Championship Lines (Fall 2019)

Green Street Hooligans (+110)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (-150)
Over 5.5 (-110)
Under 5.5 (-130)

In a rematch of a controversial week 9 matchup where Probie was tripped with four seconds left in a one goal game (no penalty, although I doubt they would’ve scored off the faceoff anyways), the 1st place Cup Size faces off against last season’s 1st place team, the Hooligans. Sadly for ball hockey enthusiasts everywhere, green will be without Probie tonight, dealing a devastating blow to their title hopes. To be fair, he wasn’t even their leading scorer this season as Scott Metz backed up his ball hockey legend status with a 6 goal, 3 assist season that landed him #6 in the scoring race. He’ll have his hands full against a Cup Size team that allowed the least goals in the league this season. Between Gabe, Brad, LJ and Sara (plus last seasons Brian Leetch Award winner McCauley playing at forward) and all-time GAA leader Jeff Green in net, goals will be at a premium in this matchup. If the Hooligans are going to have any chance to win this one they’ll need a heroic performance from Barch to keep them in the game while Danilo, Metz, Rezzie and Riegler lead the offensive attack. They were able to gut out a 1-0 shutout win over the purple team last week, also without Probie, but there’s a reason purple finished last and black finished 1st (even if the People Eaters did beat Cup Size in the upset of the year). Charlotte and Andrea will do their best to keep the d-zone clear and the transition game tight, but pulling the upset is going to be a monumental task with Ben in Philly. If Barch and Danilo put the team on their backs, green has a puncher’s chance. But Cup Size was the #1 seed for a reason and odds favor them reaching their first final in franchise history.

Hungry Hippos (-120)
Backdoor Bandits (-120)
Over 5.5 (-115)
Under 5.5 (-125)

A rematch of one of the most hotly contested regular season games of the season sees the first ever playoff Fireball Bowl (when the franchises met in Summer ’18, there was no bowl yet established). This season these teams finished within a point of each other in the standings, with the Bandits’ last minute win in week 8 proving to be the difference in seeding. Karsten won’t be around to bat balls out of the air this time around but the Bandits will have most of their squad in tow, minus Ryan, Eric and Caitlin. The Hippos will be missing Tony, Tyler and Creamy for sure with Tim and DRo up in the air but likely to make it. That means the Hicks/Hogg/Cheeky line will be playing close to 50% of the game. Does that spell trouble for the Bandits due to their offensive domination this season (Hogg and Hicks were 1&2 in the scoring race while Cheeky was #3 among ladies a year after winning the ladies scoring title), or does it spell trouble for Hicks himself just a few days after his post-wedding bender spent crushing liquor and watching the Lions shit the bed? There are a ton of great storylines in this one. Rehabs on Rehabs crime with Seb vs Hicks. LBS on LBS crime with Jessie (a playoff add for the Hippos) vs many of her teammates. Hilary vs Cheeky. The first playoff Fireball Bowl. The fate of a drunken $150 preseason bet between me and Hicks on whose team would finish further this season. The storylines are endless, but the one that could decide the game is in net where Zisser and Casca employ a similar style of goaltending with flashy saves to please the ladies (or so I’ve been told). Zisser was a veteran of two Hippos squads in 2018 while Casca has been on yellow for two seasons now, aka three teams (CONDO’S, Elves & Hippos). In this year’s draft, Hicks took Casca one pick before Zisser went to the Bandits. With two high-end goalies, I’d probably take the under if I absolutely had to bet on this one. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy what should be one of the best games of the year.

Odds To Win Championship
My Cup Size Is Stanley (+150)

Backdoor Bandits (+200)
Hungry Hippos (+200)
Green Street Hooligans (+300)

Who Will Score More Points In The Cup Size-Hooligans Game?
Gabe+McCauley (-130)
Danilo+Metz+Riegler (-110)

Who Will Score More Points In The Cup Size-Hooligans Game?
All Cup Size Ladies (-155)
All Hooligans Ladies (+115)

Who Will Score More Points In The Bandits-Hippos Game?
Hicks+Hogg (-150)
Austin+AFrey (+110)

Who Will Score More Points In The Bandits-Hippos Game?
Mikey+Joel (-130)
Rockoff+Dr Beta (-110)

Who Will Score More Points In The Bandits-Hippos Game?
All Bandits Ladies (-110)
Cheeky (-130)

Will Anyone Notch A Shutout Tonight?
Yes (+300)
No (-450)

Will Any Games Go To OT?
Yes (+200)
No (-325)

Will There Be A Successful Challenge?
Yes (+450)
No (-750)

Grand Salami (Total Goals Tonight)
Over 15.5 (-130)
Under 15.5 (-110)

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