Week 5 Box Scores (Summer 2022)

Green Street Hooligans vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Hicks (2) (assisted by Tom White) (6:08)
3rd Period:
GSH (1-1) – Probie (7) (assisted by Sam) (8:22)
HIP (2-1) – Eric Higger (3) (assisted by Braun) (0:15)

GAME NOTES: Fun fact: these scores were fully completed and were supposed to be posted on Thursday and instead there was a 3 day rager that simply demanded immediate attention. My sincerest most half-assed apologies to anyone affected by this…this game was easily green’s best and most complete effort of the season, even moreso than the game where they tied a league record by putting up 10 goals. Unfortunately for them, Casca put on a show for the fans and kept yellow ahead by one for the majority of the game. With 4:38 left Probie finally tied the game and sent it to OT, much to the chagrin of a league which desperately needed games to run on time. Fortunately for said league, Eric Higger saw fit to end the game just 15 seconds into the extra session when he somehow immediately got loose for a 2 on 1 and got his own rebound. Good for our permits, bad for Probie’s mental health. A trade-off I’ll take any day of the week.

3rd – Probie (1G)
2nd – Eric Higger (GWG)
1st – Casca (W, 1 GA)

Red Rockets vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Jeff Oberg (5) (assisted by Louis) (3:47)
CUP (2-0) – Will Gill (1) (assisted by Louis) (5:04)
2nd Period:
RKT (1-2) – Corey (4) (unassisted) (3:00)
RKT (2-2) – Eli (1) (assisted by Vanessa) (9:01)
3rd Period:
RKT (3-2) – Magic Man (3) (unassisted) (7:56)
RKT (4-2) – ScottyK (2) (EN) (unassisted) (14:50)

GAME NOTES: The rockets once again mount a comeback after falling behind early. After Meg gave up two goals, one on a deflection and one just bad, in the first five minutes it looked like she might not be making it to Colorado after all due to shame and/or murder. Thankfully all is now well as the Rockets stormed back with four goals to pick up their 3rd win in 4 games…Eli picked up his first D5 goal while Magic Man picked up the game winner and now sits in 2nd place on the rookie leaderboard just behind the similarly bald and sexy George.

3rd – Jeff Oberg (1G)
2nd – Corey (1G)
1st – Magic Man (GWG)

The Walleyes vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
WAL (1-0) – Kev (2) (unassisted) (2:17)
WAL (2-0) – Louis (1) (assisted by Annie) (5:20)
2nd Period:
WAL (3-0) – Scott Collins (1) (assisted by Annie) (8:40)
3rd Period:
WAL (4-0) – Scott Collins (2) (assisted by Chris Fullam) (5:58)
WAL (5-0) – Chris Fullam (2) (assisted by Courtney) (7:55)
HIP (1-5) – Hicks (3) (assisted by Chris McGlade) (12:33)

GAME NOTES: The latest chapter in this proud rivalry was a surprising blowout as the Walleyes, led by Scott Collins, Chris Fullam, Annie, Kev, Jeff Green and pretty much everyone on the roster except for Jack, picked up a minor upset against the previously undefeated Hippos, dealing them their first L of the season…Collins had maybe the game of his career with a couple snipes and some nice offensive zone cycling. The pick used to select him was dealt from blue to purple in a mid-draft deal which ended up being Kev and Scott for Ariel and Waldman. In fact, when Waldman asked me to draft his buddy Scott later, I had to tell him that not only was that impossible but it was impossible specifically because of him.

3rd – Jeff Green (W, 1 GA)
2nd – Chris Fullam (1G, 1A)
1st – Scott Collins (2G)

Julie’s Football Club vs Pink Lemonade

2nd Period:
JFC (1-0) – Goose (1) (assisted by Alex Bing) (12:37)
3rd Period:
LEM (1-1) – Meg (1) (assisted by Mike Sanchick) (4:36)
JFC (2-1) – George (7) (assisted by Vineet) (9:19)
JFC (3-1) – George (8) (EN) (assisted by Nate Lerner) (14:35)

GAME NOTES: A fun, evenly matched back-and-forth affair which saw the return of league all-time PPG leader Avery after a nearly 4 year hiatus and another late George slapshot game winner. He would add an empty netter to seal it with 25 seconds left…AJ made a number of fantastic saves in this one, including one on an Ave breakaway. Many were glorious but none quite matched up to May’s borderline save of the century which will live on in Hippos lore and in Jason Campbell’s nightmares…that’s all I’ve got, I’m tired. Please be on time for games and don’t abuse each other on the court; do it in the bedroom like god intended. See ya next week, I’m off to PinkWhitneyFest 2022.

3rd – Meg (1G)
2nd – AJ Frey (W, 1 GA)
1st – George (2G)

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