Week 2 Betting Lines (Spring 2023)

Medium Rare (-140)
Chili Peppers (EVEN)
Over 5.5 (-110)
Under 5.5 (-130)

Notes: Tell everyone that Sam now lives in Montreal and will be a flight risk for pretty much every regular season game, people accuse you of making shit up just to tank his draft stock. Well, it begins here as the Chili Peppers will make their season debut without Sam and without co-captain Campbell. That said, they still have Tarnow and Ryann up front, they still have Nate leading the D and they still have Jeff Green in net which is a solid foundation by any measure. Pink already played last week and surprisingly got outplayed by a shorthanded orange squad, but they themselves were shorthanded without 1st round pick Jason Campbell who, if I know him, was either working til midnight or shotgunning bud lights by 4 PM. The issue for pink all season will be whether they have any distributors to dish the ball to Jason and Jeff who are very much shoot first guys. Source could potentially fit that bill but for that to happen he needs to a) show up to the game and b) stop thinking about getting laid for long enough to properly execute a pass. I’m not sure if that’s in the cards. Should be a close game; leaning towards pink and the under.

More Points In Game

Tarnow + Nate (+110)
Oberg + Source (-155)

More Points In Game
Ryann (-120)
Brita (-120)

Shooting Blancs (+125)
I Just Blue Myself (-170)
Over 5.5 (-115)
Under 5.5 (-125)

Notes: White will be missing Milstein, Fullam, McCauley and Cara with Tash taking her place for the Blancs. Blue will be without Sam Gelman, Tim and Caitlin. Still, fairly good numbers for both squads and a rematch of the last two Leetch Award winners even Simon has informed me he’s playing forward this season. Sliwka is in net for white while Phelps opens his third straight season in net for blue. Perhaps most notably, this game will feature Mikey making his season debut for blue which is incredibly his 4th team of the season. There were precisely three trades made after this seasons draft and they all involved Mike Marron. Whether this will inspire him to have his finest season yet or completely shatter his confidence remains to be seen; either way, it’s a storyline that will be closely tracked in the coming months. Funnily enough, the last time Mikey was on blue his name was floated in a multitude of trade rumors by league insider / almost definitely someone’s fake name Sylvester Cacciatore. This has the feel of yet another low scoring contest but I see blue prevailing in a tight one.

Just a year and a half later Cutler and AK have moved, Otis is moving on Saturday, Braun might be dead…but Mikey trade rumors live on.

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