Weeks 6-8 Box Scores (Summer 2022)

My Cup Size Is Stanley vs MelRose Place

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Jeff (6) (assisted by Hilary) (3:00)
2nd Period:
MRP (1-1) – Tyler (2) (unassisted) (0:27)
CUP (2-1) – Jeff (7) (unassisted) (2:50)
CUP (3-1) – Jason Campbell (4) (assisted by Yehuda) (4:14)
CUP (4-1) – Simon (4) (assisted by Jason) (7:46)

GAME NOTES: Day one of Minigame Madness and Cup Size took full advantage of a depleted MelRose roster, taking a 1-0 lead just 3 minutes in and never looking back en route to a surprisingly lopsided 4-1 victory. Then again, it was the first time they were favored in this season’s betting lines, proving again that the house always wins (except that one season we lost like $600).

3rd – Corey (1 GA)
2nd – Jason Campbell (1G, 1A)
1st – Jeff (2G)

Pink Lemonade vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
LEM (1-0) – Scott Metz (1) (assisted by Zac) (3:33)
CUP (1-1) – Mike McCauley (1) (unassisted) (8:23)
2nd Period:
CUP (2-1) – Jason Campbell (5) (unassisted) (1:39)
CUP (3-1) – Mike McCauley (2) (EN) (unassisted) (9:42)

GAME NOTES: Cup Size continued their big night vs Pink Lemonade, coming back from an early 1-0 deficit to score 3 unanswered and take this minigame 3-1 with a late empty netter, delighting over bettors everywhere. Mike McCauley scored his first two of the season and celebrated by taking a bottle of whiskey to the face (I assume).

3rd – Corey (1 GA)
2nd – Jason Campbell (GWG)
1st – Mike McCauley (2G)

Pink Lemonade vs Red Rockets

1st Period:
RKT (1-0) – ScottyK (3) (assisted by Corey) (0:52)
RKT (2-0) – Alex Rockoff (4) (assisted by Sully) (5:47)
2nd Period:
RKT (3-0) – ScottyK (4) (assisted by Mikey) (6:40)

GAME NOTES: Scotty picked up two goals, including the game winner, while Sully picked up what I assume was the last point of his D5 career. Meg picked up a shutout, partially thanks to some flashy saves but mostly due to the suffocating defense of red and the rockets picked up yet another victory to move into 1st place.

3rd – Rockoff (1G)
2nd – ScottyK (2G)
1st – Meg (W, SO)

MelRose Place vs Red Rockets

2nd Period:
RKT( 1-0) – Brita (3) (assisted by Corey) (4:48)
MRP (1-1) – Paul Chester (3) (assisted by Louis) (9:56)
Shootout Winner By ScottyK

GAME NOTES: This one was far more dramatic as Paul Chester tied the game with 4 seconds left to force OT and make all our games run late. Painful as it was for me, it was a delight for the fans as no one scored in the 3 on 3 and we moved to a shootout and then extra rounds of the shootout before ScottyK beat Zisser and Meg stopped her 5th straight tie dye shooter en route to a 2-1 victory.

3rd – Zisser (1 GA)
2nd – Meg (1 GA)
1st – Paul Chester (2G)

MelRose Place vs SexAzul Tension

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Sam Gelman (1) (assisted by Ellie) (3:52)

GAME NOTES: Blue’s only goal of the game came on a breakout where passing shifted the play from a 4-on-3 to a 3-on-2 to a 2-on-1 where Ellie was able to execute a pretty solid no-look pass across the slot. Tash got a piece of it to deflect it in the air but Sam Gelman’s hand-eye was on point to bat it out of the air and pot the only goal of the contest.

3rd – Zisser (1 GA)
2nd – Sam Gelman (1G)
1st – Eric Phelps (W, SO)

SexAzul Tension vs Pink Lemonade

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Wes (3) (PP) (assisted by Dave Liang) (6:59)
2nd Period:
SEX (2-0) – Caitlin (1) (assisted by Chris Daly) (4:40)

GAME NOTES: Another minigame shutout in what could be Phelps’ swan song for the season. Phelps departs with 3 straight shutouts (2 minigames and one full game) and will be sorely missed as blue will use a rotating squad of subs until either he returns or Hogg heals up from a Buffalo shoulder injury…Wes picked up a power-play goal to give blue the lead and Caitlin’s first of the season on a Chris Daly rebound sealed the deal which is what team sex likes to do.

3rd – Caitlin (1G)
2nd – Wes (GWG)
1st – Eric Phelps (W, SO)

Hungry Hippos vs The Goaldiggers

2nd Period:
HIP (1-0) – Meatbox (4) (assisted by Tom White) (3:44)

GAME NOTES: The story of the anti-Hippos rolls on as after four years and nine drafts Hicks has finally drafted a team that cannot score goals but plays excellent team defense. Mr Meatbox picked up the only goal in a 1-0 victory. I still think the Goaldiggers are solid but, not to be selfish here, their record is starting to make me look bad.

3rd – Mike Sliwka (1 GA)
2nd – Hicks (GWG)
1st – Casca (W, SO)

Red Rockets vs The Goaldiggers

1st Period:
DIG (1-0) – Guido (2) (assisted by Meg) (5:40)
2nd Period:
DIG (2-0) – Tony D (1) (assisted by Meg) (1:15)
RKT (1-2) – Alex Rockoff (5) (assisted by Vanessa) (2:04)
RKT (2-2) – Corey (5) (unassisted) (8:58)
RKT (3-2) – Magic Man (4) (assisted by Vanessa) (3:27)

GAME NOTES: Another game that was set to end in regulation before a goal with 1:02 remaining forced OT. Due to parks department drama, for the first time in league history we had to suspend play due to time constraints and plan to finish the OT another day. That day came a week later as Magic Man used that big ass in front of the net to pick up the winner and give the Rockets their 7th win in a row.

3rd – Meg (2A)
2nd – Vanessa (2A)
1st – Magic Man (GWG)

The Walleyes vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Jeff Oberg (8) (unassisted) (5:52)
CUP (2-0) – Will Gil (2) (assisted by Simon) (7:48)
WAL (1-2) – Kev (3) (assisted by Jack) (12:50)
2nd Period:
CUP (3-1) – Jeff Oberg (9) (assisted by ScottyK) (7:51)
WAL (2-3) – Kev (4) (assisted by Joel) (12:31)
3rd Period:
WAL (3-3) – Jack (1) (assisted by Courtney) (1:15)
WAL (4-3) – Jack (2) (unassisted) (4:53)
CUP (4-4) – Jeff Oberg (10) (assisted by Simon) (5:51)
WAL (5-4) – Kev (5) (unassisted) (9:55)
WAL (6-4) – Courtney (1) (EN) (assisted by Chris Fullam) (12:00)

GAME NOTES: This game kicked off at 4v4 with both captains agreeing to reassess at the intermission. Cup Size took a 2-0 lead and was seemingly controlling play in the 1st; unfortunately for them, once more players showed up and the game became 5v5 they ran out of steam and allowed purple to storm back with six goals in the final 26:10 to pick up a much needed win in what was likely Jeff Green’s regular season finale…Jeff and Kev each picked up a hat trick in this one. Gotta go back into the archives to see how many games have had multiple hat trick scorers but suffice to say it is probably a pretty short list.

3rd – Jack (2G, 1A)
2nd – Jeff Oberg (3G)
1st – Kev (3G)

MelRose Place vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Kevin Mahoney (1) (assisted by Brandon Leary) (0:50)
MRP (1-1) – Paul Chester (4) (assisted by Amit) (12:00)
2nd Period:
MRP (2-1) – Amit (2) (unassisted) (2:33)
HIP (2-2) – Tom White (1) (unassisted) (4:20)
MRP (3-2) – Amanda (2) (assisted by DRo) (7:40)
3rd Period:
MRP (4-2) – DRo (1) (assisted by Tyler) (0:38)

GAME NOTES: A classic Friday night game played 4v4 with both teams missing a ton of players. The Hippos scored on the first shift of the game and looked to be cruising to a win but MelRose stormed back off goals by Paul, Amit, Amanda and DRo to pull the upset and win 4-2. Unfortunately this ended up being the last game of the evening as a random rainstorm rolled in. Despite our best efforts to dry the court, we had to postpone games and head directly to Dorrian’s where everyone could experience the joy and majesty of flipcup teams determined by # of sex partners and pirate shots for all.

3rd – DRo (1G, 1A)
2nd – Amanda (GWG)
1st – Amit (1G, 1A)

What a team effort
Wheelbarrow game on point

Hungry Hippos vs Pink Lemonade

1st Period:
LEM (1-0) – Andreas (2) (assisted by Avery) (0:39)
HIP (1-1) – Eric Higger (4) (assisted by Kevin Mahoney) (4:02)
2nd Period:
LEM (2-1) – Avery (1) (unassisted) (5:40)
LEM (3-1) – Mike Stern (1) (assisted by Andreas) (7:52)
3rd Period:
HIP (2-3) – Eric Higger (5) (unassisted) (4:55)
LEM (4-2) – Amanda (1) (assisted by Mike Stern) (6:05)
LEM (5-2) – Andreas (3) (assisted by Mike Sanchick) (9:12)
LEM (6-2) – Andreas (4) (EN) (unassisted) (12:38)

GAME NOTES: Pink Lemonade came out flying in this one, way better than they had in any game thus far this season. Things appeared to hit a snag early in the 3rd period when their goalie, Jacob, went down with an injury. Dan, one of their rostered defensemen, suited up and improbably looked great in net (apparently he was a high school goalie), leading them to a 6-2 upset victory over the Hippos…although Dan was heroic, the win stat still goes to Jacob because he was in net when the GWG was scored…Andreas picked up his first career hat trick, sealing it with an empty netter…Eric Higger picked up two goals for yellow and the preseason 1-for-1 swap with red looks to have worked out for both teams as Eric has five goals on the season while Magic Man has 6 points.

3rd – Dan Teich (1 GA)
2nd – Avery (1G, 1A)
1st – Andreas (3G, 1A)

SexAzul Tension vs The Walleyes

2nd Period:
SEX (1-0) – Izzy (1) (assisted by Dave Liang) (0:23)

GAME NOTES: Izzy told me before the season she was terrible at forward and I would live to regret drafting her as one. Three minigames in I’m feeling pretty good about it as she buried the game winner on her first shift of the game and was one of the best forecheckers on the ice (floor) all night…blue hasn’t given up a goal since June 24, a stat aided by rainouts but nonetheless is probably some kind of record. Next week will provide a stiff test with three games against the Hippos, MelRose and the highest scoring team in the league (on a per game basis), the Hooligans.

3rd – Wes
2nd – Dave Liang (1A)
1st – Izzy (1G)

Green Street Hooligans vs The Walleyes

2nd Period:
GSH (1-0) – Probie (8) (assisted by Dana) (4:14)
WAL (1-1) – Chris Fullam (3) (assisted by Annie) (7:50)
GSH (2-1) – Probie (9) (assisted by Sam) (8:32)

GAME NOTES: After a scoreless first minigame period, the floodgates opened in the 2nd as Probie gave green the lead, Chris Fullam tied it with just 1:44 left but green would answer immediately on the subsequent faceoff as Probie picked up a rebound tally for his 2nd of the game. Green killed off much of the final minute playing possession and held on for a tight 2-1 victory.

3rd – Sam (1A)
2nd – Chris Fullam (1G)
1st – Probie (2G)

The Walleyes vs The Goaldiggers

2nd Period:
WAL (1-0) – Joel (1) (assisted by Scott) (2:24)
DIG (1-1) – Guido (3) (assisted by Tarnow) (6:09)
DIG (2-1) – Tarnow (1) (assisted by Guido) (7:06)
WAL (2-2) – Annie (3) (assisted by Sean) (7:57)
WAL (3-2) – Jack (3) (assisted by Annie) (0:46)

GAME NOTES: This was the 2nd half of the minigame that was rained out Friday night. 0-0 after one, the floodgates REALLY opened in this one with four goals in a running clock 5:33. After Tarnow gave the Goaldiggers the late lead and with purple facing down the barrel of three losses in one night, Annie took matter into her own hands with a bar down goal from a tough angle to tie the game, then picked up the assist on Jack’s game winner in OT. The win sent purple fans home happy and purple players directly into the bleachers to crush whiteclaws for Kev’s (and to a lesser extent Jess’) birthday.

3rd – Guido (1G, 1A)
2nd – Jack (GWG)
1st – Annie (1G, 1A)

MelRose Place vs The Goaldiggers

1st Period:
MRP (1-0) – Pags (2) (assisted by Tom F) (7:08)
DIG (1-1) – Tarnow (2) (PP) (assisted by Guido) (12:50)
2nd Period:
MRP (2-1) – Neil (2) (SH) (unassisted) (0:38)
MRP (3-1) – Paul Chester (5) (assisted by Tom F) (3:26)
MRP (4-1) – Paul Chester (6) (assisted by Neil) (5:26)
MRP (5-1) – Tom F (1) (unassisted) (8:00)
MRP (6-1) – Pags (3) (assisted by ChooChoo) (9:23)
MRP (7-1) – ChooChoo (1) (assisted by Neil) (11:03)
DIG (2-7) – Guido (4) (assisted by Tarnow) (12:34)
3rd Period:
DIG (3-7) – Guido (5) (unassisted) (1:50)
DIG (4-7) – Guido (6) (assisted by Tarnow) (5:49)

GAME NOTES: Albeit in a losing effort, the 1st star goes to Guido for almost singlehandedly (sorry Tarnow) dragging the Goaldiggers back from the brink of a blowout loss to a more respectable 7-4 loss. It was dicey times in the scorers box as we were already running late and he came within one goal of making us stop the clock late in the game but tie dye held the fort and prevailed with a surprisingly high scoring 7-4 win…this was the one night of the regular season Neil was available, having apparently quit his job and left his life behind to become a full time phish roadie, but he got a doubleheader on this night and rewarded his team with a shorthanded goal and an assist.

3rd – Paul Chester (2G)
2nd – Tom F (1G, 2A)
1st – Guido (3G, 1A)

MelRose Place vs Green Street Hooligans

1st Period:
GSH (1-0) – Sam (9) (unassisted) (4:00)
MRP (1-1) – Paul Chester (7) (assisted by Tom F) (12:47)
2nd Period:
MRP (2-1) – Tom F (2) (assisted by Dave GDR) (2:19)
GSH (2-2) – Probie (10) (assisted by Sam) (8:49)
Shootout Winner By Big Russo

GAME NOTES: In 28 games coming into this season Paul Chester had one career goal. This season, he already has 7 as MelRose seems to have unlocked something deep within his soul. Good stuff from a guy who is somehow always among the first to register (one season he somehow caught the form in the 3 minutes between when it went live on the site and before it was sent out via email) and who was of course involved in the famous Chester/Herman swap of ’21…Dave GDR picked up his first career point with an assist on MelRose’s 2nd goal…the individual effort Sam made on the tying goal was truly something to behold, sprinting back and forth across the width of the court multiple times before forcing a turnover then setting up Probie for the tying goal…due to time constraints we would go directly into a shootout where Zisser stopped both of them but Max shut down all MelRose shooters and Russo buried the winner to mercifully send everyone home at 10:04. Jess may not have believed he would bury it, but I did.

3rd – Russo (Shootout Winner)
2nd – Tom F (1G, 1A)
1st – Sam (1G, 1A)

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