Week 3 Betting Lines (Spring 2019)

Rainy Day Kids Club (-135)
Winter Is Coming (-105)
Over 7 (-120)
Under 7 (-120)

The Pick: The Rainy Day Kids Club have had a tough start to the season, losing a closer-than-it-seemed 5-2 result to the Goonies and a super tight 2-1 game to Parrots. In both games Probie did all he could to keep his team in the game but was stifled by quality goaltending and timely defense getting in his way and clogging lanes. Team Winter (also known as Team Coming) will have to execute that defensive game plan to perfection if they’re going to slow him down. While the Kids Club is finally icing a full roster this week, the blue team is facing severe personnel shortages. At the time of this writing, no goalie has yet confirmed to be subbing for the Sizzler who is in Miami doing some tanning and possibly some drugs. Eitan will fill in if he gets out of NJ jury duty in time but who the hell knows when that will be. In addition, they may be missing multiple players as Kelsey is confirmed out while Luke, Alex, Josh and Jeremy are all 50/50 to play in this one due to various injuries. Pags from Poutine is now out but Jake Reznick of the Demons desperation add is in; however, the rest of the roster is totally up in the air. It’s a tough game to call without knowing the exact lineup Winter is going to ice, but at significantly less than full strength they’re going to need all hands on deck to get by the Kids Club.

Chicks dig ice cream

Chosen 1s (-105)
Goonies (-135)
Over 7 (-120)
Under 7 (-120)

The Pick: If you like star power, this is the game to watch. Cherie, Derek, Fleming and co will put their undefeated record to the test against Jeff, Joe P, Mike T and the rest of the Chosen 1s, only about 70% of whom are actually Jewish. The orange team showed a renewed commitment to defense last week and that support allowed Greenwald to play his best game of the season (OK, it was only the 2nd game, but still). Cherie and co will look to exploit their speed advantage in the transition game, with multiple players capable of carrying the mail through traffic and multiple shooters littered throughout the roster. It’s tempting to take the Chosen 1s to keep the momentum going, especially with Mike T subbing in, but without Ryann playing I’m going to have to stick with the white team maintaining their undefeated record with a one goal victory.

Hungry Hippos (-120)
The Charging Cheetahs (-120)
Over 6 (-135)
Under 6 (-105)

The Pick: The Cheetahs, disrespected by many before the season, sit at a respectable .500 record with a tight 1-0 loss to the first place Parrots and an impressive 2-1 win last week over a shorthanded but still formidable Cup Size team that was thought by many to be the preseason frontrunner. With Sully/James representing Poutine on the top line and Roberts/Rockoff repping the Thin Mints on the second, they have two units that can hang offensively and defensively with just about any in the league. They also, however, need a goalie sub for tonight so who the hell knows who will be available to play for them. The Hippos seem to have a wealth of talent but haven’t quite been able to put it together for a win yet. They had numerous chances to put the Chosen 1s away last week but lost in a tight overtime battle despite not having the services of Sena or Sebastian. This week Sarah will be subbing in yet again and they’ll need her to play shut-down D as she did last week if they’re going to shut down the Cheetahs speed attack. It’s a tight matchup that’s probably a tossup, but smart money’s on a low scoring affair.

My Cup Size Is Stanley (-130)
Purple Parrots (-110)
Over 6 (-115)
Under 6 (-125)

The Pick: The preseason favorite and the surprise #1 team face off in the week 3 primetime game as Jenn brings her Canadians (and breasts) into The Birdcage to face the Parrots who will be without their captain Campbell and utilizing Tim Burke in a relief appearance. With Gabe slated to make his return in this one Cup Size should be slightly favored but Casca is out of action and his replacement, at the time of this writing, remains up in the air. The Parrots, meanwhile, should otherwise have a mostly full roster besides their captain Campbell and their defensive anchor LJ, replaced by free agent Rachel of the Fresh Kills. The Parrots will try to play their usual defensive style to keep the game tight and capitalize on mistakes, while the twin towers of Gabe and Hogg on D will do their best to prevent that from happening. These franchises have some history as last season saw a surprisingly chippy regular season game end in a shootout with for Cup Size, followed by an overtime victory for them as well en route to a final four appearance. It’s a tough game to call but beneath the bright lights of the primetime game, expect Cup Size to continue to have the Parrots’ number and give purple their first loss of the season.

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