Summer 2018 Playoff & Championship Box Scores

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QUARTERFINAL: Hungry Hippos vs Team Sexy

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Avery (1) (unassisted)
SEX (2-0) – Avery (2) (assisted by Matt Stabel)
2nd Period:
HIP (1-2) – Akhil (1) (assisted by Claire)
SEX (3-1) – Zach Fein (1) (assisted by Avery)
SEX (4-1) – Ajay (1) (assisted by Matt Stabel)
3rd Period:
HIP (2-4) – Hicks (1) (assisted by The Provider)
SEX (5-2) – Cherie (1) (assisted by AFrey)

GAME NOTES: This game was played out over the course of two weeks, giving Cherie the unique distinction of scoring a goal in a game where she wasn’t even listed in the pregame lineup…the first two periods of this game were played in the midst of a lightning storm.  Don’t worry, there’s tall metal poles all around the rink.  Once it started raining, the game was postponed with a 4-1 lead for Team Sexy…Avery picked up two goals and an assist while Matt Stabel had two helpers…Sarah made her return from becoming bionic in part two of this game.  The slick court presumably did not make her doctor very happy…the Hippos may have only won two games, but they did make Hicks’ childhood dream come true and that’s worth a lot.

QUARTERFINAL: Bombay’s A Sham vs My Cup Size Is Stanley

1st Period:
BOM (1-0) – Josh Rosen (1) (assisted by Seth)
CUP (1-1) – Danny Swersky (1) (assisted by Sena)
2nd Period:
BOM (2-1) – Ball Hogg (1) (assisted by Josh Rosen)
CUP (2-2) – Danny Swersky (2) (unassisted)
CUP (3-2) – Tommy (1) (unassisted)
3rd Period: 
BOM (3-3) – Josh Rosen (2) (assisted by Becca)
CUP (4-3) – Matt Zimmerman (1) (assisted by Danny Swersky)

GAME NOTES: A game played in wet conditions almost yielded the upset of the season as Bombay gave Cup Size all they could handle…Josh Rosen opened the scoring and ended with points on all three of his team’s goals…late round sleeper and Zog veteran Danny Swersky picked up two goals and an assist while his former Zog teammate (and Rehab over a decade ago) Tommy picked up a crucial goal…after picking up four goals in three regular season games, Matt Zimmerman potted the game winner in this one…this game was not without controversy as a late call on Ball Hogg elicited groans from the stands and the Bombay bench (but obviously not the Cup Size bench).  Some people also said we should’ve called off the games, but this isn’t BTSH so no one listened to them…with the loss, Team Bombay clinched the inaugural toilet bowl trophy for captaining the last place team for Sully.  He was last seen ripping shots of beer out of it on the Dorrian’s dance floor while everyone looked on in horror.

SEMIFINAL: Team Sexy vs The Charging Cheetahs

1st Period:
SEX (1-0) – Avery (3) (assisted by Cherie)
2nd Period:  
SEX (2-0) – Cherie (2) (assisted by AFrey)
3rd Period:
SEX (3-0) – Avery (4) (assisted by Cherie)
SEX (4-0) – Matt Stabel (1) (EN) (assisted by Eli)

GAME NOTES: After three weeks, this game finally happened, albeit without half of Jo’s team…Campbell stood on his head and did his best to keep his team in the game, but the heat was so intense he had to ditch the jersey and play shirtless from the second period on.  Needless to say, it made it very hard to focus for the ladies on the court (and the gentlemen too, come to think of it)…Avery picked up two more goals while Cherie had a goal and two helpers…Eli the goon picked up his first point of the playoffs, but didn’t fight or injure anyone so his performance was quite a disappointment to his bloodthirsty fans…Team Sexy played this game without Ajay and Zach Denes while the Cheetahs were without the services of Drew, Anthony and Sebastian, dealing heavy blows to their vaunted defensive unit…Shelly played basically the entire game.  The Team Sexy bench was enthralled with her hockey IQ, poise under pressure and Olympic caliber quads…the Cheetahs were eliminated from the playoffs but still finished the regular season with an impressive 6-0 undefeated record and win the inaugural D5 President’s Trophy.  Jo promises to draft even more Canadians on her team next year.

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