Bombay’s A Sham

bombay evil

Team Color: White

6/19 – @ Team Sexy (5-7 L)
6/26 – vs The Charging Cheetahs (1-6 L)
7/10 – @ The Charging Cheetahs (1-2 L)
7/24 – @ Hungry Hippos (1-4 L)
7/31 – vs The Varsity Warriors (3-9 L)
8/1 – vs My Cup Size Is Stanley (1-2 L)
8/14 – @ My Cup Size Is Stanley (3-4 L)

Brian Sullivan (C)
Ball Hogg
Joe Polowczuk
Matt Ellison
Paul Brown
Adam Barth
Eitan Levine
Josh Rosen
Shaun deLacy
Seth Cantor
Hillary Smith
Cat Tremble
Becca Cohen
Emily Barbour
Susie Lai
Liz Boylan
Zack Lewis (G)

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