Week 9 Betting Lines (Summer 2023)

MelRose Place (-260)
Green Street Hooligans (+185)
Over 6.5 (-120)
Under 6.5 (-120)

Notes: Welcome to Week 9 where, completely tired of the monotony of coming up with creative writeups every week for games that may or may not get rained out in the end, we will instead just cherry-pick some stats for each game and then see if Simon and/or Ridzik want to throw anything in there. For this one green has Dave GDR stepping into net as he was slated to do Friday before the game got rained out while MelRose Place should have pretty much all of their players. The Hooligans have scored pretty much the same goals per game as Melrose (2.0 compared to 2.2), but have given up more goals in less games played. Unless multiple players call out for MelRose or Mel runs out of stickers early, I don’t see them losing this game.

Simon Notes: be honest here, green doesn’t have what it takes to get ahead of MRP. MRP to win a close game with Yehuda looking around to find some kind of stability with his team. 

Ridzik Gambling Notes: As much as I wanna resent Mel, I just can’t. Was cap and always been cap, and it’s a lock vs Green. Take Yellow ML and sidecar on the PL (editor’s note: PL = puck line)

The Lavender Llamas (EVEN)
Blueberry Bulldogs
Over 6.5 (-120)
Under 6.5 (-120)

Notes: In my opinion, this game is a straight up coin flip, truly a 50/50 game. I am, however, certain that the public action will be on the undefeated Bulldogs so this is a situation where I have no choice but to lay the juice on blue. That said, if you’re looking for value, Llamas are probably the play. Or am I trying to reverse psychology you into picking the 11th place team against the last undefeated team in the league? Your call, but this game is definitely closer than you think. We’ll see.

Simon Notes: In the animal kingdom, lamas are bigger and stronger than bulldogs. Bulldogs are very cute though and make funny noises because they can’t breathe very well, just like Frey when he’s out of gas (editor’s note: Simon’s still never beaten blue in 5 career attempts). Lamas to win this game but it’ll be very close, possibly going to OT.

Ridzik Gambling Notes: Blue is yet again full. Frey rigged everything but stop complaining and bet on them. If he’s gonna rig it, ride it and take them PL and team total over (editor’s note: told you the public would be all over blue)

Green Street Hooligans (+3.0 Goals) (-120)
Blueberry Bulldogs
(-3.0 Goals) (-120)
Over 9.0 (-115)
Under 9.0 (-125)

Notes: Green goes into this game already down 2 goals at the end of the 1st period. And that was without Wes who is surely in for this one and experiencing an absolutely resurgent season as he already has multiple hat trick and currently leads the league in points per game. -3.0 has to be the line, and I’m probably still taking the Bulldogs tbh.

Simon Notes: This continuation of a 3-1 game lead by Bulldogs will go just as it was going prior to being rained out. bulldogs to score 3-4 goals and run away with the win. Yehuda is still looking around to figure out how to win games against teams that are not the Mensches. 

MelRose Place (+105)
Red Zeppelin (-150)
Over 6.5 (-120)
Under 6.5 (-120)

Notes: Red has been power ranked #1 all season. Meanwhile yellow has been power ranked #1 only by Adam Herman who may or may not be getting free Row Classes out of the deal. Zeppelin to keep the momentum from last week’s crazy come from behind win and roll again.

Simon Notes: I have lots of friends on these teams, a little Hudson Saints battle as Joe faces off against his Saints teammate Scott Storer (editor’s note: neither of these guys have confirmed that they’re friends with Simon). As much as i dont like Red for bitching about me playing “too aggro” and “sober” i have to go with Red here. Hoffman to score her first goal. Red win by 2 goals. 

Ridzik Gambling Notes: Red is an interesting case. Tarnow and Nate have a solid squad, but it feels weird betting against Yellow. So take Tarnow Anytime Goal scorer (editor’s note: +240).

Hubba Bubba (+110)
Julie’s Football Club (-150)
Over 6.5 (-105)
Under 6.5 (-135)

Notes: Pink was up on blue 3-1 at the end of the 1st, the only time the Bulldogs have been down multiple goals all season, only for blue to come back and win it on a last minute Wes snipe. This game, like blue/purple, should be closer than public perception might dictate. With Simon in net for pink and Brita a GTD the action will be on orange but I’m taking the value on pink here. I’m not sure if they’ll definitely win, but this game is completely up for grabs either way. Despite pink’s suspect defense, under feels like the play here.

Simon Notes: Hubba will be getting an elite sub goalie for this game, thus putting them favorites to win this game. Can JFC decipher this elite goalie? Not sure, I heard this goalie just acquired his own equipment. This goalie is really cool and funny, possibly the funniest guy in the D5 universe. Hubba to win by a goal.  (editors note: he’s talking about himself. He’s the sub. This writeup made me even sadder than when he implied I have poor cardio)

Vegas Golden Knights (-180)
Shooting Blancs (+135)
Over 6.5 (-120)
Under 6.5 (-120)

Simon Notes: I have a hard time predicting my own team’s game to be honest. I think it’ll be close, Blancs to get the win. 

Alex Notes: Unlike Simon, I have no trouble predicting his team’s games. Even with Carly in the lineup after she almost killed DRo last week, Vegas to win by multiple goals. Simon’s nipples sad yet again.

Ridzik “Odds Boosted” Play Of The Day: Yellow game 1 ML, Blue game 1 ML, Blue to finish the job on Green, JFC -1.5 on pink, VGK ML over White (was +420, now +690).

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