Week 6 Betting Lines (Summer 2019)

Green Street Hooligans (-120)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (-120)
Over 5.5 (-110)
Under 5.5 (-130)

Notes: Jenn will be without the services of JRo and Justin while Probie will be without the services of Joey Bats, Jake, Hill and himself. Advantage: Jenn. Still, even though Jenn will have more of her team in attendance, the Hooligans can’t be counted out as they’ve shown a team-wide commitment to defense in front of Jeff and timely scoring throughout the lineup. Andrea will be tasked with shutting down Meg as she undoubtedly cherry picks for most of the game while Pags and Jon will look to pick up the slack in the offense department. Ariel and Tarnow are going to need to carry the black team’s offense. They weren’t quite able to do so on Tuesday, but then again, the Hooligans don’t have Gabe. With all this scoring punch out of the lineup tonight, take the under.

The Bayside Tigers (-105)
Cleveland Monsters (-135)
Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

Notes: The Monsters will be without Zisser, on hiatus in Colombia, and using Jeff “Wildcard” Green in net instead, while Julie and LJ will be joined by a yet unnamed lady as their third female player (Becca was emailed twice but is probably still figuring out how email works). Meanwhile, Bayside will be missing Kelsey, Kevin, Gabe and Matt but will have Mike T subbing in. Even without Ziss the Monsters look to have the edge but while Kelsey is out of action, Charlotte N is making her D5 debut tonight, giving the Tigers four ladies to the Monsters’ three. If the Tigers can tire out Cleveland’s ladies in what’s slated to be 82 degree weather, watch out. Jacob and Maya got engaged last week and will look to celebrate with an upset victory. Eitan may not be called upon to officiate their wedding (although that would be amazing), but he will need to be great if the Tigers are going to get a little win streak going and make a run at a first round bye.

Stud Puffins (-115)
The Charging Cheetahs (-125)

Over 5.5 (-115)
Under 5.5 (-125)

Notes: The Cheetahs will have Julie filling in as their third lady alongside Jo and Carlin while the Puffins will be using free agent Pete D’Angelo in addition to a core of guys of Lee, Scott Townsend, Ramy, Justin and Fleming. This looks to be a tight game between two teams who are neck-and-neck in the standings, although that sentiment could be expressed for most non-Hooligan teams in this league (parity!). Dave will have to bring his A game in this one to match the league’s all-time GAA leader Tim K in this one if his Cheetahs are to have any chance of beating the Puffins. I would stay away from betting this one, but then again I’m the guy who just lost $150 on the Federer/Nadal match so what do I know.

Goonies (-140)

Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

Notes: A classic almost impossible to handicap game makes this the one SBJ is most likely to gamble his rent money on. Before the season each team was told they had 10 free agent uses to employ during the season; both teams are exhausting theirs in this one as the Goonies will be using four free agents (Sean Mullane/Jason B from BTSH and Austin Lyons/Mike Ronson from Mofo) while the CONDO’S will be using Mike T, #akhilnation, a guy named Chris who found us on Google and possibly one or two others as I try to get even one guy who plays defense on the yellow team. They’ll also have LJ and Courtney Ryan subbing in place of the Herr sisters. The Goonies will be using Jeff “Wildcard” Green, playing his third game of the night, in place of Max in net while the CONDO’S will be using Eitan The Goalie, playing his second game of the night. This is barely even a Goonies/CONDO’S matchup truth be told, but in a rivalry matchup between Rehabs, Beast and MBP teammates, bet on the defending champs to take this one down.

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