Week 12 + Play-In Betting Lines (Summer 2022)

One of the great teams of all time which, much to my (and Luke’s) chagrin, insisted on taking a team photo after every single victory. Ah, memories.

Red Rockets (-220)
The Walleyes (+165)

Over 5.5 (-135)
Under 5.5 (-105)

Notes: Red just needs to get this game to OT and they will clinch the 2 seed. The only way that Julie’s Football Club hangs on to that coveted ticket right to the final four is if purple beats red in regulation. Unfortunately for them this game means basically nothing to purple as it is the difference between 5th and 6th place, useful only if you truly favor being on one side of the bracket vs the other. That said, they’re a proud bunch and will play an honest and hard game. What do the fans have to say?

Ah, so does that mean that 56.5 of people believe that purple will win? Well..no, it just means that people don’t know how to fill these brackets out properly.

The only way any of this makes sense is if a fuckton of people believe the Walleyes are going to win in overtime/shootout. I think it’s more likely people are just confused, especially if that person is Ramy.

Anywho not much discussion on the actual game, no idea if it will really happen. If it does I favor red because they’re playing for the 2 seed while purple’s just playing for pride but you never know.

Pink Lemonade (-160)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (+115)
Over 5.5 (-130)
Under 5.5 (-110)

Notes: Apparently Jack Dorrian, owner of Dorrian’s, died the other day.

The obit is interesting for a number of reasons but my favorite part, without question, was this mindblowing paragraph:

I would most certainly classify a round of sex where one of the participants ends up dead as “rough sex.” Quite honestly I’m not sure how it could get any rougher. Authorities in 1986 with the understatement of the century. Anywho, Pink is missing Noah again and all their girls except Cherie while black has a mostly full roster. Fans seem to lean the same way I do

I’m not quite as certain as them but pink is 3-0 in their final three games of the season and I think they have enough to take this game down. Lemmies to win and the over for me please.

The Goaldiggers (+110)
MelRose Place (-150)
Over 5.5 (-130)
Under 5.5 (-110)

Notes: The Goaldiggers season-long attendance issues continue as they will need a lady sub tonight and will only have two lines rolling. I would feel bad for them but they did use a pick on Meg who they knew was moving to Colorado so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. MelRose, by the way, is actually pretty solid despite their record. They have the unfortunate advantage of not having any weak players at all. All their late round picks ended up being good. I can confirm that DRo and Mel didn’t know a single one of them and just took shots in the dark but damned if those shots didn’t all pretty much hit. Eli subbing for white should give them solid minutes between the pipes and it’s hard to count Guido out in what might be the final D5 game of his career but I think if MelRose has a full roster their depth may be too much. Could go either way but I’m leaning MelRose to advance.

Lemonade / Cup Size (-105)
Walleyes / Hippos (-135)
Over 5.5 (-120)

Under 5.5 (-120)

Notes: What’s interesting about this matchup is if I was guaranteed this would be Lemonade vs Hippos, it’s a total toss-up. That’s pretty much what I expect it to be. But the lurking variable of this matchup involving Walleyes or Cup Size make this basically impossible to handicap. It’s like a punnet square of rec league ball hockey. Let’s see what the people have to say

Consensus seems to be pretty much the same – Pink by an almost 3 to 1 margin over Cup Size, but Hippos/Walleyes still slightly ahead of the two combined. Honestly, elite level oddsmaking here. If it’s the Hippos, which I expect, they only have five rostered guys and will need two playoff subs which is really not great. I may be a sicko but I’m letting it ride on Pink. They lost their first 7 but that record is as fake as Will Ferrell’s arms in that sketch which I think I was the only person to like since I had to put it up on YouTube myself the other day.

See you tonight (hopefully). Fml.

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