Summer 2019 Prop Bets (Reg Season Review + Playoff Lines)

District Five Championship (PRESEASON LINE)
Cleveland Monsters (+200)
Green Street Hooligans (+220)
The Bayside Tigers (+220)
The Slashing Pumpkins (+240)
Goonies (+260)
The Charging Cheetahs (+260)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (+280)

Comments: Parts of this line are ok (Hooligans at #2, Cup Size near the bottom) but my god, was I too high on the Monster and the Tigers. Maybe as a defender I personally overvalued defense (very possible)…maybe I just valued teams with a bunch of my friends/lovers on them…maybe I was just high. Whatever the case, this is one of the weaker championship lines in recent memory although the Hooligans are indeed legit. The Goonies made a late push to slide into the two spot and pick up a double-bye, moving them way up in the power rankings. Overall, it’s yet another example of how difficult it is to predict a sport like hockey, especially when you have over 30 rookies in a season.

District Five Championship (CURRENT LINE)
Green Street Hooligans (+165)
Goonies (+200)
The Charging Cheetahs (+270)
Stud Puffins (+270)
Cleveland Monsters (+270)
The Bayside Tigers (+315)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (+400)

District Five Scoring Title (PRESEASON LINE)
Probie (+140)
Derek (+170)
Jack McGinty (+210)
Yetter (+250)
Hicks (+300)
Ariel (+300)
SBJ (+320)
Cherie (+350)
Hogg (+350)
Olivier (+430)
Gabe (+500)
Mike Tarnow (+800)
Field (+300)

Comments: Probie and Derek simply missed too many games to make a serious run at this award, making Glanzer very sad. It wasn’t a bad season for either of them however; Derek was #2 in points per game among players who played at least two games and both still ranked top 11, with Probie no doubt happy to be captaining the #1 team after two straight first round eliminations. Hicks had this on lock with his only competition being his linemate Cheeky. The scoring was very strong in Ronkonkoma this season. Action out of the Cup Size camp was coming in on their boy Tarnow and he was in the top three all season but just couldn’t get over the Ronkonkoma hump.

District Five Playoff Scoring Title (CURRENT LINE)
Hicks (+170)
Derek (+200)
SBJ (+220)
Probie (+220)
Jack McGinty (+250)
Yetter (+250)
Gabe (+250)
Ariel (+320)
Cheeky (+350)
Cherie (+360)
Field (+200)

District Five Ladies’ Scoring Title (PRESEASON LINE)
Cherie (-145)
Julie Katz (+120)
Megan Fortier (+180)
Cheeky (+200)
Sena (+250)
Marcella (+280)
Carlin (+300)
Andrea (+350)
Courtney (+350)
Field (+300)

Comments: Cherie spent most of her season playing defense but still finished 2nd for this one. Cheeky, whose odds skyrocketed once it was found that she’d be playing forward this season, won it in record-setting fashion, scoring the most points by a female player in league history. In general the top five scorers were in the top six in odds so not too bad.

Ladies’ Playoff Scoring Title (CURRENT LINE)
Cheeky (+110)
Cherie (+130)
Meg (+180)
Julie (+270)
Marcella (+270)
Field (+250)

Tim K (EVEN)
Mike Zisser (+130)
Max Moskowitz (+175)
Tim Burke (+175)
Field (+160)

Comments: For the second straight season the winner was a rookie goalie on the #1 defensive team, giving the victory to the field. No one had seen Jeff play until this season but he showed that Canada still owns our soul at hockey as he easily won the top GAA award. deLacy took the field and while he himself didn’t bring it home, his goalie brother did and that’s all that counts. Jeff is out for the playoffs, however, driving cross-country to burning man, making this a wide-open race.

Lowest Playoff GAA (CURRENT LINE) (must start at least one game for action)
Max Moskowitz (+135)
Zak Casca (+170)
Tim K (+170)
Field (-140)

How Many Games Will Go To OT? (PRESEASON LINE)
Over 9.5 (-130)
Under 9.5 (-110)

Comments: After the Fall season saw seven OT games and the Spring saw 10, a line of 9.5 seemed reasonable with the parity seemingly increasing each season. We ended up with eight which hit the under and was right within range. No one took this line so it doesn’t really matter.

How Many Playoff Games Will Go To OT? (CURRENT LINE)
Over 2.0 (-130)
Under 2.0 (-110)

How Many Games Will Not Be Completed On Schedule? (PRESEASON LINE)
Over 8.0 (-120)
Under 8.0 (-120)

Comments: Only one person took this line and he took the under. After a full four game rainout in week two it appeared we would have a spring full of screwjobs from the weather gods yet again. However, a single game rainout in week bumped us up to five and we didn’t have any further rain fears until one game was completed and the rest of the schedule was scrapped in week 8, giving him a push and demonstrating that our luck is possibly improving and our odds-making department is pretty solid.

How Many Playoff Games Will Not Be Completed On Schedule? (CURRENT LINE)
Over 3.0 (+250)
Under 3.0 (-400)

Over 211.5 (-120)
Under 211.5 (-120)

Comments: After 211 goals were scored in the spring and 236 the previous fall, this season saw goals land right in the middle at 221, just hitting the over. Sharps should have been on this over as while we didn’t extend the game clock this season, adding stoppages for icings and penalties did de facto add an average of like two minutes per game. That equates to about 5% of the game time which, added to 211 goals from last season, comes out to an additional 10.5 goals over the course of the season, which is basically exactly what happened. Hooray math!

Grand Salami (CURRENT LINE)
Over 40.5 (-110)
Under 40.5 (-130)

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