Week 8 Betting Lines (Fall 2022)

The Muskies (-120)
Shooting Blancs (-120)
Over 5.5 (-120)
Under 5.5 (-120)

Simon saw me play multiple full games on defense and tie him in total points and decided he simply could not have that. Thus, he is stepping his game up and playing the whole game on defense along with Scott Metz. It’s an elite move and as long as he’s only smoked his general quota of weed and not a decisively larger amount tonight, he should be good to go. Miles is out for purple but they have 3 of the top 10 total scorers in the scoring race: the top two overall and the top lady. Great for preseason prognostications of them as the co-favorites, really bad for anyone who is constantly getting the business from Julie about how Jack should have never been a 2nd round pick (spoiler: it’s me). Tough game to call. Purple’s missing their top player (sorry Jack), white has a short lineup but it’s the good kind of short, if you catch my drift (so many juvenile jokes could go here, let’s just move on). Fuck it. White to win in regulation.

More Points In This Game
Neil + Simon (-120)
Jack + Annie (-120)

More Points In This Game
Cara (-120)
Annie (-120)

Game To Go To OT?
Yes (+235)
No (-470)

Julie’s Football Club (+145)
Red Rockets (-200)
Over 5.5
Under 5.5

Man the lineups for this game are rough. Orange has like 5 players and will be using sub Dan Burns and whomever else I can scrounge together on short notice. Red has 10 players but are still missing Corey (the forward) and have definitely taken a hit without him in the lineup. I have no idea who’ll actually be playing for orange. Scott Metz is a possibility as is Shan who subbed 4 straight games a few Fridays ago. Should be fairly competitive but red has the decided edge in this one. Roll rockets.

MelRose Place (EVEN)
The Muskies (-145)
Over 6.0 (-130)
Under 6.0 (-110)

This was an exceedingly difficult over/under to make considering that every other total is 5.5 but these teams played Tuesday and somehow scored 13 goals in 39 minutes. Difficult also because Miles is out for purple and a host of people are out for MelRose, as per usual. And perhaps most of all, difficult to focus on a mere over/under when the league is set to be privy to one of the finest gambling events of the year, up there with the Kentucky Derby, the Super Bowl and the D5 championship. For the first time ever, we will be gambling on the time that someone is born. Sponsored by the Law Offices of David Rosen, The Baby Rosen Box Pool is officially open as of this evening. 5×5 grid, 25 boxes. Each will be marked with one of the following:

10/25 or earlier
10/29 AM
10/29 PM
10/30 AM
10/30 PM
10/31 AM
10/31 PM
11/1 AM
11/1 PM
11/2 AM
11/2 PM
11/3 AM
11/3 PM
11/4 AM
11/4 PM
11/5 AM
11/5 PM
11/10 or later

Find DRo/Sammi tonight if you have any questions. Dates will be randomly assigned on the grid after the boxes are filled. Drawing will take place via livestream or via an online RNG. Then again I am accused of rigging the D5 draft every season so I can only imagine what will happen once I inevitably win this box pool and speculation arises that I had the delivery room on the payroll. Honestly, kind of a baller move and now that Zisser’s married a doctor, well within the realm of reason.

More Points In This Game
Jason (-109)
Jack (-129)
Sammi & DRo’s Unborn Child (+1000000)

Game To Go To OT?
Yes (+270)
No (-450)

YeHooligans Heroes (-135)
Red Rockets (-105)
Over 5.5
Under 5.5

Two teams that need a win badly face off at 8:15 (aka 8:35ish). Green is probably the best last place team I’ve seen in this league, done in by a combination of brutal attendance and some shaky puck luck, while red’s admirably weathered the storm since Corey’s injury but seem settled into the bottom 5. A win here gives green a legitimate shot to get out of the 8/9 matchup while it gives red a legitimate shot to sneak into the top 4 with some help along the way. The difference is that green’s lineup is short but still contains their top two players (Ave and Jeff). With Ridzik set to sub in net for green, I think they’ll be too much for the rockets. In another upset if you solely go off standings position, green to win this one.

More Points In This Game
ScottyK + Austin Lyons + Brita (-115)
Avery + Jeff + Amanda (-125)

More Points In This Game
Mikey Marron (-110)
Yehuda (-130)

Game To Go To OT?
Yes (+225)
No (-400)

EJ Entertainment (-145)
YeHooligans Heroes (+105)
Over 5.5 (-130)
Under 5.5 (-110)

Green’s playing with a short but sweet lineup. That’s basically what blue does every week and this one will be no different as it’s currently looking like EJ’s biggest lineup of the season, aka 10 players. Still have no idea who green’s goalie will be for this one as Ridzik did not give a high confidence interval that he could stay for the late game but we shall see. Sam and I will also do what we can to get Avery to Dorrian’s although that probably shouldn’t affect the odds of a game taking place before said endeavor. Either way, I think this will be a much closer game than people might expect but blue should prevail. Then Dorrian’s where everyone prevails. Good stuff.

More Points In This Game
Sam + AFrey (-140)
Avery + Jeff (EVEN)

More Points In This Game
Sam Gelman (-145)
Yehuda (+105)

Game To Go To OT?
Yes (+275)
No (-450)

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