Week 12 Betting Lines (Spring 2022) (Again)

Mavericks (+105)
The Goaldiggers
Over 8.0 (EVEN)
Under 8.0 (-140)

Notes: Week 12 lines, again, because we got to the rink Friday and it started raining almost immediately. Rangers comeback was a nice capper to the night but man did that cancelation suck. Anyways, line almost seems like a trap as one might expect the 1st place team facing the 6th place team to yield a larger spread but these teams faced off on April 22 with the Mavericks barely losing by a score of 4-2, which included a late empty netter, in a game where they mostly outplayed white but were repeatedly stoned by Hogg. Tonight, both teams will be missing top players with Miles out for white and Jason out for red. Malik remains a GTD and the Mavs, while not a religious group by any means, certainly prays that he plays in this pivotal season finale. A victory for the Mavericks would give them a shot at 5th place and the chance to roll into the playoffs with victories in 4 of their last 5 games. A Goaldiggers regulation win, on the other hand, would clinch first place for them regardless of what the Hooligans do in their final 3 games. Too close to call, rip the under and bet on the two big goalies to keep this playoff-like game holding a playoff-like score.

The Blue Balls Of Sex (-150)
My Cup Size Is Stanley (+110)
Over 8.0 (-120)
Under 8.0 (-120)

Notes: Commissioner Bowl kicks off at 7:30 with Cup Size desperate for a win to put them in 8th place, but blue also fighting for a victory to clinch 3rd and maintain an outside shot at 2nd. A regulation win here would move blue into 2nd place, albeit probably very briefly as the Hooligans would have two games in hand and play immediately after. Most of the lineup should be in place for black as Torino and Source are the only listed scratches while blue will be without Campbell, Ariel, Ellie and Garrett for this one (I don’t think anyone outside blue knows who Garrett is but he is indeed out again). Tough matchup to handicap as blue’s won 3 in a row by an aggregate score of 24-7 but black looked great in almost taking out the first place Goaldiggers a couple weeks ago and will be amped up for this one, although hopefully not in the maul people and take 15 penalties type of way (that black/white game was brutal). In any case, expect a tightly contested playoff-type game which paradoxically feels like it’s going to hit the over.

East River Kraken (EVEN)
Green Street Hooligans (-145)
Over 8.0 (-120)
Under 8.0 (-120)

Notes: Probert is out in Seattle getting hammered with what appear to be mixed results to his personal and professional life. Hooligans have him Austin, Scott, Dana, Amit and possibly Wes out while the Kraken’s situation is up in the air, as always, but it appears they won’t need any subs. Even with all the absences on green (light green, that is), I think they must be favored simply because they’ve played a lot of games short this season and it hasn’t really affected them. Kraken have been picking up their play as of late but facing Casca and the Hooligans, it will be a tough task to win unless they really up their intensity; not easy to do without a captain but who knows maybe they can fly Keenan or Torts in for this one (just don’t make it Babcock because Brendan Smith’s stories about him at Dorrian’s were truly horrific). Even without Probie and possibly Wes I’m giving the slight edge to the Hooligans, although it should be anybody’s game.

The Blue Balls Of Sex (-165)
The Grapes (+120)
Over 8.0 (-120)
Under 8.0 (-120)

Notes: No idea what to expect in this one; these teams played last week and blue, rocking a D5 record short bench with only one guy and one girl on it, somehow won 6-3. That said it was a weird 10:30 game where purple’s only girl, Hilary, had to play the entire game and it took place before Grapes dinner which Jack tells me was huge for team morale. I don’t know if Grapes are missing anyone or how Balls will react in their 2nd game of a doubleheader, but it feels appropriate to favor blue and hope that Joe prevails in the first ever Moskowitz Bowl. Manischewitz will be served.

Hungry Hippos (-165)
Royals (+120)
Over 8.0 (-120)
Under 8.0 (-120)

Notes: Royals and Hippos wrap up the evening in what might be Meg’s final D5 game of a long and storied career after Hicks graciously agreed to move this game to tonight so she (and, to a lesser extent, Russo) could play. The Royals still have an estimated 60% chance of making the playoffs but will need some help to do so. Even if they win this game, Cup Size controls their own destiny and would have to win both of their remaining games while a regulation loss by the Royals would mean black just needs one regulation win in their last two to clinch. Of course, one of those games will happen before this one so by the time this game kicks off we will have a better idea of the playoff situation. In any case, the Royals haven’t won a game since April 1 and will be highly motivated to finish their season on a high note in this one while the Hippos will be playing hard in order to clinch the 4th seed. It’s a borderline playoff game for both teams and I just hope they keep it civil out there because I really don’t want to have to break up any late night brawls, I did enough of that in college. Tough game to call; if Cup Size wins at 7:30 I think it’s a true tossup. If they lose that game and take a bit of pressure off orange, I’m hammering the Hippos line. Whatever the result is, I’m sprinkling in a prop bet for Meg to finish her D5 regular season career the same way she started it: scoring a goal much to Andrea’s chagrin.

Will Meg Score A Goal In This Game?
Yes (-135)
No (-105)

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