Week 6 Box Scores (Summer 2018)

Scores 6.png

The Charging Cheetahs vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
CUP (1-0) – Matt Zimmerman (4) (assisted by Tarzan)
2nd Period:
CHA (1-1) – Drew Loken (5) (assisted by Jake Chaplin)
CHA (2-1) – Alex DeMarco (3) (assisted by Rob Blandi)

GAME NOTES: A tight game between two of the top teams ended in a tight 2-1 victory for Jo’s undefeated bunch…Campbell and Eric, the first two goalies selected in the draft, came through with sterling performances in the lowest scoring game of the season (tied with another Cheetahs game)…Matt Zimmerman continued his torrid scoring pace since the late registration period and now has four goals in three games…Cup Size held a slim 1-0 lead through half of the second period until the Cheetahs picked up two goals in two minutes…Drew Loken picked up his 5th of the season off a beautiful pass from free agent Jake Chaplin.  The goal put Drew in a three way tie for second in the goals race behind Probie, who somehow has 12…with this win, the Cheetahs clinch first place and a bye into the semifinals.

Team Sexy vs Hungry Hippos

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Jake Chaplin (1) (assisted by Matt Stabel)
SEX (2-0) – AFrey (2) (unassisted)
SEX (3-0) – AFrey (3) (unassisted)
2nd Period:  
HIP (1-3) – Hicks (3) (PPG) (unassisted)
HIP (2-3) – Gene (3) (assisted by Lee Becker)
3rd Period: 
SEX (4-2) – Ajay (4) (assisted by Jake Chaplin)
SEX (5-2) – Matt Stabel (4) (assisted by Zach Fein)
SEX (6-2) – Cherie (4) (assisted by Ajay)

GAME NOTES: The last time these two teams met, a record-tying 12 goals were scored.  This one was a bit more reasonable…AFrey picked up his first two non-empty net goals of the year…Gene picked up a disputed goal late in the second when it was unclear whether the ball went in off his gloves.  After review, it was determined that the ball probably went off the butt-end of his stick…Ajay and Cherie showed up in the middle of the second period and picked up late goals to ice the game for Team Sexy…Dave GDR was solid in only allowing two goals, his best result of the season thus far…with the win, Team Sexy is now tied with the Warriors for 2nd place but does not own the tiebreaker.  Sexy can clinch third with just one point in the makeup game and can climb to 2nd by picking up more points than the Warriors do in the season finale.

Bombay’s A Sham vs The Varsity Warriors

1st Period:
VAR (1-0) – ScottyK (1) (assisted by Carlin)
VAR (2-0) – Mike Tarnow (2) (assisted by Guido)
VAR (3-0) – Guido (1) (assisted by Mike Tarnow)
BOM (1-3) – Cat Tremble (1) (assisted by Scott Metz)
2nd Period:  
VAR (4-1) – Guido (2) (assisted by Charlotte)
BOM (2-4) – Seth Cantor (1) (assisted by Sully)
3rd Period:
VAR (5-2) – Guido (3) (assisted by Mike Tarnow)
VAR (6-2) – Derek (4) (assisted by Probie)
BOM (3-6) – Luke (2) (assisted by Shaun deLacy)
VAR (7-3) – Andrew Minafo (1) (assisted by Carlin)
VAR (8-3) – Probie (12) (assisted by Derek)
VAR (9-3) – Creamy (1) (assisted by Andrew Minafo)

GAME NOTES: The nationally televised game was a tight affair until the Warriors put in three unanswered at the end of the third, making the box score appear a bit more lopsided than the game itself…ScottyK picked up his first goal of the season…late adds Guido and Tarnow combined for four goals and three assists, with Guido picking up his first District Five hat trick.  The two seem to be hitting their stride going into the playoffs…Derek, Probie, Andrew and Carlin each picked up two points for the Warriors…Cat Tremble picked up her first goal of the season off a great feed from free agent Scott Metz…Luke, subbing in for Ball Hogg, scored on one of the prettiest ball hockey breakaways you’ll see this year…with the loss, Bombay clinches the 6 seed and will face whomever gets the 3 in the opening round of the playoffs.

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