Championship Week Betting Lines (Spring 2022)

Hungry Hippos (+120)
Green Street Hooligans (-170)
Over 6.5 (-130)
Under 6.5 (-110)

Notes: Both of these franchises will look to make their 4th appearance in a championship game. The Hooligans are competing in their 4th final four in the past 5 season while the Hippos are in their first one since Fall 2019. The Hooligans have two championships under their belt while the Hippos are famously looking to pick up their first and consequently forever have their logo tattoed on Hicks’ ass. When these teams met in the regular season the Hooligans picked up a 5-0 win without Probie or Charlotte in the lineup. Tonight they will have both and the Hippos will be missing a host of players including WIll, Robyn, Jared, Jon Herman and Jaimie. This makes the Hippos decided underdogs, even more than they already were, but with AJ in net, anything is possible.

Will he be able to repeat last week’s heroics where he kept the Hippos in the game while they found their legs and then made a number of highlight reel saves in overtime? That will be the key to this matchup as he’s facing last years GAA race champion and this season’s runner up who would’ve had a great chance at repeating were it not for the end of season schedule being shortened and covid robbing him of two games. While Probie/Westley vs Hicks/Neil garners all the media headlines and a grudge match of Fall 2019 Hooligans Championship Teammates Charlotte and Andrea is sure to be electric, the battle between the pipes is what is likely to decide this matchup because if AJ is just ok rather than superhuman as he was last week, I don’t know if a shorthanded Hippos squad will have enough to repel a full strength and fully motivated Hooligans team. Upset would be fun but with key absences and 90+ degree heat sure to push everyone’s cardio to the breaking point, it’s likely a deep Hooligans team takes care of business in this one.

The Blue Balls Of Sex (EVEN)
The Goaldiggers (-140)
Over 7.0 (-120)
Under 7.0 (-120)

Notes: The Goaldiggers were the hottest team in the first month of the season by far while the Blue Balls were the hottest team in the last month of the season, reeling off 5 straight wins to finish 3rd and just one game out of 1st. The rainouts were brutal for blue as pushing the championship back from last week to tonight means that the Goaldiggers got Miles back while blue lost Kelsey. In their lone regular season matchup white won a super chippy affair 6-1 but like in the NHL, how much can we really extrapolate from regular season compared to the brutal grind of playoff hockey? Cardio will play a role in this one and with white bringing a full roster while blue is missing several players (Kelsey, Garrett and Campbell), that could end up being the difference in this one although blue also has a bunch of tournament players so maybe the grind won’t be an issue at all. I honestly have no idea how to handicap this matchup, bias or no bias. Could easily see either team winning, and either in a tight OT game or in a blowout. Even the total seems fraught with danger as these were the two highest scoring teams in the regular season but semifinal/championship games are usually super low scoring; last years semis were 4-2 and 3-1 while the previous years were 3-2 and 2-1, all comfortably hitting the under. Place your bets ladies and gentlemen, just don’t be surprised when they lose.

Goaldiggers/Blue Balls (-120)
Hooligans/Hippos (-120)
Over 6.0 (-120)
Under 6.0 (-120)

Notes: Fun fact: no championship game has gone over 7 goals in league history. Also fun fact: the three highest scoring championship games all featured the Hippos. They lost 4-3 in Fall 2018, 4-2 in Spring 2019 and 4-2 in Fall 2019. Last season’s championship featured the highest scoring team in league history, The Sexy Ducks, and yet they could only manage two goals plus one empty netter. Thus, while 6 seems like a really low total for this game compared to the 8 goals per game we averaged all season, I almost wonder if the line shouldn’t be 5.5. In any case, this is a tough line to prognosticate without knowing a single one of the teams that will be playing in this game for sure. I might sprinkle on the under and may hit the live line before the championship. You should do the same and then join us at Dorrians for end of season party and awards ceremony. See you tonight.

Most Points Tonight
Miles (+200)
Guido (+200)
Probert (+220)
Westley (+220)
Sam (+300)
Neil (+350)
Field (+300)

More Points Tonight
Miles (-120)
Guido (-120)

More Points Tonight
Probie (-120)
Westley (-120)

More Points Tonight
Sam (-140)
Neil (EVEN)

More Points Tonight
Tash + Cutler (-120)
Charlotte + Amanda (-120)

Lowest GAA Tonight
Casca (+115)
Hogg (+135)
Field (+200)

Highest Scoring Game Tonight
Hooligans/Hippos (+135)
Goaldiggers/Blue Balls (+120)
Championship Game (+220)

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