Week 12 Betting Lines (Spring 2022)

The Grapes (+130)
Green Street Hooligans (-180)
Over 8.0 (-105)
Under 8.0 (-135)

Notes: Playoff positioning is very much on the line tonight in all games. Purple is fighting to break into the top 4 but will need a win here to make that a possibility along with another win in their regular season finale on Tuesday. Green, meanwhile, is looking to clinch a top two seed which they can do with two regulation wins in their final three games. Westley is also in play for the league scoring title but will probably need at least 2-3 points in this game to have a realistic chance. Jack and AK are in play as well but will need 4-5 points in this one. I guess in that sense everyone’s alive for the scoring title; Glanzer is technically also in play if he picks up 15 points in this one. Either way, the biggest question mark is that I have no idea who’s playing goal for purple as Jack & I just remembered that the reason we played at 10:30 Tuesday was because Max was in Cancun. Negotiations ongoing but with even a 1% chance of Oberg in net, I have to give the big edge to green in this matchup. UPDATE: Hogg in net for purple, line shifting a full goal towards the under. Sorry Jeff. However lots of last minute outs for purple too so their underdog status remains secure.

My Cup Size Is Stanley (+170)
Green Street Hooligans (-240)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (+2.0 Goals) (-120)
Green Street Hooligans (-2.0 Goals) (-120)
Over 8.0 (-110)
Under 8.0 (-130)

Notes: Green continues their quest for a top two seed with their second game of back to backs. They actually also have an outside shot at the #1 overall seed if they can outpoint the Goaldiggers by 7 in their final 3 games as the Hooligans would hold the regulation wins tiebreaker. There are too many permutations of that happening for me to list here but the simplest way is if they win all 3 games in regulation, then the Goaldiggers would need a regulation win in their finale to match. Black, meanwhile, is fighting for their playoff lives but their odds actually are much better than they looked at this time last week. With the Royals’ recent swoon, Cup Size controls their own destiny for the playoffs: if they win both remaining games in regulation, they are in. But even just a regulation win in this one might be enough as it would put the pressure on orange to win later in the night. With a black regulation win in this game and an orange regulation loss to the Hippos, black would incredibly not just clinch a playoff spot but do so with one game left on the schedule, allowing them to rest their starters on Tuesday (which blue would obviously love to see). They won’t have Sean Gavin or Ben McCloskey for this one which won’t make things easy, especially against a top team, but Probie has been kind enough to allow Courtney to sub for black in her D5 debut. Black has looked way better in the past few weeks and Corey looked like he hadn’t skipped a beat during his injury absence in almost leading Cup Size to what would have been an all-time upset win against the Goaldiggers last week. This is going to be a much tighter game than you might expect from looking at the standings because while green will play hard like always, black will probably be treating this like a playoff game and will bring a high level of intensity to this matchup. I don’t know if they have the horses to take down green, but I think it will be a tighter game than most fans would expect. I’m taking Cup Size with the points to keep the game close and for both goalies to perform in keeping the under secure.

Hungry Hippos (-155)
Royals (+110)
Over 8.0 (-120)
Under 8.0 (-120)

Notes: Its the classic Friday night sub goalie matchup as the Royals go into a borderline must-win game with Corey in net while the Hippos will enlist the services of the Jackuum. It’s an interesting wrinkle that purple and yellow are fighting for standings position yet Jack will go in net for the Hippos while orange and black are fighting for the last playoff spot yet Corey will be in net for orange. Hopefully all of our elite athletes show integrity tonight and we don’t get the league’s first ever point shaving scandal tonight. Anyways, both teams will be treating this as a playoff game as a yellow win might clinch 4th place, which Hicks desperately wants, while orange is fighting for their playoff lives and if black wins the preceding game will need this one to stay in the race. Both teams will be playing with about 9 players so cardio will rule the day and I truly hope everyone remembers to bring their drugs tonight. Another game that’s a tighter matchup then it might seem; while yellow will be playing for 4th and a possible shot at 3rd, orange is playing for their lives and is going to come out strong. I just don’t know if it will be enough; much might depend on how fresh Corey is in back-to-backs after missing two months with an injury and how many drinks Jack has between games. I’m taking the over in what should be a pretty wide-open affair but will prob be too tied up watching the Ranger game in the box to see how my bet pans out.

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