Week 2 Box Scores (Spring 2023)

Medium Rare vs Chili Peppers

2nd Half:
RARE (1-0) – Kevin Mahoney (1) (assisted by Jeff Oberg) (2:48)
CHI (1-1) – Nate (1) (PPG) (assisted by Tarnow) (8:53)
CHI (2-1) – Jacob Gitzis (1) (PPG) (assisted by Nate) (18:21)

GAME NOTES: Medium Rare scored in the opening minutes of the 2nd half and led until the Chili Peppers evened the score on a PPG midway through. Then with a little over a minute left in the game, pink took another penalty and red once again capitalized, then held off a late surge with the goalie pulled to pick up their first win of the season…Jacob scored the late winner after being drafted by blue for the past two seasons and showing up for a grand total of 0 games. And after I met him at a club in 2019. This one feels personal…Nate was late for his first game as captain which wasn’t listed on the sportsbook but would have been somewhere around -1200…pink has now outscored opponents 1-0 on the season at even strength, the only team besides orange to not have given up a single even strength goal in their games, yet are 0-2 on the basis of an amazing three power play goals given up in two games. I say amazing because the other games have had zero combined penalties while pink has given up 3 PPGs on 3 PP opportunities. Jake will no doubt talk to them about staying out of the penalty box but this is the risk you run when you draft the horniest team in league history.

3rd – Jeff Green (W, 1 GA)
2nd – Jacob Gitzis (GWG)
1st – Nate (1G, 1A)

Shooting Blancs vs I Just Blue Myself

1st Half:
BLOW (1-0) – Justin McNeil (1) (assisted by Mikey) (7:12)
BLOW (2-0) – Miles (1) (assisted by Len) (8:12)
2nd Half:
BLNC (1-2) – Joel (1) (assisted by Tyler) (16:40)
BLOW (3-1) – Miles (2) (unassisted) (17:32)

GAME NOTES: Lots of rust and lots of absences in this one. Blue picked up two goals in a minute from Justin and Miles having basically back-to-back breakaways (although Miles didn’t score on his, he did score on the follow-up play). White pushed the pace in the 2nd half and got within one on a late Joel goal but Miles, who has scored more empty netters than any player in league history, put the game away late to seal the win…there was a sequence late in the game where blue players kept falling over for reasons unknown. I will choose to attribute it to unmatched desire to win rather than lack of motor skills…Phelps has assured me this would have 100% been a shutout if not for the lack of sunlight at the end of the game. Joel, consider yourself lucky you beautiful bearded bastard.

3rd – Joel (1G)
2nd – Phelps (W, 1 GA)
1st – Miles (2G)

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