount, which is very little. The Monsters still look like one of the top teams in the league to me, but you’ve gotta give the CONDO’S the respect a 2-0 team with a +7 goal differential deserves. Homeowners keep on rolling.

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