Week 5 Box Scores (Summer 2023)

Red Zeppelin vs The Lavender Llamas

1st Period:
RED (1-0) – Austin Marshalek (2) (unassisted) (6:56)
LLA (1-1) – Sam (1) (assisted by Annie) (12:46)
RED (2-1) – Jay Travers (1) (assisted by Nate) (13:29)
2nd Period:
LLA (2-2) – Sam (2) (assisted by Annie) (2:26)
RED (3-2) – Colleen (1) (PP) (assisted by Joe Magosin) (4:42)

GAME NOTES: Another playoff-type game as red (sans Weaver Bros) faced purple (sans Pags). Sal ranked this his favorite game of the evening as the teams went back and forth before Colleen buried a snapshot on the power-play to give red a 3-2 lead which they would hang on to til the bitter end to maintain their hold on 2nd place in the standings…three games into their season, Annie has assisted on every single Llamas goal.

3rd – Jay Travers (1G)
2nd – Sam (2G)
1st – Colleen (GWG)

Hubba Bubba vs Hungry Hippos 2.0

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Adam Satok (6) (assisted by Jeff Oberg) (1:15)
HIP (2-0) – Hicks (4) (assisted by Jeff Oberg) (8:47)
HIP (3-0) – Hicks (5) (assisted by Nicki Dell) (13:28)
2nd Period:
HUB (1-3) – Mike Stern (3) (assisted by Neil) (2:35)
HUB (2-3) – Neil (4) (unassisted) (2:56)
HUB (3-3) – Mike Stern (4) (assisted by Riegler) (6:51)
3rd Period:
HIP (4-3) – Adam Satok (7) (PP) (assisted by Hicks) (1:27)

GAME NOTES: Playing with a short lineup (six guys three girls), the Hippos jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the 1st period and looked to be cruising. As they are wont do, however, pink scored two goals in 21 seconds then tied the game midway through the 2nd leading to a tense and increasingly chippy 3rd. Black got the last laugh as current league leading scorer Satok buried a backhander on the power play to give them a 4-3 lead which they would hold on to for their 4th win in a row since a season opening OT loss to orange.

3rd – Mike Stern (2G)
2nd – Adam Satok (2G)
1st – Hicks (2G, 1A)

The Mighty Mensches vs Vegas Golden Knights

1st Period:
VGK (1-0) – Jason Campbell (1) (PP) (assisted by Tom Fitzgerald) (5:18)
VGK (2-0) – Jeff Campbell (1) (assisted by Tom Fitzgerald) (6:25)
VGK (3-0) – Tom Fitzgerald (1) (assisted by Jason Campbell) (13:54)
2nd Period:
VGK (4-0) – Shan (1) (PP) (assisted by Jason Campbell) (4:09)
VGK (5-0) – Jeff Campbell (2) (PP) (assisted by Jason Campbell) (13:59)
3rd Period:

VGK (6-0) – Vineet (1) (PP) (assisted by Jason Campbell) (8:42)
VGK (7-0) – Jason Campbell (2) (assisted by Jeff Campbell) (9:48)

GAME NOTES: The Campbell Bros have opened in Vegas and they are outselling Cirque de Soleil with their best Sedin impersonation which I guess makes me Brian Burke? In any case, Jason & Jeff combined for nine points in a rousing performance by the Stanley Cup Champs…Vegas set a league record in this game with an incredible four power play goals, going 4/4 with the man advantage. They’ll face a stiff test on Friday night as they face the 1st place defending champion Hungry Hippos 2.0, possibly with Jack returning to the lineup. Then again, Vegas is the home team and the last time Hicks was in Vegas he got hammered and conducted a photoshoot from his suite’s bubble bath which I received around midnight. Good times.

3rd – Jeff Green (W, SO)
2nd – Jeff Campbell (2G, 1A)
1st – Jason Campbell (2G, 4A)

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