Week 3 Box Scores (Spring 2022)

Green Street Hooligans vs The Blue Balls Of Sex

2nd Period:
SEX (1-0) – Alex (1) (assisted by Ariel) (7:17)
GSH (1-1) – Westley (3) (assisted by Amanda) (13:36)
3rd Period:
GSH (2-1) – Westley (4) (assisted by Kevin) (4:32)
GSH (3-1) – Westley (5) (unassisted) (13:46)

GAME NOTES: Casca straight up channeled 90s era Dominik Hasek in this one, making a number of absurd saves throughout including a diving stop on Ariel with less than 3 minutes left in the game…Meg got the start in net for blue and made a couple great saves of her own including a diving one on a Probert rebound to keep the score 0-0…Westley picked up a hat trick and, at the moment, currently leads the league in scoring…green picked up a huge win in this one despite, as one of their players told me, being outshot approximately 200-6. Casca showed why he was last year’s Vezina winner and one of the frontrunners for this season’s award…with the win, green moves into 2nd place in the standings on the basis of goal differential and will look to keep their momentum going with a Tuesday night doubleheader against Cup Size and The Grapes. Blue will look to get back on track in a possible championship preview against the 1st place Goaldiggers.

3rd – Amanda (1A)
2nd – Wes (3G)
1st – Casca (1 GA)

East River Kraken vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Scott Metz (1) (assisted by Reape) (2:33)
KRAK (1-1) – Braun (1) (assisted by Ramy) (6:30)
KRAK (2-1) – Jared (2) (assisted by Rockoff) (8:31)
CUP (2-2) – Shelly (2) (assisted by Matt Torino) (13:51)
2nd Period:
CUP (3-2) – Cherie (1) (assisted by Sean Gavin) (1:23)
3rd Period:
CUP (4-2) – Cherie (2) (unassisted) (6:59)
KRAK (3-4) – Ramy (1) (assisted by Braun) (8:31)
KRAK (4-4) – Ramy (2) (assisted by Danilo) (13:56)
CUP (5-4) – Cherie (3) (assisted by Shelly) (4:58)

GAME NOTES: A wild game as black and camo traded blows all night with 9 goals, over 30 penalty minutes, two ejections and action all over the rink. After the Kraken rallied from a two goal deficit with two late goals from player/agent Ramy, Cherie completed her hat trick in overtime off a great fake shot / pass from Shelly to give black their first victory of the season…Jeff Oberg missed this contest and league insider Sylvester speculates that he is holding out for a trade. Fans will no doubt have plenty of questions for him on Friday night…the win moves Cup Size from 9th to 7th in the standings and they will face a stiff test vs Probert and the Hooligans on Tuesday. Kraken will look to rebound Friday with an even stiffer test as they face the 1st place Goaldiggers.

3rd – Shelly (1G, 1A)
2nd – Ramy (2G, 1A)
1st – Cherie (3G)

Royals vs The Goaldiggers

1st Period:
DIG (1-0) – Tarnow (1) (assisted by Guido) (1:02)
DIG (2-0) – Guido (1) (assisted by Jake Kolenberg) (7:01)
DIG (3-0) – Adam Satok (1) (unassisted) (9:09)
2nd Period:
DIG (4-0) – Mike Stern (1) (assisted by Miles) (13:39)
3rd Period:
DIG (5-0) – Mike Stern (2) (assisted by Tarnow) (12:34)
ROY (1-5) – Angry Derek (2) (unassisted) (13:07)
DIG (6-1) – Adam Satok (2) (assisted by Brett Cantor) (13:54)

GAME NOTES: This was expected to be a close game between two of the top teams this season; instead, this was a Goaldiggers romp from start to finish as they scored on their first shift and continued to do so for much of the evening…balanced scoring has finally reached Goaldiggerland as Guido/Tarnow had two points each, but Stern/Satok each had two goals while Miles is the leading point scorer on the team two games in. Their regular season projections are the best in the league but championship odds lag behind a bit because Miles is supposed to miss both playoff weeks. A legit 1st/2nd round talent who fell to the 4th, getting him in the lineup for secondary scoring has revitalized this franchise…Derek got angry in the 3rd and scored one of his classic Angry Derek goals where he just bulls through a defense singlehandedly and scores through sheer force of will. Sexy stuff…the victory moves the Goaldiggers into 1st place with an impressive 9 goals scored and only 2 allowed on the season. The Royals fall to 5th but did drop two great nuggets after the loss:

“We’re a warm weather team.”
– Pags

“I guess orange is the new black.”
– Zisser

3rd – Hogg (1 GA)
2nd – Adam Satok (2G)
1st – Mike Stern (2G)

The Grapes vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Neil (3) (assisted by Jon Herman) (2:40)
GRP (1-1) – Josh (1) (assisted by Maurice) (6:45)
GRP (2-1) – Seth Cantor (1) (assisted by Maurice) (8:01)
2nd Period:
GRP (3-1) – Steve Rys (1) (unassisted) (1:25)
GRP (4-1) – Jack (2) (assisted by AK) (8:17)
HIP (2-4) – Mel (1) (unassisted) (11:04)
3rd Period:
GRP (5-2) – AK (3) (assisted by Jack) (3:50)
HIP (3-5) – Robyn (2) (unassisted) (11:37)

GAME NOTES: The final game of the evening saw few fans sticking around in the stands with temperatures reaching the high 20s but huge records on the livestream to witness the latest chapter in the yellow/purple rivalry…after Neil put the Hippos ahead early, the Grapes took control of this contest, perhaps inspired by Jack’s Instagram guarantee. The scored four straight and although Mel and Robyn got them within two, they weren’t able to close the gap and thus gave the Grapes their first regulation victory of the season…this game saw the first appearance of the highly touted defensebox who did a pretty good job back there for someone who generally never even sets foot in the defensive zone…the Grapes will play a doubleheader Tuesday against two top teams, the Royals and Hooligans, while the Hippos will play Friday night against Cup Size, fresh off their first victory, in a rematch of week one’s 8-2 beatdown.

3rd – Maurice (2A)
2nd – AK (1G, 1A)
1st – Jack (1G, 1A)

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