Weeks 9-10 Box Scores (Summer 2022)

Julie’s Football Club vs Red Rockets

1st Period:
JFC (1-0) – George (9) (unassisted) (0:22)
RKT (1-1) – Corey (6) (assisted by Totis) (4:53)
2nd Period:
RKT (2-1) – Corey (7) (assisted by ScottyK) (4:50)

GAME NOTES: A matchup for 2nd place lived up to the hype with a tight, low scoring 2-1 affair going to the Rockets…Eli, in his first D5 start in net, gave up a goal off the opening faceoff and then shut the door for the rest of the game…George picked up his 9th goal of the season and is neck-and-neck with Probie, Guido and Jeff for the goal scoring title entering the final couple weeks of the season.

3rd – Eli Karp (W, 1 GA)
2nd – George (1G)
1st – Corey (2G)

Pink Lemonade vs The Goaldiggers

1st Period:
DIG (1-0) – Guido (7) (assisted by Abby) (1:41)
LEM (1-1) – Justin McNeil (5) (assisted by Matt Stabel) (10:54)
2nd Period:
LEM (2-1) – Matt Stabel (2) (assisted by Avery) (2:41)
DIG (2-2) – Guido (8) (assisted by Tarnow) (6:19)
LEM (3-2) – Mike Stern (2) (assisted by Cherie) (9:08)
2nd Period:
LEM (4-2) – Avery (2) (assisted by Matt Stabel) (8:13)
LEM (5-2) – Avery (3) (unassisted) (10:26)

GAME NOTES: Pink came out firing in this game, Dan’s first official D5 start, and looked more structured than they have all season. Avery picked up two goals, including the Instagram Goal of the Week, as pink picked up their 2nd straight victory…Captain Jake continues to be out of action with a mysterious injury suffered at a bachelor party. No one has any idea what happened which is par for the course for a good bachelor party.

3rd – Guido (2G)
2nd – Matt Stabel (1G, 2A)
1st – Avery (2G, 1A)

The Walleyes vs Julie’s Football Club

1st Period:
JFC (1-0) – Vineet (1) (unassisted) (9:00)
2nd Period:
WAL (1-1) – ScottyK (2) (unassisted) (3:09)
JFC (2-1) – George (10) (assisted by Julie) (6:18)
3rd Period:
WAL (2-2) – Sean (1) (assisted by Scott Metz) (1:59)
JFC (3-2) – Steve Rys (2) (assisted by George) (4:14)

GAME NOTES: With both teams rocking short Thursday night benches for this one, purple took ScottyK as a sub while I subbed in for orange. Scotty had the Walleyes’ opening goal but the Football Club had the last laugh as a goal by Rys with 8:46 remaining held up as the game winner for orange…this was one of the hottest and most uncomfortable games I’ve ever played in my life. Either that or tequila is really bad for your cardio – who’s to say.

3rd – Sean (1G)
2nd – Steve Rys (GWG)
1st – George (1G, 1A)

The Goaldiggers vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Jason Campbell (6) (unassisted) (1:50)
DIG (1-1) – Tarnow (1) (assisted by Guido) (3:12)
DIG (2-1) – Jeremy (1) (unassisted) (8:40)
DIG (3-1) – Guido (9) (unassisted) (12:01)
2nd Period:
CUP (2-3) – Adam Herman (1) (assisted by Simon) (6:30)
3rd Period:
DIG (4-2) – Josh Wagner (1) (unassisted) (2:50)
DIG (5-2) – Jeremy (2) (unassisted) (5:39)
DIG (6-2) – Guido (10) (assisted by Tarnow) (9:07)
DIG (7-2) – Josh Wagner (2) (unassisted) (10:30)

GAME NOTES: A somewhat surprising result as a mostly full-strength Cup Size team got smoked by Guido, Tarnow and the Goal Diggers, picking up their first victory of the season off the heels of a 7 goal offensive explosion…just a few days after getting viciously bodychecked by Rob Meehan, Josh once again got rocked in this one, then immediately came out and scored a goal. I’m not saying head injuries necessarily lead to increased offensive production but that was really something.

3rd – Jeremy (2G)
2nd – Josh Wagner (2G)
1st – Guido (2G, 1A)

My Cup Size Is Stanley vs Green Street Hooligans

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Adam Herman (2) (unassisted) (5:57)
GSH (1-1) – Probert (11) (assisted by Zac) (12:57)
2nd Period:
GSH (2-1) – Probert (12) (unassisted) (6:28)
CUP (2-2) – Jason Campbell (7) (assisted by Mike McCauley) (7:20)
GSH (3-2) – Zac (1) (assisted by Charlotte) (11:20)

GAME NOTES: The morning of this game Probert told me his only players showing up were going to be Erik and Rickard. Then he and Charlotte jumped in followed closely by Campbell. Along with a sub parade and with Char playing the entire game on D, the Hooligans picked up a tight 3-2 win to keep them alive in the race to make the top 2 (or top 4)…Probie’s statline this season, his last in NYC, currently sits at 12 goals and 0 assists. This is the same man who once went almost two full calendar years without an assist.

3rd – Crypto Zac (1G,1A)
2nd – Jason Campbell (1G)
1st – Probert (2G)

The Goaldiggers vs Julie’s Football Club

1st Period:
JFC (1-0) – Zac (2) (assisted by Vineet) (10:20)
2nd Period:
JFC (2-0) – Steve Rys (4) (assisted by Julie) (6:05)
JFC (3-0) – Vineet (2) (unassisted) (12:08)
3rd Period:
DIG (1-3) – Tarnow (4) (unassisted) (5:00)
DIG (2-3) – Guido (11) (assisted by Tarnow) (7:41)

GAME NOTES: Julie’s Football Club was missing a ton of players while The Goaldiggers had no ladies. This was I believe the first game ever played in D5 without a gender requirement and had Tash, Crypto Zac and Mo subbing for orange while a random 18 year old college kid who just walked up to the rink and is at Fordham on a hockey scholarship subbed in for white last minute…after orange jumped out to a 3-0 lead Tarnow scored a highlight reel goal to cut the deficit and Guido put in his 11th to bring white within one. AJ would shut the door after that as the Football Club held on for a 3-2 win…a year after winning the championship, The Goaldiggers clinch 10th place but will have a puncher’s chance against the 7 seed in the play-in round. After a slow start Guido ends the season on fire with 10 goals and 3 assists in his final 5 games.

3rd – Steve Rys (1G)
2nd – Tarnow (1G, 1A)
1st – Vineet (1G, 1A)

SexAzul Tension vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Tom White (2) (assisted by Shan) 0:38)
SEX (1-1) – Wes (4) (assisted by Austin) (9:29)
2nd Period:
SEX (2-1) – Wes (5) (assisted by Ellie) (0:39)
HIP (2-2) – Tom White (3) (assisted by Jason Campbell) (1:21)
HIP (3-2) – Tom White (4) (unassisted) (3:37)
SEX (3-3) – Wes (6) (assisted by Ellie) (4:34)
3rd Period:
SEX (4-3) – Wes (7) (assisted by Dave Liang) (1:03)
HIP (4-4) – Meatbox (5) (PP) (assisted by Tom White) (9:54)
SEX (5-4) – Alex (4) (SH) (unassisted) (10:11)
SEX (6-4) – Alex (5) (EN) (unassisted) (12:23)

GAME NOTES: A shockingly high scoring Fireball/Preworkout Bowl. Wes and Tom White traded hat tricks before the game was even half over. Wes would add a 4th for the highest scoring game of his career…this is the 2nd highest scoring bowl game between these teams of all time. Summer/Fall 2021 saw a 6-5 shootout victory for blue…the win clinched the #1 seed for blue. Yellow has two games left against orange and black to close out their season…Jason Campbell subbed in this game but in order to do so had to shotgun a beer before each period of the game. Unsurprisingly, he did not make it to Dorrians.

3rd – Alex (2G)
2nd – Tom White (3G)
1st – Wes (4G)

SexAzul Tension vs MelRose Place

1st Period:
MRP (1-0) – Shirtless Rob (1) (assisted by Shan) (4:55)
SEX (1-1) – Wes (8) (unassisted) (11:37)
2nd Period:
SEX (2-1) – Dave Liang (9) (unassisted) (1:07)
MRP (2-2) – Coach Eric (1) (assisted by Tyler) (5:06)
3rd Period:
SEX (3-2) – Dave Liang (10) (assisted by Alex) (4:07)

GAME NOTES: A classic Friday night game saw Corey, Adam Satok, Mo, Rob Meehan and Caitlin/Mel’s crossfit coach subbing for MelRose while Ariel’s Crypto Bro played in his 3rd game of the night for blue…before the 1st and 2nd periods Corey and I each took a pirate shot, with Casca joining us for the 2nd. We were supposed to do one before the 3rd as well but we forgot and tbh I’m not too upset about it…both MelRose goals were scored by subs but blue would have the last laugh as Wes picked up his 5th goal of the evening (I really wish his ladyfriend would attend more games) while Dave Liang continued his career year with his 13th point of the season. His previous high was like 7…MelRose can still move all the way up to 4th place but would need a ton of help to do so. If they win their regular season finale vs Pink Lemonade in regulation though, they have an estimated 65% chance of locking up a top 6 seed and thus avoiding the play-in round.

3rd – Coach Eric (1G)
2nd – Wes (1G)
1st – Dave Liang (2G)

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