Week 4 Betting Lines (Summer 2023)

Merry Pranksters (-110)
Hubba Bubba (-130)
Over 6.5 (-110)
Under 6.5 (-130)

Notes: Two teams wearing bright colored pride-adjacent jerseys kick off week four as the Pranksters travel to Hubba Bubba Arena in Jake’s basement. Pink has no rostered ladies showing up to this game, presumably because they saw last year’s savage roster and got scared, so they will instead get the services of Cherie and Robyn, fresh off of surgery and on a two game win streak in BTSH. Tie Dye was last in the power rankings to open the season but jumped to #7 in this most recent version. Pretty much everyone agrees that without Derek they will struggle, but he is in tonight so that’s moot. Also we’ve got the Green Bros in net as Jacob subs for the Pranksters while Jeff hops in for Hubba Bubba. Last week pink gave up 8 goals in their season debut. I’d expect much less that that to get by tonight. A very tight matchup but I’m giving the slight edge to pink.

More Points In Game

Derek + Sam Gelman (+105)
Stern + Neil (-150)

More Points In Game
Hilary + KG (+120)
Cherie + Robyn (-165)

Will Riegler Or McNeil Record A Point?
Yes (-150)
No (+110)

Julie’s Football Club (-140)
The Lavender Llamas (EVEN)
Over 6.0 (-120)
Under 6.0 (-120)

Notes: Sam is finally in for the Llamas but they won’t have Pags or Joel once again. Also neither team has their normal goalies so Jeff Green is in for lavender while Jacob Geskin jumps in for orange. Otherwise both teams have most of their rosters in and two ladies who always have business on their minds as they sit in the stands of Jets rec games running the show. Sam and Annie vs Jo and Tash will grab all the headlines but whether lavender’s rookies can contain the likes of Kev and Dave Liang will likely be the most important matchup to decide the winner. Before the season I would have handicapped this one as a total coin flip but the Football Club’s impressive start has to be respected. I think purple plays a strong game but orange has too much depth and the Football Club rolls.

More Points In Game

Jo Robin (+115)
Sam (-155)

More Points In Game
Tash (-130)
Annie (-110)

Rob Meehan Points
Over 0.5 (EVEN)
Under 0.5 (-145)

Merry Pranksters (-120)
Green Street Hooligans (-120)
Over 5.5 (-110)
Under 5.5 (-130)

Notes: Green is playing their first game since a 7-0 shellacking at the hands of Julie’s Football Club that led many to question what the hell was going on in Rich & Yehuda’s house (no, they don’t actually live together although that’d be an amazing sitcom). They won’t have Kittridge tonight but most of their top players should be in – Maddie, Tom, Aryeh and Gil who is almost as old as the three of them put together. Meanwhile the Pranksters will be playing their 2nd game of the night and have Max subbing in net this time. I see this game as a total coinflip – Derek is the best overall player here but green would seem to have the superior depth. That said, although I think they botched a few picks, I have come around to tie dye’s roster construction and will be giving them more respect in these betting lines. Not quite enough to make them the favorite, but enough to acknowledge that this team might be solid and I’m on thebandwagon. I’m betting they win a tight one here.

More Points In Game

Derek + Sam Gelman (-120)
Tom + Gil + Maddie (-120)

Yehuda Points
Over 0.5 (-110)
Under 0.5 (-130)

MelRose Place (-120)
Hungry Hippos 2.0 (-120)
Over 6.5 (EVEN)
Under 6.5 (-145)

Notes: MelRose was rated #1 by one person and #12 by another in the most recent power ranks, demonstrating that no one really has any idea how good this neon yellow team is. Meanwhile black’s toxic masculinity Vertz-adjacent strategy has paid off thus far with a 3rd best points per game in the standings and two straight #3 rankings in the power ranks. Jack remains injured from Simon kneecapping taking him bouldering, but Hicks, Oberg and Satok should be able to carry the offensive load if the defense holds up. I’m not 100% sure if it will against yellow’s full roster and have no choice but to rate this game as a total coinflip.

More Points In Game

Scott Storer (+105)
Meatbox (-150)

Red Zeppelin (-145)
Hungry Hippos 2.0 (EVEN)
Over 6.0 (-130)
Under 6.0 (-110)

Notes: Red has been first in the power ranks from the beginning and, aside from a Friday night shootout loss to white, hasn’t lost a game yet. The Weaver Bros have been electric and Tarnow/Joe/Nate/Colleen have been top notch in possession. The Hippos I still have no idea what to make of. With Jack this would be a much tighter matchup but I think that’s an absolutely crucial loss as the #3 overall pick in the draft (he still feels he deserved the honor of #1 but Annie’s all business). In the final game of the night I think red makes a statement and picks up the W to solidify their hold on 1st place in the standings. UPDATE: Joe also out. Red still favored but not quite as much.

More Points In Game

Weaver Bros (-130)
Oberg + Hicks (-110)

More Points In Game
Nate + Colleen (-150)
Satok + Carly (+105)

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