Week 8 Betting Lines (Spring 2022)

The Goaldiggers (-250)
Mavericks (+180)
The Goaldiggers (-2.0 Goals) (-120)
Mavericks (+2.0 Goals) (-120)
Over 7.0 (-130)
Under 7.0 (-110)

Notes: At long last it appears the Mavericks have most of their lineup showing up! Wait, does that mean 3rd round Jack is actually answering emails and/or playing? Well, no, but they will finally have Ludwig back which should help – the guys played one game and tied a league record with 4 assists. Sadly though their matchup will be with the 1st place Goaldiggers who will be without Tash (sub TBD) but otherwise should have most of their lineup in tow. They’ve been dominating teams to the tune of a +20 goal differential and there’s been some unexpected shit talk between Tarnow and Ryann on some of these captains threads so this game should be spicier than it generally looks on paper when the top team in the standings played the bottom team. I still believe the Mavericks are a great team if they can ever get everyone to show up, but as the season moves along and that day never seems to come, they fall further and further back in the standings. Cup Size is a point clear of them in the standings while the Mavericks have a game in hand. After tonight, Cup Size will have the game in hand. Red will do all they can to bank some points tonight. I just don’t think it’s going to be in this one. Goaldiggers keep on rolling in a relatively tight game.

East River Kraken (-120)
Hungry Hippos (-120)
Over 8.0 (-105)
Under 8.0 (-135)

Notes: If you’re the kind of person who likes to gamble on such lines as first basket of the game, will there be a goal in the first 5 minutes or the Super Bowl coin toss, boy do I have a game for you. 8 skaters per team for a little Friday night 4v4 action, many of them subs. Let’s take a quick look at these hilarious lineups:

Cat Tremble
Steve Friedman (G)

Sam (sub that no one has met)
Nicole H
Chris B

Throw past records, goal differential, season series, throw it all out the window as I genuinely have no clue how this one will play out. Honestly, these rosters do look pretty even so should be a competitive game but I’m not really sure how to pick a winner, especially with the possible return of defensebox. Also no idea how to handicap an over/under in a game where both teams will likely struggle to find consistent scoring, but it’s also 4 on 4 which is inherently more wide open. Kind of feel like this total improbably goes under and traps the public who is sure to bet the over but who the hell knows. One thing I have been promised is that the players in this game will be horny, and I’m not really sure what to make of that prediction/threat. Might have to go to Dorrians just so everyone at least keeps their pants on at the rink.

Mavericks (+200)
The Grapes (-300)
Mavericks (+2.0 Goals) (-105)
The Grapes (-2.0 Goals) (-135)
Over 7.0 (-110)
Under 7.0 (-130)

Notes: As with much of the season, the Mavericks just can’t catch a break as Ludwig is in for game one but will not be present for this one. Meg will (probably) get in this one along with one more sub to be named later as, with Jack in Florida scoping out retirement homes and thus out of town for this one, subs were approved by apparent interim captain AK (I thought it was supposed to be Kev but who knows) in exchange for having Tim K in goal for purple. Otherwise The Grapes will be icing a lineup with AK, Kev, Mo, Rys, Wagner, Mikey, Tony, Nikki and Dana of the Hooligans subbing in while red will probably show up with their standard motley crew short bench and illegally parked goaltender. On a somewhat related note the trade deadline is tomorrow afternoon at 3 PM. Midseason trades are notoriously difficult to pull off unless they include Adam Herman but this is teams’ official last chance to retool their roster before the playoff push. Grapes are pushing for a top two seed and consequent bye directly into the final four while the Mavericks hope to avoid the ignominy of being the first team to miss the playoffs. Both teams will be desperate for points but I have to give the edge to The Grapes in this one and am taking them to close out the night by covering the spread. Also the over/under for refs for this game is 1.5. Pray for the over.

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