Week 9 Betting Lines (Fall 2019)

Green Street Hooligans (-110)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (-130)

Over 5.5 (-115)
Under 5.5 (-125)

Notes: In the game with the least subs on the night (thank god for that), the Hooligans are missing Jess, Charlotte and Tracy but will have Jessie of the LBS subbing in while Cup Size will be missing Jenn, X, Gene (apparently out for the seaosn with a back injury), Fein, Amitai and a couple others and will be using Florian, also of LBS fame, but also of alcoholic German fame and, of course, elite abs fame. Cup Size already has the #1 seed locked up while Green will be playing for a 1st round bye, but Cup Size has looked great all season, only losing one game (incredibly, it was to the currently last place People Eaters). This line is closer than it would have been otherwise due to black not having much to play for but the lack of ladies on both sides means crossfit superstar LJ gets to play basically the whole game, which I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to do. Take black to close out the best season in Cup Size history with another W.

Hungry Hippos (-160)
The Charging Cheetahs (+120)

Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

Notes: The Hippos will have Hicks, Hogg, Ramy, Tony and Danny while the Cheetahs will have Ariel, Rich, Spencer, Jake Chaplin and Sully is a GTD. Yes, its a 5 on 5 endurance contest for the men in this matchup, but also for the ladies in red and Nico and Carlin will be playing the entire game unless Jo suits up mid-game ala Lester Patrick. Max is also out with sub extraordinaire Jeff Green subbing in. All the Hippos need is a point to clinch a top 4 seed but they are no doubt eyeing a regulation victory and a shot at the #2 seed if both the Hooligans and Bandits lose. The Cheetahs are a much stronger squad than the standings would indicate, and I believe the playoffs will probably vindicate that belief as they’re a very dangerous low seed…but tonight, it probably won’t be enough. Take the Hippos to rebound and go into the playoffs with some momentum.

Goonies (+105)
Stud Puffins (-145)

Over 5.5 (-130)
Under 5.5 (-110)

Notes: The Goonies will be using Marcella in this one while the Puffins will be using a guy sub TBD. If either the Hippos or the Hooligans lose in regulation the Goonies could claim the #4 seed with a regulation win, but it would have to be regulation and the Hippos will definitely hold the wins tiebreaker. The Puffins could in theory still get the 4 seed but it would take losses by green and yellow along with a regulation victory by the Puffins AND by a few goals so they can make up the goal differential. Cherie will have her troops ready to go in this one so I’d say that’s unlikely. The Goonies have built some momentum and could easily get the 4 seed, but I think Derek finally coming out to play along with Meg, Sena and Tim K will be too much. Puff-puff-pass indeed.

Backdoor Bandits (-150)
Purple People Eaters (+110)

Over 6.0 (-110)
Under 6.0 (-130)

Notes: In the final game of the regular season the People Eaters will face the Bandits who narrowly defeated them in OT in week 4. At the time it seemed like purple might go winless but they’ve righted the ship since then and look to go into the playoffs with some momentum. They’ve got idiot island plus Rys, Matt and Goon Eli for the guys and Solgon plus two lady subs. Blue will be using two of Seb’s buddies and one or two of the LBS subs to go with Seb and Guido, the only two guys on the roster who are confirmed in for tonight (Joel is a GTD), with a lady sub and goalie to be named later. This game literally has like 6 slots up in the air so I have no idea why you’d bet on it, but this is SBJ’s team so a line is demanded. I think it’ll be a tight game, as it was when they met in week 4. With purple fighting for the 7 seed and blue possibly having a chance at the 2 if Green doesn’t win in regulation, both teams have something to play for. Take the over and enjoy the end of the Fall season and with it, the start of the playoffs and the many gambling pools that come with it.

Who Will Score More Points In The Cup Size/Hooligans Game?
Gabe (-105)
Probie (-135)

Who Will Score More Points In The Hippos/Cheetahs Game?
Jake + Ariel (+120)
Hicks + Hogg (-160)

Who Will Score More Points In The Goonies/Puffins Game?
Cherie + Yetter + Olivier (-110)
Derek + Meg + Sena (-130)

Who Will Score More Points In The Bandits/People Eaters Game?
Seb + Guido + Florian (+125)
Jack + SBJ + Braun (-165)

Will Any Games Go To OT?
Yes (+225)
No (-375)

Will Anyone Notch A Shutout?
Yes (+325)
No (-500)

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