Weeks 7 & 8 Box Scores (Summer 2023)

Blueberry Bulldogs vs Hubba Bubba

1st Period:
HUB (1-0) – Mike Stern (5) (assisted by Neil) (2:00)
BLU (1-1) – Cherie (3) (assisted by Richard Zemel) (4:52)
HUB (2-1) – Neil (5) (unassisted) (12:49)
HUB (3-1) – Mike Stern (6) (assisted by Brita) (13:55)
2nd Period
BLU (2-3) – Wes (1) (assisted by Steve Rys) (6:25)
3rd Period:
BLU (3-3) – Wes (2) (assisted by Caitlin) (2:34)
BLU (4-3) – Wes (3) (assisted by Kevin Mahoney) (13:11)
BLU (5-3) – Cherie (4) (EN) (assisted by Wes) (13:47)

GAME NOTES: Pink stormed out to a 3-1 lead in the 1st, scoring two goals in the final 1:11 and looked to have things relatively under control. Wes, however, had other plans as he picked up a natural hat trick with his first three goals of the year and led blue to a rousing 5-3 comeback victory. He did some miss a wide open empty netter late but we’ll pretend he was actually trying to get the assist. What a selfless teammate.

3rd – Mike Stern (2G)
2nd – Cherie (2G)
1st – Wes (3G, 1A)

Hungry Hippos 2.0 vs The Mighty Mensches

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Amit (2) (assisted by Caitlin) (2:24)
2nd Period:
HIP (2-0) – Nicki Dell (1) (assisted by Hicks) (5:53)
MNS (1-2) – Menachum (1) (assisted by Natan) (8:03)
3rd Period:
HIP (3-1) – Jack (2) (assisted by Nicki Dell) (7:07)
HIP (4-1) – Adam Satok (8) (assisted by Amit) (11:11)

GAME NOTES: Just going to put this out there, there is close to zero chance the guy who scored the Mensch’s goal is actually named Menachum. Apparently it’s the jewish term for the messiah or something. I have no idea what’s going on as I did not go to Hebrew school but good to see Jack back out there and sniping again.

3rd – Menachum? (1G)
2nd – Amit (1G, 1A)
1st – Nicki Dell (GWG, 1A)

Vegas Golden Knights vs Hubba Bubba

1st Period:
HUB (1-0) – Mike Stern (7) (assisted by Ryan McNulty) (7:09)
2nd Period:
HUB (2-0) – Alex Rockoff (2) (unassisted) (2:24)
HUB (3-0) – Neil (6) (assisted by Riegler) (2:59)
VGK (1-3) – Joe Moskowitz (1) (assisted by Vineet) (9:08)
3rd Period:
VGK (2-3) – Sanchick (1) (assisted by Tom Fitz) (2:14)

GAME NOTES: Pink jumped out to a lead as they did in the first game but this time were able to hang on for dear life. Vegas stormed the Bastille for basically the entire 3rd period but a shot by Joe that Simon admitted after the game went in was not seen live or on video review and the pink defense and Simon held off a late barrage by Vegas to escape with a hard fought 3-2 victory.

3rd – Joe Moskowitz (1G)
2nd – Neil (GWG)
1st – Simon (W, 2 GA)

Hungry Hippos 2.0 vs The Lavender Llamas

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Adam Satok (9) (assisted by Amit) (3:09)
LLA (1-1) – Q Train (1) (assisted by Sam) (5:23)
LLA (2-1) – Goose (1) (assisted by Annie) (12:56)
HIP (2-2) – Jeff Oberg (3) (unassisted) (13:41)
2nd Period:
HIP (3-2) – Jeff Oberg (4) (assisted by Jack) (0:49)
HIP (4-2) – Adam Satok (10) (PP) (assisted by Hicks) (2:38)
LLA (3-4) – Michael San Roman (1) (assisted by Joel) (5:49)
HIP (5-3) – Jack (3) (assisted by Adam Satok) (7:22)
LLA (4-5) – Annie (1) (assisted by Sam) (12:59)
3rd Period:
HIP (6-4) – Jeff Oberg (5) (assisted by Hicks) (6:31)
LLA (5-6) – Sam (3) (unassisted) (8:55)
LLA (6-6) – Jeff Jacobson (2) (assisted by Annie) (13:11)
LLA (7-6) – Sam (4) (assisted by Pags) (13:46)

GAME NOTES: An early contender for game of the year as a season high 13 goals were scored and lavender erased three different two goal deficits en route to a tying goal with 49 seconds left and, incredibly, a game winning breakaway with just 14 seconds left. I personally would have opted to cover Sam of all people in that situation, but to each his own…this was the rare game where both teams pull their goalie, a feat that incredibly happened twice in a week of D5 hockey…this also marked Sammy’s 100th point, a feat he accomplished in just 49 games, easily the quickest in league history. Only a few players are even close – Derek’s currently got 92 in 51 games. Wes and Miles could technically match this achievement but Miles would need 50 points in 25 games (certainly doable) while Wes would need 21 points in his next 5 games (can’t be completely ruled out). Congrats to all of these elite athletes for putting up the type of production that inspires children and makes opponents cry themselves to sleep.

3rd – Annie (1G, 2A)
2nd – Jeff Oberg (3G)
1st – Sam (2G, 1A)

Merry Pranksters vs Vegas Golden Knights

1st Period:
JFC (1-0) – Chris Fullam (4) (assisted by Annie) (4:17)
VGK (1-1) – Jason Campbell (4) (assisted by Jeff Campbell) (13:55)
3rd Period:
VGK (2-1) – Joe Moskowitz (2) (assisted by Tom Fitz) (7:00)

GAME NOTES: A potential championship preview out in the desert as most explosive team in the league (the Pranksters) took on the deepest. In the end depth won out as a 1-1 tie was broken midway through the 3rd with a glorious effort by Tom and Joe with the finish. Much as the lines predicted, Vegas makes a statement by dethroning the current trendy championship pick with a well-earned 2-1 victory.

3rd – Tom Fitzgerald (1A)
2nd – Jeff Green (W, 1 GA)
1st – Joe Moskowitz (GWG)

Julie’s Football Club vs The Mighty Mensches

1st Period:
JFC (1-0) – Cara (1) (assisted by Dave Liang) (0:20)
MNS (1-1) – Corey (1) (assisted by Chad) (1:40)
JFC (2-1) – Keith (2) (assisted by Jo Robin) (6:27)
2nd Period:
JFC (3-1) – Sam Gelman (1) (assisted by Dave Liang) (0:30)
JFC (4-1) – Dave Liang (2) (assisted by Cara) (4:39)
JFC (5-1) – Jo Robin (4) (assisted by Sam Gelman) (7:36)
MNS (2-5) – Chad (1) (assisted by Corey) (9:22)
MNS (3-5) – James Pereira (1) (assisted by Ami Cohen) (10:14)
MNS (4-5) – Chad (2) (assisted by Casey) (13:58)
3rd Period:
JFC (6-4) – Dave Liang (3) (assisted by Cara) (2:12)
JFC (7-4) – Evan Larkin (1) (assisted by Cara) (9:50)
MNS (5-7) – Corey (2) (assisted by Chad) (10:42)
JFC (8-5) – Sam Gelman (2) (EN) (assisted by Dave Liang) (13:32)

GAME NOTES: The Mensch’s for the second straight week got a bunch of subs for this one including Corey, Chad and their random buddy from Canada. Unfortunately orange got Cara and Zisser and, along with a career high five point effort from Dave Liang, that was more than enough to make the difference. A suitably close game but orange picks up an 8-5 game in a surprisingly high scoring contest.

3rd – Chad (2G, 2A)
2nd – Cara (1G, 3A)
1st – Dave Liang (2G, 3A)

The Mighty Mensches vs Red Zeppelin

1st Period:
MNS (1-0) – James Pereira (2) (assisted by Sam Gelman) (8:04)
2nd Period:
RED (1-1) – Nate Lerner (2) (assisted by Tarnow) (0:52)
RED (2-1) – Austin Marshalek (3) (assisted by Sarah Hoffman) (3:55)
MNS (2-2) – James Pereira (3) (assisted by Ami Cohen) (9:46)
3rd Period:
RED (3-2) – Joe Magosin (1) (assisted by Colleen) (2:06)
MNS (3-3) – Ami Cohen (1) (assisted by Sam Gelman) (5:58)
MNS (4-3) – Sam Gelman (3) (assisted by James Pereira) (13:07)
RED (4-4) – Joe Magosin (2) (assisted by Mike Tarnow) (13:14)
RED (5-4) – Colleen (2) (assisted by Joe Magosin) (13:36)

GAME NOTES: A true heartbreaker for the Mensch’s as they tied the game midway through the 3rd on Ami Cohen’s first career goal and took a lead with less than a minute left. Red called a timeout and I’m not sure what was said but this must have been the greatest timeout in league history as they came out, scored seven seconds later, then added the game winner 22 seconds after that to incredibly not just win, but do so in regulation. Still, a great effort by maroon in by far their closest result of the season. The full squad will be back and ready to rock on Tuesday.

3rd – Ami Cohen (1G, 1)
2nd – Joe Magosin (2G, 1A)
1st – Colleen (GWG, 1A)

Hungry Hippos 2.0 vs Blueberry Bulldogs

1st Period:
HIP (1-0) – Jeff Oberg (6) (assisted by Nolan) (7:30)
BLU (1-1) – Wes (4) (assisted by Cherie) (8:51)
HIP (2-1) – Amit (3) (assisted by Karly Russell) (10:19)
2nd Period:
BLU (2-2) – Wes (5) (assisted by Alex) (0:08)
BLU (3-2) – Ariel (2) (PPG) (assisted by Alex) (5:21)
BLU (4-2) – Cherie (5) (assisted by Wes) (8:02)
BLU (5-2) – Wes (6) (SHG) (assisted by Alex) (13:39)
3rd Period:
HIP (3-5) – Hicks (6) (PPG) (assisted by Adam Satok) (0:17)
BLU (6-3) – Gunnar (1) (assisted by Ariel) (1:39)
BLU (7-3) – Gunnar (2) (assisted by Brendan) (6:03)
HIP (4-7) – Adam Satok (11) (assisted by Amit) (7:37)
BLU (8-4) – Brian Lodato (1) (EN) (assisted by Cherie) (8:02)

GAME NOTES: Yet another shockingly high scoring game. Generally I’d expect wet rink conditions to hinder both offense and defense but on this night they seemed to only hinder the defenses. Black had multiple early leads but a four goal second period by the Bulldogs pretty much put the game away. Wes picks up his 2nd hatty of the season and Amit picks up a goal and an assist in his final career D5 game. Happy trails.

3rd – Gunnar (2G)
2nd – Cherie (1G, 2A)
1st – Wes (3G, 1A)

Simon vs Yehuda Flip Cup Showdown

SIM (1-0) – (0:03)
SIM (2-0) – (0:07)
YEH (1-2) – (0:13)
SIM (3-1) – (0:15)
YEH (2-3) – (0:17)
SIM (4-2) – (0:19)
SIM (5-2) – (0:22)

GAME NOTES: An absolute beatdown in the middle of Dorrian’s. With viewers tuning into the livestream and bettors hammering the Simon +1 line, this guy who told me he hasn’t been drunk in over a decade (he must really love us to still be in this league) only missed one total flip en route to a 5-2 demolishing of Yehuda who learns a painful but important lesson about the nature of respect.

1st – Simon (Win, Five Cups Flipped)
2nd – Bartender Who Poured The Beer
297th – Random Guy Doing Blow In Bathroom
634th – Vagrant On Street Corner Exposing Himself
635th – Yehuda (L, Two Cups Flipped, Perpetual Sadness)

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