Week 10 Betting Lines (Again) (Summer 2022)

My Cup Size Is Stanley (-140)
Green Street Hooligans (EVEN)

Over 6.0 (-110)
Under 6.0 (-130)

Notes: This legit feels like Groundhog Day, less in the sense of a beautiful existential love story and more in the sense that I keep living week 10 over and over again. God truly is cruel in that way. Anyways Cup Size has most of their roster in minus Jeff and Hill while the Hooligans have five rostered players and otherwise will be rounded out by a cast of subs. Probert and Charlotte will give them a chance to win but I’m not sure if it will be enough to replace the Sam-sized hole in their hearts and in their lineup. Very tight matchup but edge to black.

The Goaldiggers (-140)
Julie’s Football Club (EVEN)

Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

Notes: Goaldiggers have 0 rostered women in the lineup as Abby and Carley presumably have Friday night plans while Meg now lives in Colorado which is a shame as she would undoubtedly not have plans and be playing in this game. As such they’ll have to get some female subs TBD. Orange has over 1000 times as many women playing in this game as white does but thats only because 1000 x 0 is still 0, Julie’s the only woman currently in this game with Mel, Amanda, maybe Brita if she cancels her dinner plans probably finding their way into this game. White has 7 dudes though and Satok finally playing a game after a long sojourn in Canada; not sure if they’ve had Guido Tarnow and Adam in for a game yet this season. Orange has some heavy personnel losses with George Jaimie Brad Nate all out, few guys questionable, I really have no idea what to expect. Maurice, Shan and Zac of crypto fame will prob find their way into this game. Having AJ gives JFC a chance but white did win their last game 7-2 and will have a (somewhat) full roster. Note sure if it’s an upset or not but I think the Goaldiggers, with their top 3 scorers, keep the momentum from last Thursday (somehow the last time we had league games) and pick up the W in their season finale.

SexAzul Tension (-155)
Hungry Hippos (+115)

Over 5.5 (-115)
Under 5.5 (-125)

Notes: The Fireball Bowl, aka the Firebowl, aka the newly rebranded Preworkout Bowl is a storied tradition in league history not unlike The Masters or Chanukah. Sadly half of Hicks’ kingdom has abandoned him and with a severely depleted roster including Braun still holding out and Cutler now joining Ariel among the league’s Florida residents, he’ll have to make due with subs: Rickard, Mel and Jason Campbell on condition that Jason must slug one beer before each period. I will be closely monitoring his intermission behavior. In any case, blue doesn’t have a full lineup by any stretch but with top scorers Wes and Dave in and AJ in net, that might be enough. Trappy game as these prestigious bowl games are always a toss-up but under is certainly enticing with two elite goalies between the pipes.

SexAzul Tension (-200)
MelRose Place (+150)
Over 5.5 (-130)

Under 5.5 (-110)

Notes: Mel has her Tash Tyler Paul and Shan in net along with Zisser who we both had to lobby to play. This does not bode well. Corey will sub in for tie dye on condition that both he and I will take a pirate shot before the game and possibly before each period. TBD. Tie dye has a puncher’s chance here with Corey, Tash and Zisser in net likely keeping it tight, and even when these teams met in a minigame a few weeks ago it was a tight 1-0 affair where the only goal was batted out of the air. But I don’t think it’ll be enough. Blue to win the game, the post-game flipcup game, and the post-post-game flipcup game round of tequila shots which are now $6. All challengers welcome @ Dorrian’s.

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